Fastest Possible Cavalry March Speed in Rise of Kingdom

Fastest Cavalry March Speed

Have you been looking for the fastest possible cavalry builds and commanders in Rise of Kingdoms? If yes, then this is just the perfect place for you. In Rise of Kingdoms, the fastest commanders and builds have always been a big deal for the passionate players. They use these commanders in the game to go really fast.

Read the whole article below to find out the fastest possible cavalry march speed in Rise of Kingdoms. 


Before directly jumping into the debate of the Fastest possible commander combos in Rise of Kingdoms, let’s first discuss all the reasons why you would need high speed in the game. 

The first and most important reason you require speed is that if you are trying to eliminate the people who are farming, you will need speed, so you don’t get caught as you are winning the mighty governor to get the maximum number of points. In Rise of Kingdoms, not getting caught can be the turning point for you and can take you ahead.

 Another reason why you might require a lot of speed in the game is that high speed is immensely helpful in getting to the structure and crossing the map, especially in the Arc of Orisis.

Last but not the least, the reason why you might need high speed in the Rise of kingdoms is to go and acquire that objective which is far away. Generally, the objective grabs a rune that is present on the map or puts one troop on the flag that is in the process of being built. The basic purpose behind this is to get the alliance currency, and typically you want to build the flags in your alliance to attain strategic positions on the map. 

All the reasons mentioned above are solid enough for you to require speed and move fast since your troops cannot expire if they do not get snatched.


In Rise of Kingdoms, one thing that is a must-have and every player needs in the game for the purpose of getting fast is the mobility tree. It is exceptional for excellence in march speed but they are not the best commanders for fighting.

Here is the list of all the commanders that have mobility trees that you can utilize as primary commanders.

  1. CaoCao with peacekeeping and cavalry mobility 
  2. Belisarius, who owns the exact same amount of mobility trees as CaoCao
  3. Dragon Lancer, who has cavalry and mobility 
  4. Lancelot, who has Cavalry and Mobility 


Now let’s talk about the commanders who bring March speed of a certain amount to the table with the help of their skills. 

  1. CaoCao brings in 10% march speed if you max out his third skill.
  2. Minamoto brings about 10% march speed if you max out his second skill 
  3. Genghis Khan will bring you 15% of March speed as long as you are not a part of combat. But if you are in the combat, you will get a March speed of negative 10%, meaning if Genghis khan gets caught, a huge amount of march speed will be lost
  4. The next one is Attila, who brings in 15% of march speed when you max her skill out.

Those ROK players who think legendaries are not really for them are free-to-play players and don’t want to spend that much money on just a game but still want high speed. Here are some easy to obtain options for all of you guys. These two commanders have a lot of speed. 

  1. Lancelot has got 5% of march speed. 
  2. The next one that we must mention is Dragon Lancer. He has 10% march speed, and with this march speed, he kills it in the game.

The other two commanders who do not have inherited march speed but are amazing at going fast in the game are Baibars and Belisarius. Both of them get march speed on leaving the combat. But, remember, if you’re trying to go somewhere far, they will not be of any help.


People often use commanders like CaoCao primary with either Genghis khan or Attila secondary whenever they need maximum march speed. This happens because the combination of Caocao with Attila or Genghis provides the players with 25% of march speed.

If you want to play with non-legendary commanders, 15% is the maximum march speed that you can get from the skills, using Lancelot as a secondary and Dragon Lancer as a primary.



The build posted below is the best and fastest possible march speed build in the game. This build takes players where ever they want to reach as fast as possible. With this build, you can use commander CaoCao if you want to go fastest. 

Cao Cao mobility talent tree


You can get 52% march speed with this build. Although there’s one thing that can be a bit risky, and that is Time management. Time management gives 10% march speed only when you are not in combat.

And if you are in combat, you lose march speed of 10%. So basically, the change of 20% march is provided to you when you are out of combat to when you are a part of combat. This build is clearly the best option for the ones who are trying not to be hit.


The build that here we must mention is the Hasty departure. This build will not provide you with the inherited March speed. Though, if you are managing March speed closely and going from structures or resource nodes, the hasty departure will give a good60% march speed when you leave the structure for 10 seconds. 


Cao Cao mobility Build Number #2

Coming forward to the Alternative Speed build, which looks somewhat like this. Here we have eliminated a complete bunch of what we have in the mobility tree previously. Here the whole eliminated bunch has now been reinvested to the Cavalry tree getting 6% and 3%.

March speed will definitely make this build exceptional. However, some things are missing in this alternative speed build: you will not get the ability to resist a speed boost and slow effects. 

Alternative speed build is a kind of build that players need when trying their best not to get pulled in the combat. This build is not the fasted that you would want in the game.

The fastest speed build remains the one that is mentioned above. But this is a great alternative. With this, get a total of 51% of march speed, whereas in the other (previously mentioned) build, you were getting a total of 52% March speed. This means there is just a difference of 1%, and if you are using Genghis khan of Attila, you will get an extra 76% March speed depending on the build you’ve chosen.

Cavalry tree is extremely important in the game because it gives you Charge. A charge will only be effective if your march has been a win against. Also, when you acquire under 50%, you can go 30% faster. In mighty governor, when you go under 50%, you become uncatchable and get the charges. 


If you do not have CaoCao primary and you are in a free-to-play round, you can consider using Dragon Lancer as a primary. So if you are using Dragon as a primary, this build here is highly suggested. 

If you are using this build and you are killing it with this one, you will get a march speed of 43%. However, this speed is not as amazing as the march speed 51% and 52% that you were getting with the trees we mentioned before, including peacekeeping, cavalry, and mobility. 

All in all, it is not as amazing but still good. If you have Dragon Lancer with either Genghis khan or Attila as secondary, you will get a total march speed of 68%, which is 9% less than the march speed you were getting with CaoCao and khan or Attila, which, if you look closely, is not that bad.

If you are using Dragon Lancer with Minamoto or CaoCao secondary, you will have a 63% maximum march speed, which is quite good.

And if you are going ahead with Dragon Lancer and Lancelot, you will have 58% of maximum march speed, which is 19% less than 77%.


If you want to use Belisarius as a primary, you can attain the same amount of talent trees as CaoCao primary. And if you are using Belisarius and Genghis khan or Attila, from the talents, you will have 52% march speed, and from the skills, you will have 15% march speed which makes a total ok 67% march speed.

If you are using Belisarius with CaoCao, Minamoto, Lancelot, or Dragon Lancer as the secondary, you will have 62% march speed. 

Have a look at the table below and compare using the builds. This will help you in choosing the best build for yourself. 


In Rise of Kingdoms, there is another thing through which you can attain a little more March Speed, and that is Equipment. Windswept braces are pieces of equipment that give you 3% extra march speed. Another piece of equipment that can give you 3% extra march speed is Windswept boots. 


In Rise of Kingdoms, getting super fast is extremely important for some players. This guide is all about things that can get you fast in the game. Do not forget to use rise of kingdoms codes for free rewards.

 Hope the guide helped you. 

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