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Rise of Kingdoms’ Heroic Anthem is a new version of KVK mode. There are many new features in Heroic Anthem KVK, but with this guide, you will be prepared and learn everything.

The King of the Kingdom can decide which story (KVK) your kingdom will play. You cannot change the story after the registration period has ended, and you will be matched against kingdoms from the same story.

There will be four camps, each with a different number of kingdoms. Kingdoms that do not participate three times in a row are assigned to a random Story during the next registration period.

To enter the Heroic Anthem, you must have ROK City Hall Level 25. This is in place to prevent low-level accounts from botting and ruining the fun in KVK. So work as hard as you can to get to LVL 25 City Hall and Rise Of Kingdoms redeem codes can help you with that.

This guide is for Heroic Anthem KVK; if you’re looking for another type of KVK, simply click on the name-


Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem KVK FOG

Remember how, when you first started playing Rise Of Kingdoms, you had to explore fog to unlock certain parts of the map? That has returned. To clear the fog, you’ll need to use your scouts. It is critical to begin clearing as soon as you enter the Heroic Anthem. Why? Simply because you want to locate all of the Bastions.


Heroic Anthem KVK Bastion

Bastions are buildings that have commanders inside them. To find them, you’ll need to clear the fog. Because the location of Bastions is the same for all players, your alliance members will share it in chat. When you find Bastion, the commander will be revealed inside.

Each bastion contains a unique commander skill. When you find it, you’ll have to complete quests. You will receive Favor and Crystals for completing each Quest.

You must complete them on a daily basis. Each Bastion has levels that you can advance by completing quests. Legendary Bastions have a higher level. When you upgrade your bastion to level 6, you will gain access to the commander skill, which you can use on any of your commanders. Furthermore, as the level of a bastion increases, so does crystal production, which is critical if you want to upgrade KVK technology.

There is now alliance technology that can be upgraded to increase Favor. This will expedite your progress in obtaining commanders.

Keep in mind that your alliance or coalition must touch a bastion in order to upgrade it, and you will be able to complete 15 quests per day, so decide which commander skill you want to obtain.

The issue with bastions is that once you accept a quest, you cannot cancel it and must wait 14 hours to accept another. One vexing quest that irritated me was the alliance tech donation. If you are not careful, this will be a major issue for you. Quest is donating 5 alliance tech donations, but there are some issues.

The first issue is that if you do not have alliance donation chances, you will have to wait for them. Yes, you can use gems, but if you leave one alliance and join another, you must wait 24 hours before donating with gems.

Problem number two is that if you are a member of an active alliance, donation in technology will be full and you will be unable to donate. So proceed with extreme caution.

Hopefully, they will add a feature that allows you to cancel the quest or remove this vexing quest.

Support Skills

Heroic Anthem KVK Support Skills

When Bastion reaches level 6, you will be able to use the support skill on any commander pair you want. Because there are so many different skills to unlock, there will be a wide variety of different combos. On the support Skill panel, you can read about each commander skill. If you are free to play focus on one skill then when you get it to move to get the second skill. The most important thing to remember is that your commander support skill is determined by your commander skill. So, if you have Sun Tzu maxed out, you will get LVL5, but if his skill is only LVL 3, you will get level 3 skill. So be cautious when selecting Commander skills..

Heroic Anthem Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center

Heroic Anthem KVK Buildings

There are two new buildings in Heroic Anthem KVK that you can construct within your city. They are the Crystal Mine and the Crystal Research Center. Remember that you will be able to use speedups on buildings as well as for research.

Crystal Mine– this is a structure where you will produce crystals in order to upgrade technology and these two structures. The higher your Crystal Mine level, the more Crystals you will produce. There is also technology and methods for improving efficiency and productivity.

To begin the production of crystals, you will need to invest a small amount of resources.

Crystal Research Center– Now comes the exciting part. There is a significant amount of technology that can be upgraded. You will also be able to obtain Seasonal currency once your research is completed.

You can spend this Seasonal Currency at the KVK shop. The problem is that you won’t be able to unlock all of them if you play for free or have a limited budget. So you must be careful about what you will choose.

My suggestion is that you improve Crystals and Favor Production ( do not go max here it is not worth it if you are free to play or small spender). You can also choose Action point recovery, but that is entirely up to you.

When it comes to war technology, you should concentrate on one specific unit. Only a large spender will be able to unlock everything, but you will not. So, if you’re an infantry player, only focus on infantry technology.

There is a great infographic that you can find here on Reddit so you can see it all in high resolution. 

How to get crystals in Heroic Anthem

You can get a lot of them if you are in the top positions before the KVK event. Pre KVK is the same as Lost Kingdoms KVK as well as Light and Darkness KVK.

Crystal Mine Construction- You will be able to construct it as soon as you enter KVK. You want to upgrade it as much as possible so that you don’t waste time. To research new technology, you will require a large number of crystals.

Premium Season Crystal Supply– It will cost the same as a 30 day gem supply and will last the entire KVK. During the  50 days of KVK, you will receive 3 million crystals.

Super Value Bundle– This one is pricey and only for big spenders, but it comes with a lot of crystals. If you are a small spender this is probably not worth it.

Small Bundles– will appear when you reach a certain level of upgrading your Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center. They range in price from $3 to $10, and if you are a small spender, you must purchase them. It will be extremely beneficial to you at the start.

Alliance resources– You already know that you can get resources from alliance production, but now it will also give you Crystals. So the point is that you join a top alliance with a high crystal production rate.

Bastions– When you complete a quest, you will receive Crystals. As a result, you must do it every day, not only for Crystals but also for Commander skills and other rewards.

Kahar’s– You can obtain Kahar’s Bone Whistle by completing Bastions quests. You will be able to use it and summon Kahar as a result. It’s the same as summoning Lohar. After defeating Kahar, you will receive nice rewards, one of which is Crystals. The starting point is 30k crystals, but there is a technology that can be upgraded to receive more.

Barbarians and Forts

Heroic Anthem KVK Barbarians and forts

Barbarians- Barbarians in Heroic Anthem are extremely powerful, so be cautious. They will destroy you if you are a small player. It will cost you 100 action points to attack them with one march. I killed over 100 of them, and I can tell you that the drop rate of gems is extremely low. Barbarians will also give honor levels on you.

If you are a small power player, the best thing you can do is team up with other players. It will be more cost-effective and faster to heal troops. There is also technology that greatly increases the damage done to barbarians. It is entirely up to you whether or not it is worthwhile to conduct research. One unfortunate fact is that you cannot chain pull barbarians with AOO commanders.

Forts- now you will have forts LVL 11 and with time there will be forts 14+. To join or start a rally on the fort, you must have 300 action points. So, if you’re a smaller player, don’t start a rally or you’ll be destroyed. It is preferable to wait for higher level forts because they will provide you with many more honor points.

Coalition System

Heroic Anthem KVK Coalition

Join Coalition- Coalitions are created by alliance leaders. To join the coalition, the alliance must be from the same camp. Initially, only two alliances will be able to join the coalition. You will be able to form more alliances in the coalition system as time goes on. Basically, you will be part of a large alliance of 500+ players.

Coalition Benefits- If you are in a coalition with other alliances, you will be able to assist, repair buildings, participate in rallies, and so on. Simply put, you will be able to do everything without the need to join another alliance.

Teleport- After completing Past Glory, you will be able to teleport to any territory in your coalition.

Rewards sharing- now you do not have to join other alliances to receive a reward. The same rewards will be given to all coalition members.

Boost– The coalition’s alliances will share the effects of holy sites, passes, and so on.

Occupation Bonuses from Altars and Ruins- All coalition members will share the occupation bonuses from altars and ruins.

Hall of Heroes

Heroic Anthem KVK Hall of Heroes

This is truly epic. This is great for players especially free to play. At the end of KVK, half of the troops you lost will be returned to you via mail. This is fantastic because it will result in more fighting and action. This is also ideal for free-to-play players who must be extremely careful with troops.

War and Peace Event

This event begins when you enter KVK and allows you to trade your building speedups for training speedups. You can trade 200 of each speedup type.

Rewards System and Shop

There are 2 different currencies in Heroic Anthem that you can use to buy legendary gear, legendary city skins, legendary material and much more.

Seasonal currency is obtained by research in a crystal research center. The issue with Seasonal Currency is that if you don’t have any speedups for boosting research, you won’t be able to get a lot of it. It’s the only way to get them. That is why it is critical to plan ahead of time.

Conquest Coins are obtained by completing Crusader Achievements.

Pro tip: If you do not spend all of your coins, they will be saved and used in the next kvk.

You must exercise extreme caution when handling legendary equipment. You want to craft legendary gear, but I wouldn’t recommend choosing weapons that cost two Conquest Coins because they are too expensive to craft. To make them, you’ll need 15 a lot of legendary materials, which isn’t worth it. Large pay-to-win players will have a difficult time crafting that gear.

City skin- You can now select which legendary city skin you want to use. You are not limited to only one city skin, which is fantastic, especially for free players who focus on a single type of troop.

Heroic Anthem Rewards- There are numerous rewards available in Heroic Anthem, but you must be active in order to obtain them. This Reddit post contains a list of all the rewards available.

Individual Rewards – The top spot in this category will be difficult to obtain. Because pay to win players will have a lot of action points to boost honor, and they will also have technology that will increase their action point recovery. However, in order to achieve a high ranking, you must give all you can use you must use the best commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms.

Coalition Rewards– Rewards are acceptable, and the top 20 coalitions will be given them. So, in your kingdom, join the Top Coalition
Camp- Camp rewards are dreadful. So don’t worry about it. Concerned with completing tasks. That is a place of great rewards.

Crusader Achievements- There are many of them, but it is a location with great rewards. You’ve accomplished things as an individual, as a camp, and as a coalition. So try to complete them all.

Lost Kingdom Chronicles-Rewards are fine. Just make sure you read the current Chronicle so you can complete tasks.

Map- Camp System

Heroic Anthem Map

There are four camps, each with a different number of kingdoms. That means one camp can have two kingdoms, while the other camps can have four kingdoms. We believe Lilith is calculating the number of active players so that each camp has the same number of players with comparable power. You will have a center where you want to take control, just like in every kingdom vs kingdoms game.

To get a higher quality of map image just press on it.


Power up version of Heroic Anthem

Power up version of Heroic Anthem

This Story offers brand new combat and diplomacy options. New ranged strategies: Participating governors will gain access to two Story-exclusive Ceroli Chieftains. Siege Units under these two Chieftains can be directed to build Arrow Towers on the map to conduct long-range bombardments on enemy troops – an effective suppression technique.

Blockades: Your troops and other friendly troops can Blockade non-allied troops on the map while allowing free passage to allies. Blockading troops who encounter enemies can be directed to either stand their ground or launch an attack. Coalition Diplomacy: Coalitions can ally with each other.

Troops belonging to an allied Coalition will be viewed as “friendly” for the duration of the relationship. Also, any alliances under the same Coalition Union will be “allied” by

Alliance Arrow Towers: Alliance Leaders and Officers have the option of converting Crusader Flags into Alliance Arrow Towers, which can effectively take out nearby non-allied cities.

Ranged Combat

You will have access to two Story-exclusive Ceroli Chieftains, who can direct siege units to build Arrow Towers to conduct long-range bombardments on enemy troops – an effective suppression technique. Note: damage from Arrow Towers can only leave enemy troops slightly wounded. Alliance Flags can also be converted into Arrow Towers; they will reduce enemy cities’ Wall Durability, but cannot inflict casualties to troops within.

Troop Blockades

Your troops and other friendly troops can Blockade non-allied troops on the map while allowing free passage to allies. If your troops block non-allied troops, your troops can be directed either to stand their ground with the “Peaceful” stance or launch an attack with the “Aggressive” stance option. You can select your preferred Blockade stance from the Armies panel.

Coalition Diplomacy

Coalitions are free to ally with each other and, once allied, the troops of both sides will view each other’s troops as friendly and allow free passage. Alliances under the same Coalition will be considered allies by default.

My take on Heroic Anthem KVK

The new Heroic Anthem KVK is the best KVK we’ve had so far. You may believe that this is a full play to win event, similar to the Mightiest Governor Event, but it is not. Rise of Kingdoms is a team game in which you must work together to win KVK. Yes, there will be whales who will unlock all skills and have legendary equipment, but you will as well.

They will lead the defense and attack, and you will support them with troops, resources, and so on if you are a small or free to play player. People are still unaware that whales cannot win KVK on their own.

Because it is a team game, there is, in my opinion, a balance between pay to win and free to play. Personally, I enjoy it when there are players who are stronger than me. It motivates me to put more effort and play smarter. PS: Lilith does not sponsor me.

Reddit Link With all rewards and technology. 

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