ROK Light And Darkness Guide KVK 3 ROK 2023

Rise Of Kingdoms Light And Darkness KVK Guide

Rise Of kingdoms Light And Darkness KVK 3 is eight kingdom battle where you are fighting your way into the center of the map toward the great ziggurat in the center of the KVK map. Owning the great ziggurat offers great rewards at the end of kingdom versus kingdom.  

The only time where you have to be active in ROK is during Light And Darkness KVK. This is a time where you will see the power and teamwork of your kingdom and alliance.

If you are active you will receive plenty of rewards that will boost your growing process.

This guide is for Light And Darkness KVK in ROK and if you are looking for other types of KVK just click on the name-

If you are a new player I would advise you to boost your city hall to level 17 because you will not be able to participate.

How to teleport in Light And Darkness KVK

To teleport in Light And Darkness KVK you will press on sun icon in the right top corner of your screen. After you press it you will see the option “Teleport”. You will be teleported to a random location in the starting zone of your kingdom.

To return from lost kingdom its same process but you will need to have targeted teleport.

Light and Darkness Flags and Forts

Light and Darkness Flags and Forts Cost

In the starting zone in kingdom versus kingdom, you can’t teleport because you will not have flags and forts. That means you’re gonna have to start to build forts and flags immediately when you enter KVK.

Now flags in the lost kingdom actually require a special resource called a crystal. You get those by creating a fort or flag that is on top of crystals. Same with special resource points like gold, food, wood and stone.

Building flags and forests in the first zone is important because the crusader fort will become available for rebuilding and to rebuild it you will have to connect with flags with it.

The cost of flags will be increased for every 20 flags you and your alliance build. They do not share the cost with flags on your home kingdom.

When it comes to Forts you will have to delete your forts in the home kingdom so you can build them in the lost kingdom.


Light And Darkness KVK Map

The map is different in this new Light And Darkness KVK event.

Map is designed in a way that only place where the first big fight will happen is middle. So if you are not ready with speedups and resources you will have plenty of time to get it.

One more place where you will fight a lot are ruins. But the problem with ruins that you can send only one troop inside and you there is a lot of lag.

Light and Darkness will have the same amount of buildings. Now buildings are the most important thing. If the enemy team destroys your building you will not be able to fix it and they will get points for that.

That is very important because at the end of KVK team with most points from destroyed buildings will win KVK and rewards. That is why having a good kingdom and allies is key to win.

To get a higher quality of map images just press on it.


Twilight Rewards

Rise Of Kingdoms KVK

Great way to get extra gems and gold keys. Twilight rewards can be done by kingdoms, your kingdom, or alliance. It all depends on what type of quest is. Just go to Twilight tap and read what quest is.

Grace of Soluna

The grace of Soluna is a place where you will donate Soluna coins to upgrade your kingdom technology. Not only that you help your kingdom by upgrading, but also with every donation to kingdom technology, you will get the same amount of honor points. Better kingdom technology you have, easier KVK will be.

How do you get Soluna Coins?

Farming barbarians- A higher level of barbarians will give you more coins.
Gathering– Gathering will also give you some coins, so if you do not have action points go and farm. Every single Soluna Coins matters.
Light Versus Darkness- Important event for getting Soluna Coins. Here you will be able to get an good amount of coins.

Honor points

Well for getting honor points it is all the same as getting Soluna coins. Just be active and do your best.

The only place where you can honor but not Soluna coin is ancient ruins. Ruins will give you an insane amount of honor points. Just see what alliance is doing ancient runs and join them. Try not to miss a single one if you getting for top spot in individual honor points.

Now you can see the honor point of your alliance members by clicking the box in the right bottom of the screen. You can see on the image where is located.

Light and Darkness Stages KVK 3

Rise Of Kingdoms Light Versus Darkness

Light and Darkness stages
4 days
Speedups spending 2 days
Destroying barbarians forts4 days
Troops training 
2 days
Kill event3 days

 Every single stage in Light and Darkness will have separate individual rankings where you can earn coins and legendary sculptures, etc.

The duration of stages can be changed by Lilith so be careful. Usually is around 3 to 5 days.

Gathering – Duration of the first stage is 4 days, so in these 4 days, you will have to gather as much you can. If you have good farming technology than best is to farm gold and gems, if you do not have it then go with wood and food.

Speedups spending– In this stage you will use speedups for building, researching, and training troops. So go and find rune, join an alliance that owns better shrines and ask for kingdom title. Keep in mind that if you do not have training rune or kingdoms buff just wait for stage four where you will earn a lot of points.

Destroying barbarians forts- This is simple. The problem with this stage is that there will not be a lot of forts if your kingdom is active. So If there is a lot of members of alliance online, you must use 50k to 100k of troops. With this, you will be able to have a lot of more people in the rally to earn points. Use commanders like Minamoto, Cao Cao, G.Khan but if you do not have them you can use Boudica or Aethelflaed.

Training troops- This is the same as mightiest governor. Upgrade troops from a lower tier to higher. With his method, you will get more points. But before you go and train wait for kingdom buff, ask for the title and also take 15% rune.

Kill event- now this is where the fun begins. For killing and severely wounding troops you will earn points. So go wild and burn everything, hunt farmers. Just be careful and do not leave your city unprotected in the front line of war. Just teleport to a safe place or use a peace shield. To get more from Kill event use best Rise of Kingdoms Commanders.

Honor Roll Rewards

Individual- well this all depends on you and your activity during Light And Darkness KVK. Rewards are great so push as much you can.

Alliance rewards- Well this is a collection of all activity of alliance. Honor will be collected by the first occupation of buildings, production of honor over time and overall activity from members of your alliance.

Kingdom- simple, more active kingdom is, more points will have. With this, you will be able to see if your kingdom is active.


Light And Darkness KVK is a fun and important event in Rise of Kingdoms. Rewards that you can get will speed up your process of getting tier 5 units and upgrading commanders. During Light And Darkness, you will be able to see how strong and active your kingdom is and how much they are willing to sacrifice for the kingdom.

During Light And Darkness KVK I would recommend that you play Rise Of kingdoms on PC or Mac. It will give you a much better gaming experience. Hopefully, Rise Of Kingdoms will one day be available on PlayStation and on Xbox.

We all know when there is no KVK only thing you can do is farming and it is boring. Light And Darkness KVK is your time to have fun, kill enemy, get nice rewards and most important is that you will have a good time with your alliance and kingdom members.

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