When will the Tier 6 troops arrive in Rise of Kingdoms?

Rise Of Kingdoms is a fantastic game that is nearly four years old. During those four years, many new game modes and features were added, such as Ark of Osiris, KVK, ship battles, new commanders, new civilizations, and so on. The only thing we didn’t get in those four years was a new tier of units or a new level of buildings. We currently have no information on Tier 6 units, but we will het tier 6 units in the future. Now we’ll explain why we’ll get them and what we can expect when they get in ROK .

Why will Lilith release tier 6 troops?

The simple and short answer is money, and it is one of the primary reasons we will see tier 6 units.

Big Spenders- As time passes, Rise Of Kingdoms’ player base will continue to shrink, resulting in a small amount of income. The problems will begin when they begin to lose big players ” Whales” who are spending a lot of money, and a lot of big spenders get bored after a while and leave the game, or they only play for KVK or Ark of Osiris.

No New Players- Rise of Kingdoms is almost 4 years old, and many people have tried and played it. The game has received over 50 million downloads, which is a significant number. We saw Lilith Games pushing  marketing by introducing Viking Civilization and sponsoring one of MR Beast’s videos.

They’ll have to do something even crazier to attract new players like Ark of Osiris and Champions of Olimpia tournaments for real money prize.

We can see that they are attempting to extract as much money from whales as possible by implementing crystal technology, which is damaging to free-to-play players. Pay-to-win players have a huge advantage over free-to-play players, and crystal isn’t the only issue Lilith caused due to her greed for money. Gear, a lot of new legendary commanders that free to play players have no chance of maxing, VIP levels crystal tech, etc. Old players have a small chance of beating pay to win players, but new players have no chance.

Now, Lilith has implemented a new system called the museum in KVK to boost old commanders, but they had to add a pay to win system to it. Yes, as a free-to-play player, you will be able to get buffs for old commanders, but not as quickly as pay to win players.

From the foregoing, it is clear why Tier 6 units will be implemented. Tier 6 units will bring new buildings, and whales will have to invest heavily in training and upgrading their tier 6 units.

They want to make as much money as possible. Don’t think it’s just Rise of Kingdoms; it’s true of all mobile games. They are all pay to win.

What will Tier 6 units implementation create and how Lilith will do it?

New tier 6 units, in our opinion, will be refreshing for ROK, but as we know Lilith, there will be no balance. Tier 6 will be far more powerful than Tier 5, causing dozens of new issues. First Tier 5 units are expensive to train and heal and if they implement tier 6 they will cost a little fortune.

Whales don’t care how much they cost; they can afford it, and all they want is superiority in the game and to be significantly stronger than other players.

The only way to solve this problem is to reduce the cost of all units and make tier 6 cost the same as tier 5, but that is not going to happen. Lilith wants to earn for tier 6 units.  They will most likely add some new technology that will boost your research and production so that the free-to-play player can obtain tier 6 and afford it, but it will take some time.

It will be similar to the progression from Tier 4 to Tier 5. With that method, they can get whales to spend money and get the tier 6 units as fast they can , while free players will have to grind for them and eventually get them.


To be honest, we love Rise Of Kingdoms and most of you do but the problem is that they care more and more about money and that can kill the game so fast. Hopefully, they will shift focus more on community.

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