Rise Of Kingdoms Alliance Center

Rise Of Kingdoms Alliance

“War is an extension of politics; only good diplomatic relations can ensure a civilization’s long-term development.” You can find an alliance to join and conquer the land with your allies in the Alliance Center. ”

ROK Alliance Center is one of the most important buildings in Rise Of Kingdoms. 

The main usage of the Alliance Center in Rise of kingdoms is to get help from Alliance members. Help will reduce the time of healing, building, and researching. 

You want to max your Alliance Center to get more help from alliance members. 

It will speed up your process of getting your Tier 5 Troops. 

Before you use your speedups to finish building or researching you want to see did you get max help that you can get from your alliance members. Do not forget to redeem all ROK gift codes that will help you a lot with growing.

Upgrading Requirements

Alliance Center LevelRequirementsTimes You Can Be HelpedReinforcement
1City Hall Lv.3515,000500 Food 500 Wood7s5
2City Hall Lv.3620,000 1.0K Food 1.0K Wood35s10
3City Hall Lv.3730,0002.0K Food 2.0K Wood1m 30s 21
4City Hall Lv.4850,0003.8K Food 3.8K Wood7m53
5City Hall Lv.5975,0006.8K Food 6.8K Wood 15m116
6City Hall Lv.610100,00011.5K Food 11.5K Wood 4.4K Stone 37m 30s 265
7City Hall Lv.711125,00017.3K Food 17.3K Wood 7.0K Stone 1h 15m 535
8City Hall Lv.812150,00026.0K Food 26.0K Wood 11.2K Stone 2h 30m 1,032
9City Hall Lv.913175,00039.0K Food 39.0K Wood 18.0K Stone 5h1,962
10City Hall Lv.1014200,00058.5K Food 58.5K Wood 28.7K Stone 10h3,722
11City Hall Lv.1115237,50090.0K Food 90.0K Wood 45.0K Stone 12h5,945
12City Hall Lv.1216275,000135.0K Food 135.0K Wood 67.5K Stone 14h 24m 8,761
13City Hall Lv.1317 312,500202.5K Food 202.5K Wood 102.5K Stone 17h 16m 12,366
14City Hall Lv.1418350,000305.0K Food 305.0K Wood 155.0K Stone 20h 44m 17,036
15City Hall Lv.1519387,500457.5K Food 457.5K Wood 232.5K Stone 1d 1h 23,146
16City Hall Lv.1620 425,000687.5K Food 687.5K Wood 350.0K Stone 1d 6h 31,245
17City Hall Lv.1721462,500 1.0M Food 1.0M Wood 525.0K Stone 1d 12h 42,109
18City Hall Lv.1822500,0001.6M Food 1.6M Wood 800.0K Stone 1d 18h 56,900
19City Hall Lv.1923 537,5002.3M Food 2.3M Wood 1.2M Stone 2d 3h 77,229
20City Hall Lv.2024575,0003.5M Food 3.5M Wood 1.8M Stone 2d 14h 105,544
21City Hall Lv.2125612,5005.3M Food 5.3M Wood 2.7M Stone 3d 2h 145,342
22City Hall Lv.2226650,0007.9M Food 7.9M Wood 4.1M Stone 4d 202,900
23City Hall Lv.2327 687,50011.8M Food 11.8M Wood 6.1M Stone 5d 15h 287,897
24City Hall Lv.2428750,00017.8M Food 17.8M Wood 9.3M Stone 8d 11h 415,855
25City Hall Lv.25301,000,000 26.8M Food 26.8M Wood 14.0M Stone 20d 11h667,083

Side Quests

Requirement Reward
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 2 Wood 750
Food 1,250
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 3 Wood 2,500
Food 2,500
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 4 Wood 3,250
Food 3,250
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 5 Wood 4,500
Food 4,500
Stone 2,500
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 6 Wood 8,750
Food 8,750
Stone 3,500
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 7 Wood 10,250
Food 10,250
Stone 4,500
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 8 Wood 13,250
Food 13,250
Stone 5,750
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 9 Wood 12,500
Food 12,500
Stone 6,000
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 19 Wood 231,000
Food 231,000
Stone 121,500
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 20 Wood 350,750
Food 350,750
Stone 182,000
Upgrade Alliance Center to Level 21 Wood 521,250
Food 521,250
Stone 273,000
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