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Jumper account is when you play one kingdom for a few days then jump on the brand new opened kingdom. This will give you a huge advantage. You will be level 7 with a lot of speedups and troops while new players will be level 1 with zero troops.

Jumper account in Rise of Kingdoms is creating a new account where you will receive two beginner teleports. Why people are creating jumper accounts in the first place? Because it will give them a huge advantage over other players. 

When a new player creates an account he will be level one while you will have an account that is 9 days old with all possible things that you can do without reaching city hall level 8. 

In those 9 days of creating a jumper account, you will boost your commanders with killing guardians, barbarians, scout all tribal villages and caves. 

Duration of beginner teleports are effective for the first 10 days, or until your account reaches city hall. So be careful not to use beginners teleport or go above city hall level 7. 

When you get bored on your jumper account, you can simply create a new one and use your old jumper account as a farm for your main account. To send your old jumper account to the kingdom where your main account is you will need a few passports to migrate. 

In this jumper guide, you will find everything you need to know to understand what a jumper is, why you should jump, Advantages and Disadvantage. Everything in the most detailed possible way.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Jumper account in ROK


  • Research-You will have much better technology and a stronger army on a new kingdom where you will dominate easily. 
  • Commanders– High-level commanders, because you will farm barbarians for 9 days. 
  • Buildings– You will have max buildings for level 7
  • 9 days of troops training- more troops for filed fighting and burning cities. 
  • 9 of gathering
  • 9 days of collecting speedups, keys, gems, etc. This will give you the advantage to win events. 
  • You will dominate in new server 
  • Higher total power – this will help to join a top alliance on that new kingdom.


  • While you wait for a new server to open, you can be attacked.
  • On the new server, you will be a target for pay to win players 

How to make Jumper account?

To to make a jumper account first thing is to choose a kingdom where you will prepare your jumper account. Try to choose a kingdom with low activity or where is your main account. You will be able to farm without being attacked all the time.

What to do after creating a jumper account?

  • Try to join the alliance- this will help with everything. You will get buffs for gathering, attacking, research, etc. The main thing is that you will get an alliance chest with rewards. This is a huge bonus. 
  • Kill barbarians daily- if you see Lohar event go and spend all of your attack points. Lohar event gives a lot of speedups and gems. 
  • Train your army- in 9 days of preparation your training queues must stay active. More you train more troops you will have on the new server to dominate.
  • Gather as much you can. You will need resources for upgrading building, training. 
  • Do not use your resources items. You will need them on the new server.
  • Try to have the number of resources that you will need, do not farm too much because it will increase the chance of you being attacked. 
  • Go and explore Tribal villages and mysterious caves. There are 1500 villages and 400 caves that you need to explore before you jump. It will be hard to do that on your mobile phone because they are small and it will take you an insane amount of time to zoom out and to find them. it is easier to do it if you have a tablet or PC. Yes, you can play Rise Of kingdoms on PC. 
  • Most important is to stay active 
  • Go and read more guides so you can come to a new kingdom ready maximum.
  • If you are planning to stay active and grow on that new kingdoms, good thing is to make a farming account that will help you with farming and fighting at the start. 
  • Use Rise of Kingdoms Redeem Codes to get free rewards.

Jumper group

Not only that you will have a huge advantage but you can also join the jumper group. Basically, that is a group of people that will jump together on the new kingdom. Together you can create a strong alliance that will dominate the new kingdom. You can see a lot of posts for jumper groups in ROK official discord, Reddit and Facebook. It is worth it to join the jumper group. You will have a lot of fun.

If you get bored while waiting for your group to jump the new server, you can play Salt and Sacrifice, a fantastic game. I play it on a daily basis, and it’s worth a shot. Check out Salt and Sacrifice tips to learn the most important things to do as a beginner. It will give you a significant advantage over other players.

When is a good time to jump on the new kingdom?

You want to stay as long as you can. But if you are bored you can jump after 3 days. Usually, you will be able to max all buildings and research for level 7 city in those 3 days. But the main reason for making a jumper account is to come on a new server stronger than other players. Try to get 200k power before you jump. Most of the pay to win alliance on the new server will have the application of 200k power to join.

Will i lose my progress after jumping?

Event progress will be saved so you can not get rewards two times.
You will not lose your items. All items will be carried over with you on the new server. Tribal Village and Mysterious Cave progress will not be restarted. That means that you will not be able to explore two times the same caves and tribal villages.

When will new the kingdom be opened ?

There is no schedule of how are kingdoms opened in the Rise Of Kingdoms. The best way to check for new kingdoms is to go to kingdoms list every few hours. With this method, you will not miss a new kingdom. Checking for new is best to do 3 days before your Beginners Teleport expires.

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