Rise Of Kingdoms Refund Scams and Powering Alliance With Refunds Cheats

Rise Of Kingdoms Refund Abuse and Scams

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are a lot of refund scams going on. Players are attempting to cheat in every game and they found a method in Rise Of Kingdoms. One method is a refund of the purchase, which can destroy Rise of Kingdoms.

To begin, you must understand how refunds work in Rise Of Kingdoms. You will be able to get a refund every time you buy something. It’s a great way to get your money back if you’ve just started playing and don’t like the game or make a mistake with a purchase. Lilith will remove all items from your account if you purchase something and then refund it.

If you spend items that you got from purchases, they will now become negative.  So, if you have a negative gold head after a refund you must get them back. Now we will discuss how scammers and cheaters benefit from and abuse the refund system in Rise of Kingdoms.

gems negative

This post is strictly for entertainment purposes. We are unable to confirm whether or not these scams are genuine. Because there are many players in Rise Of Kingdoms who are discussing them, we are sharing all of this information to protect you. Contact in-game customer support if you have been scammed by other players or if you have any problems with your purchase. Also if you suspect someone is cheating, report them to customer support.

Players are getting scammed by Refund abuse

abuse refund message

There is a refund scam where you as a player can lose a lot of money. Scammers are targeting players who are spending a lot in the game. The scammer may be from another kingdom, but he or she is usually someone who pretends to be a friend within your alliance or kingdom. The first goal for scammers is to gain the trust of the player they want to scam, and once that is accomplished, they will provide the scammer.

They will send you an email informing you that they can get you a bundle at a reduced price. Now, if you’re spending a lot of money on Rise of Kingdoms, 50% off bundles is a great deal because we all know how expensive they are. They will then request your login information and then they will purchase bundles with your account.

When you return to your account, you will see that you have received your bundles. In most cases, they will not pull a scam in the first week. They want you to buy more of their discounted bundles.

You’ll send them money, and they’ll keep buying bundles on your account. Now comes the bizarre part. That scammer you thought was your friend and was getting you discounted bundles will refund all of the bundles they bought.

All of your resources, speedups, gems and other items from the bundle will be removed from your account. They will become negative if you spend them. You’ve now lost all of the money you sent to scammers, and there’s a good chance you’ll be banned as well. Lilith usually bans people who do large refunds.

The point is to never trust anyone and to never send your money or login information to anyone. Also if you are purchasing accounts from third-party sites, you can experience the same method. Sellers will use bundles to increase account power before selling it. When someone buys it, all in-game purchases will be refunded. So be extremely careful if you are purchasing a Rise Of Kingdoms Account.

Powering up Alliance with refunding is big problem

Powering up Alliance with refunding

We’re all aware that when someone buys something from an in-game shop, your entire alliance receives a game chest that each and every player can open to obtain free items. It’s a fantastic system that all free-to-play players love because they are receiving free rewards.

Now, as we stated at the beginning when you refund an in-game purchase, the game will take all items back, but not alliance chests, which is causing a major issue. Players will create a new account and begin purchasing bundles on that account. Every single day, thousands of dollars are spent on in-game purchases that are refunded. That is a lot of gold cheats that the alliance will receive, and every single player will be able to open it.

When they are done with purchasing, they will simply refund all purchases and get their money back; Lilith will ban the account, but the gold chests will remain in the alliance. They’re doing it on a large scale.

This type of rediscovered abuse can be identified by looking at the profile of the player who is purchasing these bundles. If they are low-power players, they are almost certainly abusing the system and powering up the alliance.

The issue is that you can hide in-game purchases information in account settings, so instead of seeing the name of who purchased the bundle, you will see the message “alliance member purchased bundle”.

Lilith now has three options for putting a stop to this type of refund abuse:

Disabling big purchases on new accounts with low power. Even if they restrict purchases on small accounts, abusers will begin to purchase accounts from third-party sources.

They can remove the alliance chest. Removing the alliance chest will cause many issues, and players will begin to leave the game. This will be disastrous for free-to-play players, as alliance chests are one of the best ways to grow your account in Rise Of Kingdoms.

Refound alliance rewards- This is most likely their only option. If an in-game purchase is refunded, the alliance’s gold chest should be refunded as well. This will result in a level playing field for all players.

Banning alliances is not an option because there are many players who are involved in abusing alliances without realizing it. The only thing that you can take for free is Rise of Kingdoms redeems codes that are created by developers.


Scamming and abusing systems are bad for the health of an old game with a lot of pay-to-win players. This is only causing more problems, particularly for free-to-play players, who are losing interest in the game, especially since the introduction of the crystal system in KVK, which is a pay-to-win system.

We cannot confirm or provide evidence; all of this information is based on what other players have shared, and this post is solely for entertainment purposes. We’re doing everything we can to keep you safe. If there is a scam going on in Rise Of Kingdoms, the developer should fix it as soon as possible. If you have any issues while playing the game, you should contact in-game support.

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