How to get More Kill Points In Rise Of Kingdoms

How to get More Kills Points in Rise Of Kingdoms

In this guide, we will be looking at a few marches to get more kill points. There are two main marches to consider, the first one being the AOE farming and the second one being counter-attack farming. Then, we will look at a combination of the two that is the best option. 

So, if you have been searching for the best marches to get more kill points, this guide is for you. We will cover why you would need to get more kill points, the two kinds of marches, and the best and universal march. We will also talk about the equipment you should be using while farming kills.

In order to create the perfect march for success in farming and getting kills, you need specific combinations of commanders to help you achieve this goal, so stick around to the end of the article if you want to know the perfect combination of commanders so that you can get as many kill points as possible.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why do you need to get more kill points?

In order to achieve as many kill points as possible, using a reliable and efficient march is very helpful. So why wouldn’t you want to use your teleport abilities to go and achieve some extra damage on the enemies and get some kill points? 

The reason that using your march to get more kill points is even possible is that you can use your teleportation abilities to bring your troops to the front line. However, when you do this, a swarm of enemy troops will be awaiting to rally your troops. Hence, to defeat them, you need a strong army march. 

But exactly how would you know which combination of commanders will help you in this situation? If this is a question that has crossed your mind and you are determined to get those extra kill points, don’t worry; we have got you covered. We have tried and tested some Rise of Kingdoms commander pairings so that we know exactly which ones will help get more kill points.

How can you get more kill points?

Farming kills refers to the attacking of opponent armies and troops that are waiting to attack you on the front lines of your city. The way in which you do this is by attacking them before they are able to attack you by teleporting there. 

Some commander pairings are better than others in terms of farming kills. There are specific qualities you would want in your commanders for them to be suitable for doing so. This also depends on the kind of damage you are trying to do.

There are two main classifications of farming marches that we will go into more detail about later. But through these marches, you will achieve kill points. The marches are the AOE farm and the Counter Attack farm. 

AOE Farming (Area of Effect Farming Kill Points )

AOE Farming (Area of Effect Farming) (1)

Let’s talk about the first farming approach, which is the AOE farming approach. Your first objective when using this farm is to choose a commander that either has a low rage requirement or has a fast rage generation ability. Your next objective would be to find an enemy march that is not responding or is not paying attention to your troops.

The purpose of this is once you get to the front line of your city, you can attack the enemy troops. An example of a commander pairing that you can use for this is Genghis Khan and Yi Seong Gi. This combination makes sense because Genghis Khan has a low rage requirement for his active and passive skills. On the other hand, Yi Seong Gi has a high rage generation to complement Genghis Khan’s low rage requirement. 

In substitution of Genghis Khan, you can also use the commander Xiang Yu, who has a 900 rage requirement and also does AOE damage. So this is also a perfect combination of commanders for AOE farming. Another commander you could consider is Hermann, who also has an extremely high rage generation. 

Together, this combination of commanders will help you achieve the desired success of farming kills and dealing damage to the enemies on the frontline.

These combinations will easily and skillfully do a lot of damage to opponent troops, which is why this march is perfect. You can teleport, achieve some kill points, and then teleport back. This is best for when your opponents are not paying attention to you. Then, you can take them by storm and return back to your city in success.

However, if you do not have these particular commanders or think that this combination simply does not suit you, then do not worry because this is only one option of three which you can choose from if you are determined to get more kill points in Rise of Kingdoms.

However, if this is the march that you think is optimal for you, head over to the equipment aspect of this article so that you can get some accessories that will add considerable value to your game while you use this march. 

Counter-Attack Farming Kill Points

Counter-Attack Farming Kill Points

Now, let’s move on to the counter-attack farming strategy. There are a few ways that you can do this. This strategy combines counter-attack damage with instant procer damage. You can go all out from either side as well. This means you can either go all out for counter-attack damage or instant procer damage. 

If you go all-in with counter-attack damage, you can come back successful with a handful of commanders and with a few very specific combinations of commanders. The only handful of commanders that you can do this with are, first of all, Alexander the Great and Herald Sigurdsson. Both of them have skills that involve instant proc damage, so you can easily use them to teleport out of the city, defeat the enemy troops and return. Another commander you can do this with is Charles Martel.

This march focuses on instant proc damage above all else. So if you have these commanders, namely Alexander the Great, Charles Martel, and Herald Sigurdsson, this march is the one for you. Of course, you can use any combination of these particular commanders to achieve the desired result of earning some kill points. It doesn’t matter which is primary or secondary in this situation; however, Alexander the Great and Herald Sigurdsson are your best bet with the counter-attack farming strategy.

Each one of these commander pairings will do both instant proc damage as well as counter-attack damage. 

Furthermore, it is important to note that you should perhaps maximize Alexander the Great if you want to use this particular march. Alexander is a rather common commander to have and is easy to obtain, so it is likely that you already have him. 

However, if this march just isn’t for you, don’t fret because there is one last universal combination that will bring the most value to your game out of the three that we have talked about. 

But if this march is the one for you, you should get the necessary equipment so that you can gain the most value from the gain as you can get! If you do not have this commanders you can check our rok tier list.

Ultimate Combination to get more kill points

We have reached the final combination that you can use to get more kill points. Like we talked about earlier, this combination is universal and so can be used at any point in the game. It has various benefits, mainly its ability to get more kill points, but noting its drawbacks is also important. 

This, by far, is the best combination of marches because of many reasons. First and foremost, it is universal. This march can be used in all kinds of games of rise of kingdoms, and you will still get a lot of use out of it to achieve kill points. 

However, you should remember that the following pair is only really useful and valuable if your primary objective is to get more kill points. So, a lot of people who have other objectives like clearing enemies would not benefit from this pairing. 

This pairing is best only if you want to get more kill points, as well as cause a lot of damage to your enemies. 

The pairing we are referring to here is the Attila and Takeda Shingon combination. To gain the most value from this combination, you need to target the weakest reinforcement of the opponents’ march. This will work especially well if the opponent’s march is idle and not paying attention to your troops. 

Furthermore, they can be used in so many different kinds of games like “Alter of Darkness” and “Ruins,” as well as can be used to kill farmers. This is what we meant by this being a universal combination. 

Other troops will tend to underestimate the damage of this combination of commanders and go after them in hopes of victory, but in turn, they will receive major damage. They will last for a long time in the field because they are more advanced and do a lot of damage. 

Hence, if you want an ultimate combination that will get more kill points efficiently and reliably and bring a lot of value to your game, this is the way to go. 

Equipment that could be useful to get more kill points

In this final part of the article will talk about the equipment you should use if you are considering creating the type of game where your primary objective is to get more kill points and create damage. Although these are not exactly necessary, they will bring a lot of value to your game, so it is worthwhile if you consider getting these accessories. Each of these accessories that we have mentioned are all level 45 equipment. 

AOE Equipment

AOE Equipment

Let’s start with the equipment you should get for AOE farming. First of all, for AOE farming, you should get the “Horn of Fury.” This is a level 45 equipment and should be used in the case that you do not already have an instant proc dealer. This will be very useful for both the counter-attack farm marches and also the AOE farm marches. You will see the most value from using this particular piece of equipment from when you are using Yi Seong Gi, Genghis Khan, and Xiang Yu. Hence, if you want to AOE farm, then this is a piece of equipment that you should have. 

Counter-Attack Equipment

Counter-Attack Equipment

Next, for counter-attack farming, the best piece of equipment you could get is “Vengeance,” which is also a level 45 equipment. It helps generate additional counter-attack damage by 8%. Similarly, the “Greatest Glory” piece of equipment is also going to create extra damage. Although the percentage damage dealt is 3% less than that of Vengeance, it makes up for this because it does normal attack damage. This means that it does more than cause damage to the target but also does damage to any other thing that hits you. Hence, the 8% additional attack is pretty useful. 


To summarize, this article focused on guiding you to achieve additional skill points and damage through specific farming marches. First, we talked about the two farms, which are AOE farming marches and counter-attack farming marches. And finally, we talked about the ultimate combination, which is the Attila and Takeda Shingon combination. 

So, suppose you are confused about the other commander pairings we have talked about and are not sure which best fits you. In that case, you should trust us and go with the Attila and Takeda Shingon combination because it will, without a doubt, give you the desired result of achieving maximum kill points. This is a deadly combination. 

In conclusion, you should definitely try to use these combinations, whichever one best suits you, so that you can achieve kill points and deal extra damage to enemies. It would be best if you also considered the equipment that we have suggested to add extra value to your marches. Also do not forget to check all Rise Of Kingdoms Codes.

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