Range attacks are coming to Rise Of Kingdoms

Range attacks are coming to Rise Of Kingdoms

Range attacks are a new game-changing feature that will be introduced in Rise of Kingdoms. This is significant, and it will completely alter the game. It will allow for new strategies, new battle formations, and the ability to outmaneuver stronger opponents. What’s great about range combat and attack is that not only archer units, but also siege units, will be able to use it. Finally after 4 year siege units will have a combat role.

Range attack will change how players will fight. There will no longer be a single pile of troops fighting. Now you must position your infantry units in the front rows, while archers will attack from a distance and cavalry will try to track down archers units. This sounds great on paper, but we’ll have to wait and see how it works in the game.

What we can expect from range attack units

If you’ve ever played Galley in a sea battle event, you’ll understand how range attack works. Now it will be slightly different for archer troops.

Archers will most likely receive debuffs to their health, defense, and rage, but they will now be able to attack from a distance, whereas siege units will also be able to use range attack, but it will most likely take longer to start doing damage.

We had some information on how range attack works if your troops include a mix of archers and infantry. If you attack from a distance, your infantry troops will be excluded from damage calculation, as the game will only consider the number of archers.

When will range attack be implemented?

There is no official date for the implementation of range attacks, but we can say with certainty that it will happen before the end of this year. We can see that they already have a prototype and that they need to test and polish it so that it is perfect. Hopefully, they will test it out with some community members.

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