What Are Zones In Rise Of Kingdoms?

Rise Of Kingdoms Zones Guide

There are three different zones on Rise Of Kingdoms map. Players are calling them zone 1, 2, 3. Each zone has different levels of forts, barbarians and resource points. Also in each zone, you can find different altars and shrines.

Every kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms has 6 x zones 1, 3 x zones 2 and 1 x zone 3.

Some kingdoms have different positions of zone borders but they still have the same amount of zones.

Zone 1

Zone 1 is a starting zone for new players. Its located at end of Rise Of Kingdoms map. Zone 1 is ideal for new players who do not have good technology and commanders to destroy high level barbarians and barbarians forts. 

Zone 1 is big so you will not have problems with finding resource points.

You do not need to have gates occupied to be able to scout and explore caves and villages.

Zone 1 is also great for the new alliance because you will be able to capture altars and shrines with no problems.

My advice is to stay in zone 1 till you get enough power and good commanders to destroy barbarians in the next zone.

To enter zone 2 you will need to be in an alliance that holds pass level 2 or if your alliance already has territory in zone 2 you can simply teleport on alliance territory.

Zone 2 and zone 3

Zone 2 and 3 will have much better resource points, higher level barbarians and altars and shrines. Zone 3 is the middle of the map where The Lost Temple is located. The leader of an alliance that owns The Lost Temple will be king of your kingdom.  

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