How to lower your account power in ROK Guide

lower your account power

One of the most important mechanics to understand is how to reduce your account power. Players in ROK are lowering their power because they want to migrate to new kingdoms for fewer passports, drop from imperium status, or have better KVK match making. It is critical that you understand how to reduce power efficiently.

Player power is determined by a number of factors such as troop numbers, technology, and buildings, but there are only two ways to reduce power in ROK.

How to Reduce Power in ROK

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are only two effective ways to reduce your power: filling up your hospital and killing your troops. This method can be costly, and you must proceed cautiously when using it.

Filling up your hospital

Filling up hospital

The Hospital in Rise of Kingdoms is a structure that will hold injured troops. So, if you want to reduce your power, simply fight other players until your hospital is full with wounded troops.

When a unit is taken to the hospital, his power is reduced to zero. If you have tier 5 units, you’ll try to get as many tier 5 wounded troops as possible. If your hospital has a 100k limit and you fill it with tier 4 troops, you will lose 400k power, but if you fill it with tier 5 troops, you will lose 1m power. You can see how much more power you can drop if your hospital is stocked with tier 5 troops.

The disadvantage of filling up your hospital to reduce power is that you will require a large amount of resources to heal your troops, particularly gold if you fill up your hospital with tier 5 troops.

Hospitals can only take a certain number of troops, but there are ways to increase that number. You can increase hospital capacity through technology, VIP, and maxing out hospital buildings, but if you are in KVK, you will have a double hospital capacity.

KVK is when most players fill up their hospitals because you will have more capacity and can fill it up by fighting enemy players. So, if you ever want to reduce your power, KVK is the best time to do it.

Deleting troops

Deleting troops

Deleting troops will also reduce the power of your account. This one can be costly and, most of the time, is not worth it, but it is sometimes required. The best thing you can do is to remove siege units. Siege units are largely ineffective in Rise Of Kingdoms. The only role that they have is to gather resources so you will not lose so much if you delete them.

If you don’t have time to wait, delete them, but killing your siege units is a better option. You can send them with a bad commander to attack a strong player’s city and they will end up dead. Alternatively, if you are a member of the KVK, you and your alliance members can rally some objectives just to get rid of siege units. Also, when you kill siege units, their deaths will be added to your profile’s death count stats.

When you press on building for training troops click on info and you will have the option to delete troops.

Why players are lowering their power

There is a reason why players are lowering power on their rise to the kingdom’s account. It can be for a personal reason or for a kingdom benefit.

Lowering power to migrate

A lot of players are filling up their hospitals and deleting their siege units so they can migrate. Migration is costly, and passports are difficult to obtain. The number of passports required to migrate is determined by your level of power.

Every 5 million power costs 5 more passports, and if you can reduce your power for 10m to 20m, you can save a lot of money on passports. As a result, they can migrate at a much lower cost. One of the reasons is also to avoid increasing the power of the kingdom from which you are migrating.

The issue with this, especially if you’re migrating with a full hospital, is that you’ll need a lot of resources to heal your troops, and you won’t be able to transfer those resources to new kingdoms. You can only transfer resources that are in the form of items in your inventory. To reduce healing costs you can use France because it will provide you with 20% healing speed and it is one of the best Civilization in Rise Of Kingdoms.

Dropping from Imperial Status

Imperial Status

In Rise Of Kingdoms, many kingdoms have imperial stats. Having imperial status in your kingdoms is fantastic, but there is one major drawback: you cannot accept new players to serve. On imperium kingdoms, you can only accept two players per month.

Imperium kingdoms are calculated by total player power, and in order to leave imperium kingdoms status, your kingdoms must reduce kingdom power, which you can do by filling hospitals and deleting siege units.

The majority of imperium kingdoms are reducing their power at the end of KVK, but your entire kingdom must work together to effectively reduce the kingdom’s power.

KVK Match Making

There are kingdoms in Rise Of Kingdoms that are reducing their power in order to face weaker opponents in KVK. I would not recommend it because you will waste resources that could be used for fighting, and fighting against weaker opponents is not fun.


Filling up your hospital and deleting your siege units is the best way to reduce your account power. Unfortunately, there are no other options for reducing your account power. Be extremely careful and plan how and when you will reduce power. Also if you are planning to migrate, prepare resources in your bag, you will need them and redeem all Rise Of Kingdoms Codes. Hopefully, you now understand how to effectively lower your account power, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will respond as soon as possible.

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3 thoughts on “How to lower your account power in ROK Guide”

  1. Hi There, i need your help.

    Under Governor Profile -> Troops -> Troops Details: total number of units = 0 & troops power = 0, as i have used my farm account to lower the power to 25m in order to do the migration.
    however, when i see my Governor Profile, my powers at still 25,656,315.
    Please advise, how to decrease till below 25 millions

    1. Well, your troops are 0 power but the power of your technology, buildings, and commanders is 25,656,315. Unfortunately, there is no way to reduce it more.

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