Best Ramesses II Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

Ramesses II is a new archer commander in Rise Of Kingdoms that can be obtained with a wheel of fortune. Ramesses is only a good commander for countering Richard I with the last skill that will block all healing for 2 seconds. For filed combat Ramesses is ok.

Best Ramesses II Talent Tree Builds And Pairs




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Ramesses II Guide

Ramesses II may not possess high nuking skills like other great commanders of Rise of Kingdom nor the AOE output damage. Yet he is the most powerful debuffing archer commander in the Rise of Kingdom F2P game. In other words, free players cannot ask for higher commanders as they can be bought if they spend money, yet for smooth going of your game on a day to day basis, you can find that Ramesses II is outstanding. 

It means that you should take what is best for you and make strategic moves that would look slow in games where most players spend money. You will find that resources are pretty scarce for free-to-play gamers, and therefore you are less likely to make that fast moves to upper levels than other players who pay their way up.

It is, therefore, better to star Ramesses II in F2P games where he will do his best. He is extremely terrific when he is an infantry commander and gets very destructive in Open Field battles and during reinforcing structures.

My advice is if you are not a high spender or you are not rally leader in AOO and KVK just skip him. There are other good commanders that you want to get. Overall i advise people to stay away from archers because they are not worthy to have as free to play of small spender. They are focused a lot and can fill up your hospital very fast.

Ramesses II Talent Tree Build

Only when you bring out the right kind of talents of Ramesses II, he gets equipped to battle to his utmost potential to wreak ruin on his enemy. Otherwise, Ramesses II may waste his skills and talents, and you will not enjoy the game as much as you have wanted. Hence, there are only a few ways to unlock the great and potent talents of Ramesses II and among the most recommended paths chosen by expert players are as given hereunder. 

Instead of slowly going for unlocking each one of Ramesses II talent tree skills, it is better to start unlocking one by one all his talents as the game progresses. On the top of his Archer talent list is the Whistling Arrows, and this talent is enormously powerful in the context of all archers. It significantly boosts up his skill for doing maximum damage that he delivers on the enemy. 

In the course of the play, you will unlock one after the other the ‘Whistling Arrows,’ ‘Thumb Ring,’ ‘Arrows Nocked,’ ‘Full Quiver,’ ‘Rapid Fire,’ ‘Venomous Sting’ and ‘Phoenix-Tail Arrows’ talents and these together would make him highly feared offensive force in the battlefield. You will find enemy troops taking the maximum damage due to Ramesses ii talent tree power if you do this. 

However, you should also add his other two talents and unlock them, namely ‘Armed and Armored’ and ‘Razor Sharp,’ the former substantially increasing his defense abilities. In contrast, the latter increases his Rage Restoration. After unlocking the Archer Talents of Ramesses II, he will be a much-feared force even by other commanders of the enemy troops. 

The next talent that needs to be unlocked is the Attack Tree Talent. Your first step is to get Ramesses II to increase his offensive ability. It is this that can bring out the practical application of his earlier talents. For this, you need to unlock ‘Effortless,’ ‘Lord of War’, and ‘Unyielding.’ It is to increase his offensive ability while unlocking ‘Armored Joints’ he gets significant defensive ability. After this, you need to unlock Ramesses’ talent tree with ‘Burning Blood’ to restore his rage. 

In the last talent, ‘Unyielding,’ you need to spend two talent points, and when this too is unlocked, you have now got the maximum out of the Attack Tree talent. Ramesses II will now become a formidable force for infantry march, and enemies will indeed fear him as he is now a top-class and lethal archer, and any march towards him can be disastrous. 

There is yet another way to use Ramesses II to your advantage while you are playing, and this, if managed well, can make him extraordinarily potent if these talents are focused on Rally Build. In this talent hunt, the first best bet here would be to get at Attack Tree talent and work up to ‘Effortless,’ and this inflicts 10% additional damage on all Ramesses ii talent tree attacks, and you can also get few extra buffs and extra rage while you are at the ROK game. This strategy to Rally his build can be extra beneficial, as you will find out. You can spend your talent points only on talents that would assist you in the battle. 

At the ‘Archery Talent Tree,’ you will get ‘Thumb Rings’ and ‘Armed and Armored’ as the best talent and then turn your focus to ‘Venomous Sting.’ If a secondary commander is assisting Ramesses II as an archery commander, then it will be great. It would mean that you concentrate on Archers than on any other kind of troops.

Most probably, you will still have a few more points to spend. You wisely invest in ‘Razor Sharp’ and ‘Full Quiver’ in the Archery Talent Tree. The next step is to get ‘Armored Joints’ in the Attack Tree. After adding these players may boost up their Defense or Attack. 

Rise Of guides Ramesses II Talent tree Build

Ramesses II Pairings

It is noteworthy that Ramesses II talent build would not be enough for him to face some of the mighty troops of other players in the ROK game. Therefore, Ramesses ii talent tree must combine with the strength of a secondary commander. Ramesses II is one of those commanders in ROK who performs very well with the right pairing. The following are the few commanders that pair well with Ramesses II.

Yi Seong-Gye Yi Seong-Gye

Yi Seong-Gye is one of the best archer commanders in the ROK game. He has indeed huge AOE nuking damage to his credit and is also phenomenal, powerful archer buffs to his archer march. He will surely go well with Ramesses II, and both together with talents in archer march can wreak ruin on enemy troops. His special first skill, ‘Rain of Arrows,’ can be a terrible blow to most opposing players as it deals enormous damage and can hit multiple targets with a maximum of 5 targets. 

YSG also has the best DPS ability in AOE in its circular radius, which can again become worrisome for most enemies. Furthermore, he has great versatility, talents, and excellent skills for both PVP and PVE. And pairing with Ramesses ii talent tree can be deadly. 

Hermann Hermann

Hermann is a terrific commander for PVP and excellent for Open Field in the F2P game. He has great damage skills, and along with his unique Silence skill, he can pair very well with Ramesses II. Hermann facilitates great march speed for archer units and can join hands in destroying the enemy forces.

However, he doesn’t have any healing factor, so you need to choose him wisely, and he also has low defense. His active skill ‘Ambush’ can deal extensive damage and silences the target, and silences them for 2 seconds. 

He is good as a defender of the garrison, and through his skill ‘Legend of Teutoburger,’ he can greatly increase the attack of the watchtower. He can provide very good support to Ramesses II.

Edward Edward

Edward of Woodstock is often regarded as one of the best archer commanders in the ROK game. He can be an excellent pair for Ramesses II as he is very versatile in any battle and is highly efficient in Rally and Open Field. Due to Archer’s Honor’s active skill, it is better to field him as primary commander to get the most support for Ramesses II. Edward has high DPS and is better against any infantry.

He is also a great commander for PVP and will boost up Ramesses II abilities significantly. Again, Edward has the insanely greatest damage in the ROK game, which is stunning and unmatched. You need to utilize his skills and talents to give as much support to Ramesses II talent tree, although he doesn’t possess any healing power, and his infantry can be his weak point. 

Edward of Woodstock should be used as a secondary commander and buff up Ramesses II Archer health by 30%. His fourth skill increases the attack bonus by 40%. It is especially good when the enemy defense decreases. It can be of great help to Ramesses II pretty well, and above all, Edward also increases normal attack and counter-attack by 50%, which will surely help the former bring down his enemies ruthlessly. 

El Cid El Cid

EI Cid is yet another good pairing choice as he can silence and debuff his enemies and is often regarded as his silent skill and increases the buffs that Ramesses provides. EI Cid is also an open field commander, and his active skill ‘Famous Warrior’ is unique in the ROK game and causes direct damage to opposing players.

Artemisia Artemisia

Artemisia is also an excellent pair with Ramesses II as she has both offensive and defensive archer buffs. It can easily buff up Ramesses II march and prove to be heavily damaging to the enemy troops as it is tanky. However, it is better to keep Artemisia as the primary commander to secondary Ramesses II as then you can utilize the Artemisia Defense Talent Tree the most appropriate way.

Ramesses II Skills

Ceremony of Karnak

Deals continuous damage to a single target (Damage Factor 500), and reducing the target’s defense by 5% for 2 seconds. 

The Poem of Pentaur

Passive Skill Increases led archery units’ attack by 20% while on the map.

Archer Attack Bonus:20%/25%/30%/35%/40

Army of Amun

Passive Skill
When armies led contains only archer units, decreases skill damage taken by  10%. There’s a 10% chance when attacked to increase led Attack by  20% and March Speed by 20%, lasts for 3 seconds.  

Nefertari’s Companionship

Passive Skill

Led troops’ normal attacks have a 10% chance to heal slightly wounded
units (Healing Factor 200), and increases troops’ defense by 20% for 3

Upgrade Preview:
Healing Factor: 200 / 300 / 350 / 400 / 500
Defense Bonus: / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%

King of Kings

Enhanced: Ceremony of Karnak

Without Expertise
Deals continuous damage to a single target (Damage Factor 800), and reducing the target’s defense by 25%
for 2 seconds.

With Expertise
Deals continuous damage to a single target (Damage Factor 1000), and reducing the target’s defense by
30% for 2 seconds, and the target cannot receive any healing for 2 seconds.


Ramesses II, also known as Ramesses the Great, was Egypt’s third pharaoh during the Nineteenth Dynasty. He is frequently regarded as the New Kingdom’s greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful ruler. His descendants and later Egyptians referred to him as “Ancestor.” In Greek sources, he is referred to as Ozymandias, derived from the first part of Ramesses’ regnal name, Usermaatre Setepenre, “The part of Ramesses’ regna Setepenre, “The of Ra is powerful, Chosen of Ra.”

Ramesses II led a number of military expeditions into the Levant, reestablishing Egyptian control over Canaan. He also led expeditions into Nubia to the south, which are remembered in inscriptions at Beit el-Wali and Gerf Hussein. The early years of his reign were devoted to the construction of cities, temples, and monuments. As his new capital, he established Pi-Ramesses in the Nile Delta. He is thought to have ascended to the throne in his late teens and ruled Egypt from 1279 to 1213 BC.

According to Manetho, Ramesses II reigned for 66 years and 2 months; however, most Egyptologists today believe he ascended to the throne in May 1279BC, based on his known accession date of III Season of the Harvest, day 27. Estimates of his death age vary; most likely, he was in his forties. During his reign, Ramesses II held an unprecedented thirteen or fourteen ed festivals (the first held after 30 years of a pharaoh’s reign, every three years)—more than any other pharaoh.

He was buried in the Valley of the Kings after his death; his body was later moved to a royal cache, where it was discovered in 1881 and is now on display in the Egyptian Museum.

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