Insane Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build and Guide

Aethelflaed is by far the most useful commander in every aspect of Rise of Kingdoms. A lot of people will say that Aethelflaed is there for free to play players but that is not true. Most of the pay to win players will use her in fights because of the first skill.

Insane Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build and Guide





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Aethelflaed Guide

Rise of Kingdoms is one of the top-rated mobile games on Google Play and the Apple Store. The role-playing game has a record more than one million downloads so far. 

There is a pool of twenty-seven heroes and twelve civilizations. Players can choose any historical civilization and become the leader. The leader then takes his lone clan and transforms it into a great power. Each civilization has its unique style, architecture, and specialities. 

The most interesting part of the game is its RPG commanders. There are twenty-seven heroes or RPG commanders, and each commander gains levels by fighting barbarians. The commanders can upgrade their ability through their talent tree and skill builds. 

This article focuses on the commander called Aethelflaed. This commander in the Rise of Kingdoms is easiest to secure and gain expertise on. So, let’s move ahead and learn. 

Aethelflaed is the first legendary commander in Rise Of Kingdoms that is free and easy to get. All Aethelflaed sculptures can be obtained in the Expedition Store.

Aethelflaed is by far the most useful commander in every aspect of Rise of Kingdoms. From PVP fighting to killing barbarians.A lot of people will say that Aethelflaed is there for free to play players but that is not completely true. Most of the pay to win players will use Aethelflaed in fights because of the first skill, not because of damage but because of attack, defense, and health reduction. 

The second skill will provide you some protection from counter damage so your nuking commander can do damage safely. Calvary slow will help you to hunt that annoying fast calvary marches. 

The third skill will help you to nuke forts and to kill barbarians fast. Bonus is that she will give you extra experience for killing barbarians.
Because she can hit up to five targets you can pull more than one barbarian at the same time. Barbarian pulling is good because you can for the same amount of action points kill more barbarians. You need to learn how to that. It can be tricky but it’s not that hard to learn.

Forth skill will provide you more Army capacity and bonus damage for 3 different units. We all know that some people will always send wrong troops in a rally when you are attacking the fort. This will fix your problem.

Last skill- 20% extra damage is nothing game-changing but it will help you definitely.

Field fighting- Aethelflaed is an insanely good commander for big fights where there are a lot of enemy troops like in AOO, KVK and in Sunset Canyon

Aethelflaed Overview

Aethelflaed is a character inspired by Aethelflaed, who ruled Mercia in the English Midlands starting from 911 to her death. She was born around 870 when the Vikings’ invasions in England were at their peak. 

Aethelflaed played a critical role in battling the new invasions of the Vikings at around 870, along with her brother, Edward, The Elder. Rise of Kingdoms rekindles the warrior into its virtual realm, with many effective skills and an easy-to-play role. 

The key feature of Aethelflaed is crowd-controlling. Players can smoothly farm barbarians with her forward-facing 180-degree’ area of effect’ skill. Besides, Aethelflaed can easily debuff enemies and is good at slowing down enemies. The best part is that she is free and has a peacekeeping talent in her talent tree, one of the best talents in any free commander. 

So, the first question that arises is, how to get Aethelflaed?

To get Aethelflaed, a player has to clear the Expedition, acquire expedition medals, and purchase her sculptures a maximum of three times a day. 

Note, you have to clear Expeditions that have the battle marker and shield maker; in this way, you can get Treasure of Warrior Queen. Aethelflaed is one of the most worthy heroes to get at the beginning of the game.

Continue to buy her sculptures even if you’ve maxed her out. The extra sculptures can be later donated to the Past Glory Event.

Now you are wondering why is she so good? 

Just look at Aethelflaed’s first skill. 30% of health, Defense, and damage reduction is insanely good for big fights. Aethelflaed can hit up to 5 targets and reduce their stats for 2 seconds . The main target will get a reduction for 5 seconds. That will open the opportunity to nuke down troops.For field fights, you want to have Aethelflaed alive as much you can and try to protect her so she can do more AOE damage.

Now lets imagine scenario of big fights. Let’s say, 5vs5 fight. Now when 5 players bring Aethelflaed stats reduction will be constantly on. That will give you a huge advantage because 30% of stats reduction is a lot. I can’t tell you how much Aethelflaed is an important and one of best commander for Rise Of Kingdoms.

Rallying Fort- A lot of people do not have the best commanders for attacking forts like Cao Cao and Minamoto but this is were Aethelflaed will come and replace them. With Bonus damage to barbarians, more army capacity and nuke you will be able to melt barbarians forts. 

Barbarians– While attacking barbarians make sure that for the secondary commander you will use someone that you want to level up.

Aethelflaed: Skills

Active Skill

Arrow of Iron

This skill is an active skill that requires a 1000 cast range. The skill damages five enemies at once in an ‘area of effect’ manner, the radius being 800. This skill reduces the enemy’s damage, defence, and health by 30% for the next two seconds.

Passive Skills

  • Thunderous Force: This is a passive skill, which has an aura effect. Counterattacks against your troops are reduced by 20%. There is also a 10% chance that your next attack will slow down the movement speed of enemy cavalry by 50% or reduce the movement speed of other troops by 30%. The slow debuff will last for three seconds. 
  • Synergy: This is another passive skill that enhances the attack speed of your troops by 35% on Aethelflaed’s command. The skill affects other barbarians and neutral units. Commanders gain a 35% experience bonus in the presence of this skill. 
  • Fortress of Mercia: This is a solid skill. Whenever Aethelflaed leads a rally attack, the rallied army gets a 10% increased troop limit. If the commander is leading three different kinds of troops, the troop damage is increased by 20%. 

If you observe, most of Aethelflaed’s passive skills are highly efficient, making her an excellent peacekeeper at all the game phases. 

Some peacekeeping abilities to note about this commander are:

  • Thunderous Force reduces counterattacks against your troops by 20%, which gives your troops an increased contesting advantage.
  • Synergy boosts the attack speed of your troops by 35%, which allows you to kill barbarians and enemy troops faster. 
  • Synergy boosts the experience bonus of the commanders by 35%, which gives a great advantage in terms of level gains. 
  • Fortress of Mercia confirms that your troops deal additional 20% damage if Aethelflaed leads three different types of troops.

Expertise Skill

Warrior Queen

You can also call it Aethelflaed’s ‘Ultimate Skill’. Note, an expertise skill is automatically unlocked when a commander’s other skills have maxed out. Warrior Queen is a passive expertise skill that deals enemies an additional 20% damage if they are slowed. 

If you observe, this expertise skill works extremely well will Aethelflaed’s passive skill Thunderous Force. If Thunderous Force slows an enemy, not only is their movement speed reduced, now they also deal an extra 20% damage. 

Aethelflaed is a valuable supportive commander in the game. Most of her skills revolve around enhancing the fighting capabilities of the troops and the team. Not all of her skills are damage intensive. Aethelflaed is probably one of those very rare commanders with the potential of great leadership and support. 

Now let’s look at how we can execute Aethelflaed properly with her Talent Build.

Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build

Aethelflaed Barbarian Talent Tree

Rise Of Kingdoms Guide Aethelflaed Barbarian Talent Tree

A defensive build comes into play when you aim to be tanky, allowing you to contest battles more robustly. This talent build requires you to go with ‘Quick Study,’ which gives you a 15% experience bonus every time you kill barbarians and other neutral units.

The next critical talent is getting a ‘Trophy Hunter,’ which unlocks a resource pack giving you a chance to randomly acquire 1,000 food, 1,000 wood, 750 stones, and 500 bonus gold.

Following are the talents you should consider to maximize in synergy with the skills of Aethelflaed. Many of these talents slow the enemy troops, providing a great synergy with her expertise skill. 

Aethelflaed Barbarians Talent Tree Build
Main Talents Talent Points
Healing Herbs3/3
Hidden Wrath3/3
Armed To The Teeth3/3
Strategic Prowess4/4
Killer Instinct3/3
Domination 3/3
Quick study3/3
Insight 3/3
Mighty Force3/3
Trophy Hunter3/3
Hasty Departure3/3
Burning Blood3/3
Rejuvenate 3/3
Defense: 4.5%
Health: 2%
March Speed30%

Aethelflaed Support Talent Tree Build

Rise Of Kingdoms Guides Aethelflaed Support Talent Tree Build

A battle build makes you stronger in battle. However, only when you are confident enough to sacrifice your health should you go for this build. The start of this talent build is common. Get a ‘Quick Study’ to enhance your experience when you kill barbarians and other neutral units.

Move on to acquiring ‘Trophy Hunter’ to unlock random chances to get 1,000 food, 1,000 wood, 750 stones, and 500 gold. 

Following are the talents to consider if you’re looking for battles in the game. Most of the talents acquired in this build have more synergy with active skills. Although Aethelflaed by nature, she is a support and peacekeeping hero and has only one active skill. This build is rather occasional. 

Aethelflaed Support Talent Tree Build
Main Talents Talent Points
Fresh Recruits3/3
Healing Herbs3/3
Steely soul3/3
Hidden Wrath3/3
Armored To The Teeth3/3
Armed To The Teeth3/3
Close Formation4/4
Strategic Prowess4/4
Loose Formation3/3
Elixir 3/3
Hasty Departure3/3
Burning Blood3/3
Rejuvenate 3/3
Defense: 4%
Health: 3.5%
March Speed21%

Aethelflaed Peacekeeper Talent Tree

If you’re building Aethelflaed as a peacekeeper, the following are the talents to consider overall.

  • Quick Study: This talent gives your commander a buff. Every time you kill barbarians or farm neutral units, it increases your experience by 15%. 
  • Trophy Hunter: Trophy Hunter is a solid talent to acquire. When you defeat barbarians or other neutral units, armies led by the chosen commander will receive fifteen Level 5 Resource Pack C. A Resource Pack C randomly grants you 1,000 food, 1,000 wood, 750 stone, or 500 gold. 
  • Fresh Recruits: The Fresh Recruit talent is excellent to increase your overall troop strength. Getting this talent increases your maximum troop capacity by 3%.
  • Rejuvenate: Rejuvenate is a solid support talent as it restores 150 rage whenever a skill is used. 
  • Curing Chants: Once you’ve taken the basic talents. A smart move would be to get Curing Chants. Curing Chants heals a portion of slightly wounded units after defeating barbarians or other neutral units. It has a healing factor of 500. 
  • Loose Formation: Once you’ve maxed the other talents, Loose Formation is a great option. It is a buff effect that reduces damage taken by 9%. 
  • Elixir: Elixir is a profound talent in the support tree. In the first level, it increases healing effects by 3%. And the healing effects continue to increase as you go high up the levels. 
  • Cage of Thorns: is a great support talent to get. The nature of this talent is buff. It reduces the march speed of nearby enemy troops by a certain percentage depending on the level. The duration and number of targets also depend on the levels. 
  • Armored to the Teeth: is a solid talent available in the leadership talent tree. Whenever this commander contains three or more different troops, all incoming damage is reduced by a certain percentage depending on the level. 
  • Strategic Prowess: is a leadership talent. Using a skill increases the troop’s defense by a certain percentage for the next 2 seconds.
  • March Speed: is a peacekeeping talent that increases the troops’ overall march by a certain percentage depending on the level. 
  • Close Formation: is a leadership talent that is effective for battles. When the army led by this commander has reached 50% health, attack speed is increased by 12%.
  • Hidden Wrath: is a leadership talent that grants additional six rage every time commander’s troops are attacked. 

Aethelflaed Pairings

Read more about our best commander pairings

Baibars Baibars

Aethelflaed is a good pair for him because of his first skill that will provide slower. With more slow, you will be able to have constantly 20% bonus damage up and You will be able to lock down any cavalry march. Baibars is also a commander that can attack five targets at the same time and to get more cavalry bonus you can use Baibars talent tree.

An interesting pairing where you go for Aethelflaed as primary and Baibars as secondary. 

There is a strong reason to pick Baibars, his primary skill – Blot Out The Sun. Blot Out The Sun has a cast range of 1,000 and is a heavily damaging skill with a damage factor of 1,000. The skill is an ‘area of effect’ skill and can hit a maximum of five targets. Plus, for the next two seconds, army troops experience a reduced march speed of 50%. 

Both Aethelflaed and Baibars’ primary skills are active and AOE, making them a great combination to fight the enemy troops and barbarians. Bairbars’ first skill slows down enemies, which activates Aethelflaed’s expertise skill, increasing the outgoing damage. 

Yi Seong-Gye Yi Seong Gye

Yi Seong Gye is a very good commander for Aethelflaed but I will not advise this because you have other commanders that will benefit more with Yi Seong Gye.

Joan-of-Arc Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is a decent pair for Aethelflaed but not because of damage. This duo is full support that you will use in big fights where you want to support your teamates. Aethelflaed will provide stats reduction and Joan will boost stats of your teamamtes.

Sun Tzu Sun Tzu

The pairing of Sun Tzu and Aethelflaed is a rewarding one. Generally, when you pair Aethelflaed with Sun Tzu, keeping Sun Tzu as primary is recommended. It is so because Sun Tzu is tankier than Aethelflaed and has many great synergies to execute with her skills. 

For example, Sun Tzu’s third skill, Master Strategist, a passive skill, increases troop damage reduction by 10% and boosts infantry unit health by 10%. Sun Tzu also tends to be more unpredictable than Aethelflaed. If you find an Aethelflaed in open fields, the enemies would specifically target her, making the gameplay more challenging. 

Aethelflaed has great debuff potential, but at the same time, she is extremely squishy. Enemies know this and would try to get her as quickly as possible. 

Maximizing Sun Tzu in infantry talent tree is the right way to proceed if you’re pairing him with Aethelflaed. 

Boudica Boudica

Aethelflaed and Boudica is another great combination. Boudica is herself another great debuffing commander like Aethelflaed.

Boudica has a solid first skill called ‘Lament Of The Insurgent.’ Lament of The Insurgent requires a cast range of 1,000 and deals massive damage to a target reducing the target’s rage by 100. It also decreases the target’s troops by 25% for the next 2 seconds. 

Secondly, Boudica’s Celtic Blood is a great passive skill. It restores 50 rage and heals slightly wounded units by a factor of 400 in her army. To get more rage generation with this pairing you can use the Boudica talent tree.

Aethelflaed’s supportive and peacekeeping abilities synergize with Boudica’s passives extremely well, making them a great combination for a battle-oriented setup. 

Final Words

If you’re looking to play Aethelflaed as a Farming commander, going for talents in the peacekeeping and support talent trees are recommended. Talents such as Hidden Wrath, Killer Instinct, Domination, Quick Study, Insight, Mighty Force, Trophy Hunter, Double-edged Sword, Thoroughbreds, Loose Formations, Hasty Departure, Burning Blood, and Rejuvenate are the talents to aim.

Aethelflaed also combines well with Belarius. Although they have a low-skill synergy, Belarus has a talent for having chances to slow down the enemy. He also reduces attack speed and defense of the enemies by 30%, which synergizes insanely well with Aethelflaed. 

Aethelflaed should be chosen as a primary hero situationally as she is squishy, partnering her with commanders as Sun Tzu and Baibars makes her a danger in the fields. 

You’re all set. Go out there and win with Aethelflaed. 

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