Greece Civilization Guide and Tips

Greece Civilization Guide and Tips

Greece is a Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms that is designed for players who are using infantry troops to rally objectives and structures. So if you are a player who is rallying objectives and structures, you should switch to Greece’s civilization.

Greece’s Civilization Stats

Greece's Civilization Stats

If you take Greece’s civilization in Rise Of Kingdoms, you will get three different bonuses. Bonuses that you will get are a 5% increase in infantry health, a 5% rally army damage bonus, and a 10% stone gathering bonus.

The 5% increase in health is extremely beneficial to infantry troops. This is the best stat for them, and an increase in health is good when you are rallying, which is nice.

The 5% rallied army damage bonus is what makes this civilization excellent for players who are rallying a lot with infantry units. The downside is that this 5% bonus does not work when you are fighting without rallying. So do not switch to Greece if you are a player who doesn’t rally a lot. There are better civilizations for field fighting. 

The last bonus that you will get is 10% stone speed gathering. This is completely useless because most players have huge amounts of stone accumulated simply because training and healing troops do not cost too much stone.

Greece special units

In Rise Of Kingdoms, the Greek special units, the Elite Argyraspides are decent. They are equipped with a nice amount of stats in attack and defense, but they are not groundbreaking enough that they will make you pick the Greek civilization.

Should you change your civilization to Egypt?

Greece is a great civilization if Rise Of Kingdoms but it is not worth switching to for a few reasons. First, Greece is designed for rallying objectives and structures with infantry units, but the majority of players especially those who are free to play, do not do that. The second thing is that 10% stone gathering is completely useless and special units are not that great.

Overall do not switch to Greece if you do not plan to rally objectives and structures.

If you are a new player you definitely should not pick Greece at the start. There are much better civilizations that will help you with your progression and research. Only use Greece if you love the art style and models.

Greece Commander

Greece Commander

Pericles and Pyrrhus are the new Greek commanders. Pericles is an epic infantry commander that you should get and max out if you are a new player. He will help you defend your city in the early stages. If you are an old player, you can make him out, but most likely you will never use him.

Pyrrhus is a great commander only because he can be obtained from gold keys. We do not recommend you spend your legendary commander sculptures on him. It is not worth it. Pair him with Charles Martel if you want to have a tanky set of troops.

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