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Rise Of Kingdoms Runes Guide

Runes in Rise of Kingdoms are a great way to get boost. There is a rune for almost everything. If you are not using runes before upgrading or going to fight you are missing so much. Runes in your kingdoms map and in KVK map are different

Runes are very important if you are planning to grow faster and get your tier 5 units faster. But you must know how to use them, when, how to find them, etc.

List Of All Runes In Rise Of Kingdom:

  • Wood Gathering Speed
  • Building Speed
  • Research Speed
  • Defense Bonus
  • Stone Gathering Speed
  • Gold Gathering Speed
  • Gathering Speed
  • Action Point Recovery Rate
  • Attack Bonus
  • Food Gathering Speed
  • Health Bonus
  • March Speed

In Rise Of kingdoms there are 5 different tiers of runes that will give you a different amount of boost:

  • White 3% Buff
  • Green 7% Buff
  • Blue 10% Buff
  • Purple 15% Buff
  • Orange 20% Buff

Where to find Runes

All runes will be near holy sites. To get them you must kill guardians that are protecting that holy site. Now there is a different tier of holy sites. 

Best runes are in the middle of map near lost temple. But that does not mean that you can not find good runes zone 2. In zone 2 you can also find good runes. The worst runes are in zone 1 ( end of a map ) 

But my advice is to go and kill guardians in every zone, you will get a nice amount of experience and they have a chance for blueprints. Usually, your kingdom will set time for killing guardians near lost temple so ask them at what time they will kill them.

If you are on an active kingdom most of the guardians will be killed as soon they spawn so you can zoom out and look on the map for a rune that you need. Start looking from the middle of map. 

If you are do not have access to that rune just see who owns pass and join that alliance to get that rune.

On the KVK map, you will have no problems in finding rune. Almost all runes are top tier with max boost.

How to use Runes

Rise Of Kingdoms runes in the middle of kingdom.

If guardians are not killed then send commander that you want to upgrade to get that nice experience from guardians.

To get runes, use cavalry commander with a lot of mobility like Lancelot, Cao Cao, and Belisarius with tier 1 troops because they are fast.

You must know how, when, and how to use rune. There are so many different types of runes. 

You will have runes that will give you a boost in building and research. Get those runes before you start researching. They will work only when you are starting to build or research. 

If you are going to get research or building rune you can use option to hold the position of troops after gathering rune. Why? Because after you are done with research or building rune you can get different rune fast. 

If you do not need research or building rune you can find action points recovery rune or gathering rune. 

If you are going to farm barbarians use experience rune. Especially if you are a new player it will boost your time to upgrade commander. 

If you are going to war or kill barbarians get damage or defense rune. 

You have also healing rune so if your hospital is full it would be nice to get healing rune to reduce your time to heal troops. 

On the KVK map, you will have a lot of runes and some are different from runes on your kingdom map. My advice is to get action points recovery rune so you can kill more barbarians so you will be able to get more honor points. Also do not forget to use ROK Redeem Codes that can help you a lot with your progress.

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