Rise Of Kingdoms Osiris League Betting Guide 2023

Rise Of Kingdoms League Bets (1)

League betting is a new fun system in Rise Of kingdoms where you can bet coins on a team that you think will win the match. Coins can be obtained with quests and with betting. Coins can be spent in the shop.

League Bets

League Bets is a place where you can spend your coins on an alliance’s battle in Ark of Osiris and If you lose a bet you will receive 50% of coins back. 

My advice is that you bet on the alliance that haves fewer bets on them. With this method, you will have a chance to earn some big coins, and you will be able to buy whole League Bets Shop.

Betting on the alliance that haves a lot of bets on them is not so good. You will receive a small number of coins and it is not worth it.

You can’t know for sure what alliance will win so it is better to risk to win a lot of coins.

League Bets Shop- The first thing that you want to buy is Legendary commander sculptures and action points. After them, you can go with blueprints

Eye For Talent

This is where you will use Marks of the Champion on the alliance that you think will win League. If the alliance that you picked didn’t win first place then all Marks of the Champion will be refunded. Do not be scare to use them you will get them back. 

Eye For Talent Shop- First buy legendary commander sculptures then spend all on materials for gear.

Allure Of Gold

Rise Of Kingdoms Allure Of Gold

Allure Of Gold is a place where you can earn coins and Marks of the Champion with completing quests. Quests are not hard to do.

We have 2 types of quests:

  • Daily quests – each day at 0000 UTC quests will be restarted
  • Weekly quests- Restarts every Monday

Marks of the Champion can be also obtained with bundle called Mark of Champion.

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