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More Than Gems Event Guide Rise Of Kingdoms

More than gems event is one of the best events in Rise of Kingdoms. During more than gems event, you will spend your hard-earned gems to earn great rewards like legendary commander sculptures. Event duration is 2 days and usually appears every 2 – 3 months. 

Duration of More than gems event is 2 days. During 2 day you will spend gems to earn rewards. For each day you will need 25k gems to get all rewards so in total 50k gems. For 50 k gems that you spend on VIP, the VIP shop, etc you will receive 26 golden universal sculptures and a lot of speedups and resources.

If you do not have gems then you are doing something wrong. My advice to you is to start saving gems and do not spend them until more than gems event. We have a guide on how to farm over 2k gems per day so feel free to check it out.

Players who do not have VIP 6 are the only exception. Players under VIP 6 do not need to wait because the schedule between the event is huge and it will slow down your process on growing at the start. 

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More Than Gems Event Schedule

There is no schedule for More than gems event in ROK. Usually, it will appear every 2-3 months so you will have enough time to save and farm your gems. My advice is to start immediately because rewards in this event are great.

Where to spend gems during the More Than Gems Event.

Castle – if you do not have a castle on level 25 you must buy books of covenant or you will never upgrade it. I am telling you from my experience.

VIP Points- Now if you have a castle on max next thing is the VIP level. You want to get that VIP 14 that will give you 3 legendary sculptures per day.

Other- If you do not want to spend gems on or you have max VIP and Castle then you can go and spend it in the wheel of fortune, VIP shop or Courier Station. That is the last best place where you get the most value per gem.

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