Migration And Passport Page Requirements

Rise Of Kingdoms Migration And Passport Page Requirements

Migration is implemented in the Rise Of Kingdoms so players can choose a new server if they are on a low population kingdom or they want to play with friends. Migration on a new ROK server is only possible with migration passports pages. 

New migration rules for Rise Of Kingdoms will be released in the middle of March; they are significant, so make sure to check them out. You can find them at the bottom of this post.

Rise of Kingdoms Passport Pages Requirements

Passport Pages Requirements in ROK depend on your power. More power you have more it will cost. Look image and you will see how many passport pages you need. 

To reduce your total power you can kill all your siege units and you can fill up your hospital. That will reduce total power. Also, you can stop using speedups so you do not increase your power. 

0-10M 1600,000

How to get Passport Pages?

Acquiring Passport Pages is hard and expensive in ROK.  There are only 2 ways how to get passport pages in Rise Of Kingdoms:  

  • Spending money on bundles  
  •  Purchasing with individual alliance credits.

Bundle that contain Passport Pages

 You can buy passports in the in-game shop. The bundle is called the New World. If you are not in a rush to migrate I would recommend that you buy only one or 2 packs and wait for bundle reset. 

Rise of Kingdoms Migration and passport Shop

Buying Passport Page with individual Alliance credits.

Buying Passport Page with individual alliance credits is so hard but you can do it.

To buy Passport page you will need 600,000 individual alliance credits to buy it in alliance shop. To restock Passport Page your alliance leader or officer will need to spend 100,000 Alliance credits.

Rise of Kingdoms Migration and passport Shop

How to migrate with the passport page?​

When you are ready and you have collected all passport pages that you need, zoom out of map and you will see globe icon. Tap on it and you will now see a list of all Kingdoms. Find the Kingdom that you want to migrate to. 

You want to check if a kingdom is developed and is there a migration power cap. You can send a message to the king of that kingdom to increase the power cap. 

You can only migrate on Kingdoms that are Developed.

Developed: This kingdom has been open for more than 120 days, or was established earlier than your home kingdom. Governors from other kingdoms can immigrate here.

Rise of Kingdoms Kingdom Info For Migration

Requirements to Migrate

  1. Your City hall must be Level 16 or higher.
  2. All march queues are empty ( all troops are in the city).
  3. Your troops and city are not under attack or fighting. 
  4. You must leave the alliance.
  5. The number of resources you own does not exceed the protection capacity of your storehouse. So it’s best to donate to your friends. 
  6. All points from participated events will be reset to 0. 
  7. After you migrate you must wait 30 days before migrating again. 
  8. You can’t migrate to kingdoms that are participating in KVK.
  9. You can migrate only to developed kingdoms (120+ days old).

If your immigration request is successful, your game will be restarted and you will be randomly teleported to in the selected province. 

Migration on Imperium Kingdoms

Migration on imperium kingdoms is hard but it possible. 

You can migrate to any imperium kingdom if you are under 25M power.  ( Soon you will be able to migrate with 35 m powers to imperium kingdoms).

The second method is with special immigration chances- 

  1. Only the King can approve applications for Special Immigration. Once approved, the applicant will receive a notification mail. Once confirmed, he or she can immigrate to that Kingdom. 
  2. Governors who apply for Special Immigration must meet all other mandatory requirements, in addition to the Power requirement. 
  3. Special Immigration Chances can be accumulated to a maximum of 3 times. At the beginning of each month, Imperium Kingdoms gain I chance. 
  4. Only successful Special Immigration will use up Special Immigration Chances. 
  5. Special Immigration applications are effective for 3 days, and are displayed based on time of submission.

New migration rules for Rise Of Kingdoms Coming in March

We’ve discovered that a number of Governors have been using the immigration feature to return to new Kingdoms during the Season of Conquest. The number of Governors doing this is quite large and is having a significant effect on the ability of Governors in these new Kingdoms to participate in Lost Kingdom events. As a result of this, we will be changing the immigration rules and adding limits in order to ensure that Governors in new Kingdoms have a better game experience.

We will be redefining immigration and changing specific immigration rules. These changes are significant and large in scope, so we will be dividing migration into 3 types (besides using Beginner’s Teleport to migrate into a Kingdom that is Nascent) to help everyone better understand:

Cross-Season Immigration: When the current Kingdom and the
destination Kingdom are in different Seasons, and when the current
Kingdom’s server age is older than the destination Kingdom, Governors
may engage in cross-season immigration.

Same-Season Immigration: When the current Kingdom and the
destination Kingdom are in the same Season, Governors may engage in
same-season immigration.

Same-Region Immigration: Regions are composed of 8 Kingdoms.
Governors may engage in same-region immigration by moving between
any of these Kingdoms.

Cross-season immigration

  • Cross-season immigration will be subject to a quota. Kingdoms in Season 2 and 3 of Lost Kingdom will be able to receive a maximum of 30 migrating characters per season.
  • Power limits for cross-season immigration will be determined by the King, and confirmed 48 hours before immigration begins.
  • After immigration begins, Governors who fulfill all the necessary criteria may engage in cross season immigration until the destination Kingdom’ s quota is met.

Same-Season Immigration:

Same-Season Immigration: During Seasons 2 and 3 of Lost Kingdom, same-season immigration is possible provided that the character registering for immigration is no more than 90 days older than the opening time of the destination Kingdom. During Season of Conquest, there are no limits on character registration time for immigration.

Immigration Start Time:

  • Same-season immigration and cross-season immigration may begin once the destination Kingdom enters the preparation phase for Lost Kingdom Season 2.
  • Cross-season immigration ends once the destination Kingdom enters the preparation phase for Lost Kingdom: Season of Conquest.
  • After Season 1 of Lost Kingdom has begun, all subsequent immigration will begin 1 day after Lost Kingdom ends. (See the Kingdom Info page for more information.)

Additional Migration Changes

1) Immigration from Rising Kingdoms and Imperium Kingdoms has fixed Power limits. For Rising Kingdoms, the Power limit is 10,000,000. For Imperium Kingdoms, the Power Limit is 15,000,000 for Lost Kingdom Season 2, 25,000,000 for Season 3, and 35,000,000 for Season of Conquest.

2) Kingdoms can accept Governors with Power that meets or exceeds the current entrance requirement via Special Immigration. Special Immigration will not count toward a Kingdom’ s cross-season immigration quota.

3) We have added an immigration scheduling feature. Governors can select a Kingdom that is in the middle of a Lost Kingdom event, and will be notified when immigration to that Kingdom becomes possible.

4) These changes will not affect the use of Beginner’ s Teleport items.

These changes will come online in mid-March, and you’ II receive an official detailed notification before they come into effect. As an incentive for Governors considering immigration to immigrate in good time, we’ II send a “New World” Bundle to all Governors who migrate before the changes take place (this does not conflict with the original bundle). These are all the changes that will be made regarding Lost Kingdom’ s gameplay.

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