How to get speedups in Rise Of Kingdoms 2023


Have you ever wondered how to get more Speed-ups in Rise of Kingdoms? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer, because here we will sum up every single possible way you can get more Speed-ups in Rise of Kingdoms 2023! 

There are so many different ways you can get speed-ups in Rise of Kingdoms. There are in-game stores, in-game activities, action point spending, events that do not require action points, gems, money you can spend. There are even things you could do that have the same effect as Speed-ups! The possibilities are endless. 

We will deconstruct all of these different categories and do things that will help you get more speed-ups and train more troops in Rise of Kingdoms. This will make it so much more entertaining when playing and give you a substantial edge over all the other players. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Speedups from In-game stores

The first category we are going to talk about is in-game stores. There are so many in-game stores that you might not have even heard of! In order to get the most out of these stores, you must first know a little bit more about each one.

Mysterious Merchant

The first one is the Mysterious Merchant or courier station. She makes her appearance quite periodically. You can trade either resources that you have or gems for speed-ups. We recommend that you trade resources for speed-ups to the Mysterious Merchant because it is much smarter than trading your precious gems.

Those gems are better spent elsewhere. The Mysterious Merchant usually travels around the entire kingdom. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry. She returns to the city quite frequently. In fact, building, training troops, and defeating barbarians generally encourage her to come back even sooner. You know what they say; the sooner, the better. 

You can even spend currency in an in-game store to get speed-ups in the expedition metal store. So periodically, you will see speed ups do make their presence here, and it is always a good idea to load up on them whenever you do see them at the expedition metal store. 

VIP Shop

VIP Shop

If you have some gems to spare, there is one place where you can get loads and loads of speed-ups. However, you could still use resources. It’s all a matter of what works best for you and will help you to enhance your game. You can gain a large amount of speed-ups in the VIP shop, and it is much more likely that you will find speed-ups here because they restock themselves every single week!

Even if you are currently on the lowest tier of the VIP, you can still spend your resources to get speed-ups, and you definitely should do that every single week at every chance you get. Maybe you could save up your gems and your resources to spend them on speed-ups. This will really up your game, especially if you are on the lowest tier of the VIP; it will definitely give you a chance to boost yourself to a higher level.

It would be best if you also stocked up on action points because you will definitely need them in order to convert them into speed-ups later on. Now, let’s discuss what you can do if you do have gems to spare when you are at the VIP store. The eight-hour and twenty-four-hour speed-ups are a pretty solid value if you are spending gems in the VIP store. So if you are, it would be a great idea to spend them wisely.

Mysterious merchant

Expedition Store

The expedition is also something that we recommend you push as far as you can as frequently as possible to make your journey to your own expedition. You could also get a small amount of speed-ups from claiming these every day. The currency you get will ultimately be used in the expedition store, and you will definitely get some speed-ups there.

Alliance shop

Alliance Shop

The alliance shop is another shop in Rise of Kingdoms where you can spend your alliance currency to get three-hour speed-ups or lower increments. Our recommendation to you is that you should definitely stock up on the higher increments of speed-ups.

We suggest that you don’t actually spend any individual credits on speed-ups because it would be much more prudent if you use them for civilization changes and teleports. However, if you actually do have plenty of those and don’t even plan on swapping civilizations, you could get speed-ups from the Alliance shop, or you could get them from the VIP store if you really do want them, and those are great for your collection.

Speedups from In-game activities

Playing in-game activities is another easy way for you to get speed-ups. There are so many activities you could play that would leave you loaded with speed-ups. First and foremost is obviously the daily quest line. The daily quest line contains speed-ups, but it also has a golden key which can give you even more speed-ups.

There are even action points you could uncover from here, which you can definitely convert into speed-ups and conveniently also get your daily quest done and dusted, but with an additional reward! There are so many ways to up your game that you could not even possibly have thought about. 

Daily quest line

Daily quest line has speedups as well as a gold key that can grant you even more speedups. There are some action points that you will later convert to speedups. In addition, if you complete the daily quest line, you will receive 100 gems to spend as you see fit.

ROK Redeem Codes

Redeem codes in ROK are one of the great ways to get free speedup and other rewards. All you have to do is claim them using rok codes.

Peerless scholar

There’s another thing that people don’t give nearly enough emphasis on, and that is the Peerless scholar . For this, you could do this quiz event every single day and attain your speed ups. While some find the concept of an examination or a quiz a lot more intimidating, and given the fact that you only get a small amount of speed-ups for doing it, they don’t realize that it also depends on how you perform. And one thing we can never forget is that practice makes perfect. Eventually, you will see that it will be worth it.

Sunset Canyon

Another game mode where you could go and pick up speed-ups is Sunset Canyon . But, again, you should ensure that you use your attempts every single day; so even in the situation that you lose, you’re going to get speed-ups that are season-related awards, and these awards will become a lot easier to obtain now that the tiers will be a little bit wider in the upcoming patch so that also will help and make it even more important to at least show up in this game mode and use up the attempts that you have.

Lucerne Scroll

It is also possible for you to get speed-ups in the game with the Lucerne Scroll. Even at the free-to-play tier of this event, there are some speed-ups available. You definitely should do your daily activities and claim your rewards in the daily gift card and then and also do a few of these challenges to get the free speed-ups.

Kingdom gifts

The kingdom gifts can contain speed ups and the king can distribute these gifts every time the lost kingdom cycles for contention. You can hence, get a small amount of speed-ups by doing Barbarian Camps and Keeps. It would be best if you did this every two or three days because in that case you can have a very high chance of attaining materials as well. You will also get blueprints that you’re going to bed to use to craft equipment. You can also use your keys to get a very small amount of speed-ups.

Barbarian camps and keeps

There are a few speedups running around doing barbarian camps and keeps. The camps are yellow, and the keeps are red. To find barbarian keeps, zoom out and look for an exclamation point whether they’re attackable.

The key is to do it every three days because you have a very good chance of receiving materials and speedups. When it comes to barbarians camps they are a little harder to find active because a lot of people are doing them.

You’ll have a difficult time finding them, especially if you’re in a busy kingdom.

Gold and Silver keys

Gold and silver keys are a great way to get speedups, but you will usually get trash items because the drop chance is low. Furthermore, you will usually receive research and building speedups that you will not require once you have all buildings and research at the maximum level.

Gold keys, on the other hand, are an excellent way to obtain legendary commander sculptures.

Rise Of Kingdoms Action Points items

Action point

You could also use Action point to get speed-ups. Some things happen periodically, and some that happen rarely. One thing is barbarian and barbarian forts. There is a small chance to get speed-ups every time you take down a barbarian, especially when you’re in kingdom vs. kingdoms. Barbarians are better to fight than barbarian forts because you might get some books of the covenant. The gems that you get with the barbarians you can use in a lot of places to leverage for value.

Farm barbarians and barbarians forts

Farm barbarians and barbarians forts with action points if you need books of covenant to upgrade your castle, but when you get to the lost kingdom, just farm barbarians. You will receive a large number of gems and speedups.

One of the best times to destroy barbarians is during supply events for gathering commander sculptures or Lohar’s trial because you will have a chance to receive additional value and rewards from them.

Farm Marauders

If you’re wondering how to get speedups in Rise Of Kingdoms, there’s one event where you should spend the majority of your action points. The event is known as the crusade’s eve. This event will take place one week before KVK opens.

You will eliminate as many Marauders as possible.

WHY? Because they will drop speedups and gems, as well as pages that you can combine to get kingdom supply chests. You’ll find an insane amount of speedups, gems, and individual credits in that kingdom supply chest.

If you want to get fast tier 5 units, this is a great event to participate because you will be able to get universal speedups and gems to spend on castle upgrades. However, keep in mind that you want to save a few action points for KVK in order to receive all honor rewards.


if you have a great group, you will be able to easily complete this event. After defeating the bosses, you will be rewarded with Ceroli currency, which you can spend in the shop. If you don’t need gear, potions, or Keira sculptures, you spend that currency on speedups.

Other events include more than gems, the wheel of fortune, and so on. The majority of them are for pay-to-win players, and you must spend your gems on them to receive rewards.

Then there are events that will give you free speedups without requiring you to spend gems. All you have to do is stay active and complete quests. Particularly during KVK.

Spending money

Spending money is a difficult one because most people, including myself, do not have extra cash to spend on mobile games. However, this is one of the most effective methods for obtaining speedups.

As a result, people who spend money have a significant advantage over those who play for There are even ways you can spend money to get speed-ups, but even that is limited. But you can only get a hundred and twenty days of speed-ups even if you maximize your purchase. There are better things that you can buy, like the treasure of the king at the three-dollar tier. You can get the seven day speed up supply but it is fairly low-value, so it’s not the best idea.

If you want to spend money on any of these then you should wait for a recharge event. The fifty-day gem supply is a comparatively good idea if you wanted a really high-value way to get gems to use for speed-ups.

Monument Events

Another way you can get speed ups is in the Monument that is in your city. There are certain events that take place on the way to unlocking and defeating the lost temple. In kingdom vs kingdom there are honor gains, there’s lost kingdom chronicles and so much more.

Whale alliance

If a member of your alliance purchases in-game items, your alliance will receive a gift chest that you can open. They may contain a significant rewards and speedups. All you have to do is be lucky with them. 

At the end of the day, speedups are not the most important thing in the game. Just find a great team and be active. In the end, speedups aren’t the most important aspect of the game. Just find a great team and be active.

You will eventually get your tier 5 units and extra speedups for training and fighting, but you should concentrate on your commander.

Commanders are crucial in the endgame of ROK. Most people will have tier 5 units or close to them, and commanders and gear will make a difference on the battlefield.

So, shift your focus to obtaining as many legendary commanders as possible and obtain your VIPs 10, 12, and 14 that will provide you with legendary commanders on a daily basis. 

Alternatives to Speed ups

The last category of speed-ups is things that aren’t speed-ups but act like them. There are some things that give you buffs, and there are also some things that reduce the time that it takes to do other things. If you are training, building or researching there are holy sites that can really aid with. This is so that you don’t have to use and waste as many speed ups, just being in an alliance that has all of these gives you that added benefit.

Similarly there is alliance technology that will help you with city aid with research and construction, ie, building speed and research speed. You could alternately travel around the map and get a runes drop from holy site guardians such as the lost temple guardians, where you’ll find the best runes in the kingdom.  

You could get some buffs with City Skins, which will give you 3% training speed. There are also civilizations. Make sure you are careful of which civilization to use in which part of the game.

Your alliance center is so important because it controls the number of times you are helped and if there is a reduction time remaining then. Then there is a one per cent increase or speed reduction that you get every time someone else decides to help you out. If you are using speed ups, make sure that you check that you have been helped the maximum amount of times.


Everything that we have discussed should get you a large number of speed ups and hence will get you on your way to a fast paced game that will help you reach a higher level in your Rise of Kingdoms. We discussed all the different ways you can get speed ups. There are in-game stores, in-game activities, action point spending, events that do not require action points, gems, money you can spend.

There are even things you could do that have the same effect as Speed-ups! There are just so many possibilities, the only limitation is yourself and your imagination! We hope this helped you understand all the different techniques to get speed ups in Rise of Kingdoms and that you will use them to play a game unlike any other!

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