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Scipio talent tree for new players

If you wish to maximize Scipio’s buffs, you need to build around his Integration Talent Tree. Again, by focusing on his Attacking Talent Tree, he will increase his damage output phenomenally. The Attack Tree talent would be as follows. Here unlocking the Lord of War and Effortless Talents, you can improve upon Scipio’s offensive talents. Meanwhile, you can also unlock Burning Blood to improve his rage restoration. 

The next is the Leadership Tree Talent that improves his damage by unlocking Fresh Recruits and Steely Soul from the Tree. The Fresh Recruits increases the number of troops as he marches along in the Open Field. Steel Soul increases his troop’s damage. 

When in Attack Talent Tree, you had better unlock the Armored Joints, and this essentially reduces the damage taken by Scipio Africanus. The next to unlock on this scipio talent tree is the Martial Mastery, increasing the damage dealt. The surprising thing about this Martial Mastery Talent is that Scipio has an active skill that is non-damage kind, and therefore unlocking the above will not affect his active skill at all. 

The next is the Leadership Talent Tree which is to unlock the remaining Talent Trees of Scipio Africanus. When you unlock Close Formation, you will find that it will increase attack damage. He can unleash All the next talent abilities like Healing Herbs, Strategic Prowess, and Hidden Herbs to improve his damage sustainability and rage restoration. 

There are a few good optional talents that players can use during the commander’s battle with opposing forces. These are Armored to the Teeth and Armed to the Teeth, where you will use Scipio on marches containing different kinds of troop units. If you don’t use these, you can add some points on the Buckler Shield Talent for the future. 

If you use the above build in a focused manner, you will also find Scipio in the great offensive and his defensive talent. The rage, too, gets restored, and you must reach level 50 to get the most out of him. The secondary pairing helps him greatly rather than allowing him to go solo. Pairing in many ways is considered very advantageous even for top-ranking ferocious commanders, and for Scipio it is mandatory to bring out his best. 

In most cases, players are more interested in pairing with secondary commanders with skills like Buffers and Healers, which considerably improve the Troop count and unlock City Conquering. In fact, in the end, Scipio is pretty fast and surprisingly good at attacking cities in this scipio talent tree. He uses this through his Genuine Aristocracy skill, and if you can find a good secondary commander that goes well with this talent, you can count on him to do a lot of damage. If it is a secondary commander with skill in attacking cities, then you have made your mark, and the enemies have something to worry about when Scipio Africanus is around. 

He also has a great F2P Siege that can assist the troops and the pair brilliantly. He is seen to reduce damage taken by troops and increase troops’ counterattack damage for 5 seconds. When troops attack, you also reduce the damage taken by troops by 25%, which is magnificent. 

Another noteworthy point is that if troops increase by 10%, you are also more effective in the battle. It means more troops than your enemies. It also means that your forces are now capable of 10% more damage, and this is where you need to think of having a secondary pair to bring in a lot more troops for Scipio to battle in the Open Field. The army enhancement buffs are expensive and very powerful in the game of Rise of Kingdoms. 

As for Scipio’s Talent Tree, some players would like to take advantage of the great benefits of the combination of Leadership and Attack. It may or may not work well enough with most players, although they may need to make more strategic moves by taking in pairs like Sun Tzu, Charles, Eulji, or Richard, and then it may be beneficial. 

Rise of kingdoms Scipio Africanus Build for Rally Attacks/ Field

Scipio Attack Talent Tree

The talents from the attack tree that you should get if you are using Scipio are Lord of War, which is useful for increasing the attack of the troops by around 1.5x its normal levels. Another talent is Burning Blood which is important for rage generation every time a unit is attacked. Rage is especially important for Scipio since he is a tank unit. Effortless is another talent that increases the damage by 2.5% every ten seconds all the way up to 10%. Using Marshall Mystery will increase attack damage by 6%, which also makes perfect sense for Scipio.

Scipio Leadership Talent Tree

For the leadership tree, a few skills that you should use are the fresh recruits which basically increases troop capacity by 3%. This is super beneficial because Scipio already does bring a large percentage increase in the number of troops deployed, and the fact that they could increase it even more, is a game-changer. 

The skill named close formation too is a good option for Scipio as at the point where the army is only at 50% of strength, this skill will boost the attack by a considerable percentage. Strategic prowess is also a tremendous skill that will increase troop defense by 5% for two seconds. Hidden Wrath will generate rage of 6% every time the troops are attacked. Another one is healing herbs which is good because it increases the healing effects to the troops by 9%.

Scipio Africanu Guide

Scipio Africanus is regarded generally as one of the strongest PVP commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms game. It is especially so for free-to-play gamers, yet with proper use of his skills and improvements in his talent tree the appropriate way, he is an awesome force to be reckoned with by his ferocious enemies. His defensive capabilities make him serve better as the secondary commander.

For this reason, several expert players consider him at the beginning of the game to get an advantage before opposing forces try to figure out what is happening in the Open Field battles. His skills are well known and appreciated, especially his talent in improving his troop’s combat ability, and his skill ‘Military Life’ significantly reduces the enemy troop’s damage.

Again, his second skill, ‘Patient Warrior,’ helps Scipio Africanus sustain damage and also helps him heal his forces. In short, he can be fine-tuned strategically to improve upon the scipio talent tree so that early battles are easily won and the enemy’s forces thwarted.

If you are a beginner, this guide would help you a lot and you will know how to use the character of Scipio Africanus to his full potential and gain an advantage in the game. You can check out Rise of Kingdoms Tier list to see how well Scipio Africanus is preforming.

He is one frequently used epic commander in the game of Rise of Kingdoms because of his powerful skills and mobility.

Scipio is a commander in the rise of kingdoms who functions as a massive tank unit. His skills are very powerful for use on the battlefield. They include taking less damage, healing troops, increasing the number of troops, and increasing the damage dealt to enemies. 

In this article, I will talk about Scipio’s skills, how to unlock him, suggest some talent builds and some strong pairings. So if you were considering investing in Scipio this year, this guide should give you some clarity and help you make a decision.

Is Scipio a worthwhile investment in 2023

The answer to this is yes! If you want to focus on your battles, Scipio is the commander to invest in. His role in the game is to be a powerhouse on the battlefield and will really bring value to your game if this is something you are interested in. He has some powerful skills, and they really shine when he is on the battlefield. However, if you are more interested in peacekeeping, for example, Scipio is not the best commander for you.

So, I guess it depends on how you play the game. If you want to thrive on the battlefield, you should seriously consider investing in Scipio. 

How to unlock Scipio

So the first thing I will be talking about is how you can unlock Scipio in the Rise of Kingdoms. First of all, if you begin the game with the Rome Civilization, then you will already have Scipio as a commander. If you didn’t start with the Rome Civilization, you would have to obtain it by opening chests and using the silver keys or the gold keys. You can further use your Epic Commander sculptures to give him a boost. 

Scipio Africanus Skills

Scipio’s skills mainly focus on his ability to function as a tank unit. Overall, he takes less damage, has a huge healing factor for his troops, increases the number of troops, and increases damage. I will elaborate more on these here.

Pairings For Scipio

Scipio Africanus is regarded as a general commander, and therefore you can pair him with as many commanders are there in Rise of Kingdoms. It is pretty awesome as he supports all primary commanders by himself being the secondary commander.

By doing this, he forms a force that can be extraordinarily formidable. It is how you use his talent to strategize the battle that gives you points and takes you ahead of other players. It is also a fact that Scipio as solo can be awful and his skills and talents are best when paired in ROK.

Joan-of-Arc Joan of Arc

The absolute best pairing you can do for Scipio is with Joan of Arc. The best pairing is to make Scipio primary commander and Joan of Arc secondary commander. Since Scipio does not do any damage with his active skill, pairing him with Joan of Arc makes complete sense because she, too, does not do damage with her active skill.

Joan of Arc thrives in the open field because of her skill that enhances infantry health by her troops and allies’ troops by 30%. This is a perfect pairing with Scipio as he will ensure she stays on the battlefield for a long time, and the longer she is on the battlefield, the more she can use her active skills.

Along with this, Scipio’s healing abilities, along with Joan of Arc’s talent tree and skill that will increase health , make them perfect for battle.

Richard Richard

Having Richard as a secondary to Scipio’s primary does not make much sense, but it is possible. If you have Richard’s expertise and max Richard talent tree then it makes sense but unlocking Richard is not that easy. If you continue to use the leadership and attack talent build, then this could prove to be a good combination. But again, it does not even compare to the Joan of Arc pairing.

Julius Caesar

Just like Scipio and Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar does not have active skill damage, so pairing the two makes sense. Julius Caesar increases attack and defense and reduces damage, so they make a fine combination paired with Scipio’s tankiness. They even have the same talent trees, so that it would be an excellent pairing on the battlefield. However, there are a few downsides to this pairing. First of all, Julius Caesar is hard to obtain and a large investment. Personally, I don’t think he is worth it because there are better commanders out there, and it does not make any sense to buy him just to be Scipio’s secondary. Again, this should not be your top priority for a pairing. If you have Scipio, you should try to get Joan of Arc. 

Charles Martel Charles Martel

As primary commander, gets huge support for the defense abilities of Scipio. Yet, if they do not play carefully, this can be a pretty difficult pairing to handle for many players. Charles is indeed a legendary Infantry Commander, but like Scipio, he too is defensive, which is true for both Garrison and Open Field. He is a good Tank commander and is perhaps the greatest defender in all of ROK game modes. He is formidable, and sometimes you feel him undefeatable because he is perfect at defending his position. Use Charles Martel Talent tree with this pair.

Mundeok Eulji Mundeok , the best infantry commander among all the epic commanders, Scipio can do well as a secondary commander. Eulji is a good nuker due to his active skill and is pretty awesome in both PVE and PVP, and suits Scipio pretty well. Eulji talent tree also increases the garrison defense, and with a combination of nuke and defense, Scipio can take on enemy forces suitably. 

Sun Tzu Sun Tzu

It is noteworthy that Sun Tzu is the best AOE nuking commander in the ROK game, and pairing with Scipio talent tree can be advantageous on the battlefield. On the other hand, Scipio can be paired with the more raging Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu provides Scipio with rage and buffs and has yet another great ability: healing power that would be excellent for troops. Sun Tzu will also make way for troops to survive in the Open Field for a long time.

Osman Osman

The next best pair and something you may want to have is Osman , a powerful epic commander, and a strong nuking commander. He can be a great primary commander and increase his troop strength, and this is seen to be 20% which is indeed shockingly good. He can fit into any troop-specific marches. In other words, he is a wonder in full infantry, full cavalry march, and full archer march, and even in mixed troop march. It is a pretty great advantage, especially when he is also good for PVP, and along with Scipio, this can be formidable.

Scipio Africanus guide Military Life Military Life

Rage Requirement: 1000

Active Skill
Reduces damage taken by troops and increases troop’s counterattack damage for 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Damage Taken Reduced By: 10% / 13% / 16% / 20% / 25%
Counterattack Damage Bonus: 10% / 13% / 16% / 20% / 25%

So the first skill we will be talking about is Military Life. This is Scipio’s active skill and the strongest of the four skills that he has. It reduces the damage of the troops by a whole 25% using 1000 rage.

It also increases the counterattack damage by 25% for five whole seconds. This skill is very powerful because it will remain active around half of the time that Scipio is out on the battlefield, so obviously, this will have a considerable impact on your overall troop power. 

Scipio Africanus guide Patient Warrior Patient Warrior

Passive Skill
When attacked, Scipio has a 10% chance to increase his troops’ attack for the next 1 seconds. Effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds. Scipio has a 10% chance to heal a potion of his slightly wounded units when his army has less than 40% of its units remaining.

Upgrade Preview:
Attack Bonus: 30% / 40 % / 60% / 80% / 100%
Healing Factor: 150 / 200 / 250 / 350 / 450

The second skill, which is a passive skill, is called Patient Warrior. This skill brings a 10 percent increase in Scipio’s chances to attack the enemy. It doubles the attack for a whole second. However, it can only be used once every five seconds.

This skill also enables Scipio to heal some of his wounded with a healing factor of 450 at the point where his army has less than forty percent of units remaining. 

Scipio Africanus guide Conqueror of Africa Conqueror of Africa

Passive Skill
Increases all damage when attack other Governors’ cities.

Upgrade Preview:
Damage Bonus: 1% / 2% / 3% / 5% / 7%

Scipio’s third skill is also a passive skill and is named conqueror of Africa. It brings a huge increase of the damage factor by around seven percent when he attacks. 

Scipio Africanus guide Genuine Aristocracy Genuine Aristocracy

Passive Skill
Increases maximum troop capacity.

Upgrade Preview:
Troop Capacity Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

Scipio’s final skill, which is also a passive skill, is Genuine Aristocracy. This skill increases the troop capacity by 10%, which is a very large increase.This is unique where if you have 10% more troops than your enemy then you are going to be 10% more effective. You will additionally get 10% more troops and also 10% more defense for all types of troops. This adds a lot.

The 50% enhancement buffs are expensive for this reason only, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the best commanders, the best skills, or even the highest level tier troops if you have 50% more troops than your opponents..

This is a very powerful skill, and it gives Scipio a huge advantage over other commanders because it is rare for others to be able to increase troop capacity by this much. 

Scipio Africanus guide Utter Annihilation Utter Annihilation

Enhanced: Patient Warrior
When attacked, Scipio has a 15% chance to increase his troops’ attack by 100% for the next 2 seconds. Effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds. Scipio has a 15% chance to heal a portion of his slightly wounded units (Healing Factor 500) when his army has less than 40% of its units remaining.

Pairing Commander

When you are a new player you can pair Scipio with any commander that you want. My advice is to check our tier list and you will see what are the strongest commanders that you have in your account. Overall it is best to use commanders that have a lot of AOE damage because Scipio will increase troop capacity and give you some survivability so you can use more skills.

Scipio Lore

Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus was a Roman general and later consul who is often regarded as one of the greatest generals and military strategists of all time. His main achievements were during the Second Punic War where he is best known for defeating Hannibal at the final battle at Zama in 202 BC, one of the feats that earned him the agnomen Africanus.

Althrough considered a hero by the general Roman populace, primarily for his contributions in the struggle against the Carthainians, Scipio was reviled by other patricians of his day. In his later years, he was tried for bribery and treason, unfounded charges that were only meant to discredit him before the public. Disillusioned by the ingratitude of his peers, Scipio left Rome and withdrew from public life.


It is safe to say that Scipio is a great player to invest in if you want to thrive on the battlefield. His skills enable him to be a very tanky unit, and he has all the skills necessary to be on the battlefield. 

He has a very strong potential pairing with Joan of Arc, which could bring a lot of value to your game. 

Furthermore, if you use the builds and pairings that I have suggested earlier, you should maximize Scipio’s usefulness in the game. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a tanky commander in 2023, Scipio is your best bet. 

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