Best Archer Commanders in ROK Guide

Rise of Kingdoms allows you to choose from a wide variety of Archer commanders, who are known for their extremely powerful nuking abilities. They have the ability to inflict a lot of damage and have an unrivaled skill in causing destruction, which will undoubtedly cause the opponent to suffer extremely significant losses in their base. As a result, it doesn’t really matter how it’s used; archery commanders are extremely dependable and will never fail to surprise you!

Surprisingly, a large percentage of archery commanders are extremely helpful. It’s difficult to decide which commander of archery to choose because they all have interesting pros and cons and amazing skill sets individually and collectively. Have you been experiencing the same issues? Don’t know who to choose as your commander?

You’ve arrived at the right place. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions as well as detailed lists of the pros and cons of each commander so that you can make an informed decision.

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most effective archery commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. We will also assist you in selecting your commander based on your specific needs, which will improve your gameplay even more!

You’ll also learn how to pair the Archer Commanders in your game in your own unique way! So, what are we going to do now? Let’s get started right away.

Woodstock’s Edward

The archer Commander, Edward of Woodstock, is easily one of the game’s greatest and most powerful commanders, particularly when it comes to nuclear firepower in Rise of Kingdoms. He is also regarded as one of the few archer commanders in Rise of Kingdoms capable of dealing significant damage.

With his active skills, he can deal a whopping two thousand damage factors to a single target. The only disadvantage is that this may be why he requires an extremely high range of rage generation to truly reveal the active skill. Apart from being an outstanding nuclear commander of archery due to his archer skills and buffs, he is a remarkable nuking commander against one specific objective and target.

These buffs grant him permission to increase his damage skill by nearly 25%! This is significant because it increased his archer’s health unit and marching velocity, thereby increasing the archer’s troop nuclear power damage and damage sustainability.

Because of these powerful continuations of power, he is a very formidable nuclear power opponent against a single target. As a result, he is a formidable contender for the title of the best archer. You will use Edward of Woodstock’s talent tree just because it is optimal for his role and skills.

Yi Seong Gye

Yi Seong Gye

Yi Seong Gye is without a doubt Edward of Woodstock’s main rival. He was previously regarded as the best commander for archery in Rise of Kingdoms. However, after the introduction of Edward of Woodstock, he lost his title as Edward of Woodstock, and Tomyris is now considered to be much stronger and more agile than YI-Seong Gye

. Holding him as a master archer in Rise of Kingdoms may be a little more difficult now, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still the most formidable and powerful commander in the game. Why is Yi-Seong Gye regarded as the most powerful Archer Commander in Rise of Kingdoms? It could be because Edward of Woodstock has certain undeniable advantages that propel him to the front of the pack.

It’s obvious because he’s extremely powerful AOE Nuclear power abilities put him a little behind in the rat race. Despite the fact that he is capable of unleashing extremely powerful burst damage that can reach up to five different targets of enemies.

Undoubtedly suffer massive losses as a result of his power. Even marchers who are standing within range suffer intensely from the nuking power skills.

Furthermore, being near Yi-Seong Gye while he is building a fortified structure is a terrible idea because you will almost certainly lose the lives of your own troops.  Yi Seong Gye also has incredible skill levels and a fortified structure as a result of his buffs and rage restoring ability, which allows him to be much stronger despite being a nuking commander  He is not the best archer, but he is unquestionably the most powerful in AOE nuclear power. If you are suing Yi Seong Gye for garrison or PVP you can use the Yi Seong Gye talent tree because it haves garrison and rage generation bonuses.



Tomyris is another master Archer commander vying for this title against Edward of Woodstock. In comparison to all of her male competitors, she is extremely powerful.   She possesses extremely powerful poisoning abilities. She, unlike Yi- Seong Gye and Edward of Woodstock, cannot deal massive damage to a single target. I

nstead, she can deal a lot of damage with the poison stacks she has. The more poison stocks she uses on her opponent, the greater her damage to her opponents. Knowing this, her attack abilities can spam, which is not ideal. One can try to maximize their hold on her active skill; however, in terms of increasing poison stacks of the affected enemy, she may not be as effective as the other nuclear power commanders.

She can, however, deal with extremely intense burst damage in the same way that epic nuking commanders do. She has extremely powerful buffs that significantly increase her troop’s fighting damage, thereby significantly increasing the nuking power damage she deals with. This is one of the main reasons she is a fantastic and powerful contender for the title of top archer.

El Cid

el cid

El Cid may have the lowest nuclear power damage of any legendary commander of archery. If one feels the need to boost his power damage with active skills, he will still be no match for any of these archer commanders.

He is, however, the only archer commander who can compete for a match in order to disable his opponent’s active skills and normal attacks. He also has a long list of archery buffs, which makes the master troops even more significant and powerful. His ability to disable is what distinguishes him, so don’t be too quiet to pass judgment.

It’s a great idea if you suspect you’ll be attacked soon and don’t know what to do. As a result, El Cid is probably the best choice for the archer commander when you need to focus on defense rather than offense.

The top Archer Commander in the epic tier

Because there is too much technical difficulty in receiving and using all of the legendary archer commanders, players may need to put all of their hope in epic commanders because you can’t rely on one thing one hundred percent of the time

. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket, you understand? However, this isn’t causing concern because there are extremely powerful and strong archer commanders in the epic tier as well.


Hermann is most likely the best archer commander who is also an epic commander. In comparison to the other archer commander epics, Hermann has the highest damage factor level. In addition to this, he has an added bonus. His active skill can also produce silence! What person wouldn’t want that? Excited? Yes, I thought so. Let’s see where this goes from here! If Hermann’s expertise can be put to use, his active skill may be more important than the active skills of the other commanders mentioned. Hermann Talent tree is great so you can use him as a primary commander with a lot of other commanders.

The best archer commander pairings in Rise of Kingdoms

It’s finally time to discuss what everyone has been waiting for! We’ll now go over which archer commanders are ideal for teamwork. This is a difficult decision to make because it sets the tone for the rest of your game. Nonetheless, you should not be concerned.

Here we will show you how to combine two different archer commanders with completely different skillsets and backgrounds to form the perfect team that will ensure you win the entire game, whether you play for free or as a paying member of this game! Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Tomyris and Edward

Edward of Woodstock and Tomyris may be contenders for the best master archer commanders in the rise of kingdoms, but when you join their forces, you might just witness a pairing you’ll never forget. 

They may be the best team to attack a single enemy target. With Edward of Woodstock as the primary and Tomyris as the secondary, taking the extra time and effort to use her active skill will increase the enemy’s poison stacks. The combination of these abilities will result in synergy between the two commanders.

With this combination, you will quickly understand why this pairing is thought to be a good fit for you if you are interested in single target nuking.

Yi Seong Gi and Edward

Yi Seong Gi and Edward are the second and third characters in Yi Seong Gi’s story.
Both of these commanders will make a formidable pair and will intimidate your opponents. This is due to the fact that this is an excellent pair for dealing with high damage nuking abilities. They deal an insane amount of damage and will be extremely useful in your game. This pair works best when Edward is the primary commander and Yi Seong Gi is the secondary commander.


Finally, archer commanders are extremely powerful in the game, and you should keep all of this in mind so that you can select the archer commander who most appeals to you and will add the most value to your game. We hope you find this guide useful in making your decision and get free items with Rise Of Kingdoms gift codes! Guide Created By Daedrix. 

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