Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.74: “Anniversary Festivities” Update

Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.74: "Anniversary Festivities" Update

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.74 “Anniversary Festivities” on 2023/09/07 UTC. Before the update, you can download data in advance via the Update Version tab on the events page to earn rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

Anniversary events are launching soon!

  • Sign-In Spoils: Log in for 7 days to gain legendary commanders and other great rewards!
  • RoK Yearbook: Look back on your journey in 2022–2023. We’re so happy to have you with us!
  • Let There Be Moonlight: Collect Lunar Lanterns and exchange them for limited-time rewards!
  • Barbarian Incursions: Complete incursions to recover the Commerce Council’s cargo!
  • Sharp Eyes & Quick Hands: Put your hand speed to the test with new jigsaw puzzles.
  • Arms Training: Armsmaster Lohar throws down the gauntlet again!
  • Desert Tracks: Escort a caravan carrying rare treasures and embark upon the path to the Great Moon Festival!
  • Circus of Wonders: Behold the incredible circus and win prizes from the Amazing Parrot Brothers Goldayne and Fogsworth!
  • Zenith of Power: Gain power to win a brand-new city theme!
  • Collab Project: In collaboration with the Shaanxi History Museum, we bring you an all-new decoration: Tiger Tally!
  • Gem Rush: The light of dawn illuminates the path forward. Make purchases to get gifts! (Only available in regions where all kingdoms have existed for at least 21 days and have yet not entered Season 2 or its offseason.)
  • Epic Glory: The tale of glory continues. Make purchases to get gifts! (Only available in regions that have already entered Season 2 or later.)

*See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. The available events and rewards will differ depending on the current season and age of each kingdom. Please refer to your kingdom’s Event Calendar for details.

Osiris League Grand Finals

The sound of battle has returned once again to these windswept sands! The Osiris League Grand Finals have begun. Who shall earn the champion’s trophy? We invite you to feast your eyes on this mighty competition!

Alliance Management Improvements

1.) Added a new blocklist/passlist feature for alliance members. Governors on an alliance’s blocklist cannot apply to join the alliance, and governors on the alliance’s passlist will be automatically accepted if they apply.

2.) In the Lost Kingdom, alliance leaders, officers, and captains will be able to kick out troops that are in alliance rallies, constructing alliance buildings, or garrisoned in alliance buildings.

Season of Conquest Improvements

1.) Added previews to story registration. You can now view the status of the next story you’re registered for.

2.) Added a feature to allow you to mark kingdoms as “hostile” during story registration. If a hostile kingdom is matched into the same Lost Kingdom as yours, the system will try not to place them in the same camp as you.

3.) Added a new King Skill: Banish. Use this skill to banish a governor in your kingdom, teleporting their city to a random location in the upper-left province of your kingdom. If the target province has no space, they will be teleported to the next outermost province.

PC Version Improvements

1.) Added Champions of Olympia, Ark of Osiris, and Lost Kingdom standings to profile pages.

2.) Improved the appearance of some elements of the Store interface.

Other Improvements

1.) Improved the usability of ranged mode for troops using the V formation:

  • Troops using the V formation will be able to switch to ranged mode when on any open, empty terrain (including outside of friendly territory).
  • Reduced the time required for troops to switch into and out of ranged mode.
  • Added a feature to prevent losing formation when switching modes.
  • When dragging a troop using the V formation to attack an enemy troop, the V formation troop will automatically select a suitable position to switch into ranged mode.

2.) Added many new achievements and achievement rewards.

3.) Adjusted the text for some armament effects in battle reports.

4.) Added a secondary confirmation when a garrison’s captain exits the garrison.

5.) Added alliance territory and name displays to the Bastion and Resource categories of the minimap.

6.) Improved the display effects of camp icons in Lost Kingdom.

7.) Improved the feel of interacting with all chests in the Tavern.

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