Defeat Ceroli Assault Event Easily Guide

Rise of Kingdoms Ceroli Assault Event Guide

Ceroli Assault is a new Rise Of Kingdoms event where you will join random eleven players or make your team so you can defeat Ceroli Assault’s boss. After defeating the boss you will receive tickets that you can spend on getting rewards. 

The event is easy and you will be able to finish it without problems so I will not talk about the boss. Probably they will make the boss more powerful in the future then we will make a full guide on boss skills and how to defeat the boss.

There are a few things that you must know so you can get the maximum from this event.

To do harder difficulties you must have a certain amount of power. 

To challenge boss you need 50 Horn Of Ceroli. After you spend your Horn Of Ceroli, it will start to regenerate so you must do this event as soon as you can.

If you fail to defeat boss, do not worry you will get your Horns back so you will be able to do it again. 

Have in mind that attack/defense boost items and army expansion will not take effect in this event. So do not use it.

Ceroli Assault Rise Of Kingdoms event rewards

After you defeated boss you will get tickets that you can spend on opening chest. Do not save your tickets because after you get all Core reward you will be able to change the chest manually.

You do not want to waste your extra tickets on basic rewards to get like wood food etc.
Problem is that you can not use tickets 1 by 1 so after you defeat the boss use all your tickets, so not stack them.

So as soon you manage to take all Core rewards, change your chest.

If you read our other guides like Ians Ballads or Ceroli Crisis   then probably you know what commander you must use but I will remind you again.

For Ceroli Assault  you must use nuking commanders like G.Khan, Minamoto, Cao Cao. Any legendary or epic commander that will provide a good amount of nuke damage.

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