Attacking Cities And Flags Guide

Rise Of Kingdoms Attacking Cities And Flags Guide

Attacking cities, flags and alliance forts is one of a great game mechanic in Rise Of Kingdoms. When you are attacking cities, flags and alliance forts some of your troops will die and some will go to the hospital. There is a lot of different commanders for attacking.

Attacking cities, flags and alliance forts in Rise of Kingdoms can be done by rally and by solo attacking. Problem with attacking building is that you will lose a lot of troops.

Training troops is hard in Rise Of kingdoms especially if you are a new player so avoid any attacking building because you need troops for destroying barbarians and gathering .

Attacking Cities

Attacking cities can be done with solo troops (swarming) and with a rally. With attacking the city you must be careful and use the right commanders

Attacking cities can be risky and you could lose a lot of troops. Before you decide to attack the city you must know a few things. First, you must scout the city to see what commanders are defending, how much troops does each city have and then with scout report you can decide is it worth attacking the city. 

There are items that can be used to block scouts and that will show double troops in the city.

Every city has garrison commanders that players can choose. If he has bad commanders on the wall then you have a higher chance to succeed in the attack.

After you checked commanders and troop count you must know that every city has watchtower and wall. If a player has high level of watchtower and wall it will be harder to destroy them. 

When you attack a player city and you destroy it one time his city will start burning and the durability of watchtower and wall will go down drastically. When city wall durability drops on 0%, the city will be randomly teleported on map. If you stop attacking, city will stop burning after some time. 

But do not worry, you will have a lot of time to attack and loot the city before durability drops on 0. 

Attacking cities with solo troops- Avoid this as much you can. It is not worth it. If a city is the same power as you or stronger you will get destroyed and you will lose so many troops in a short amount of time. 

Attack solo only if you found a small city with a lot of resources, for big cities you must attack it with a rally. 

Attacking cities with a rally- This is the only method that is worth it. You will be able to destroy city very fast. Do not start rally if you do not have great rally commanders, it is better to ask a strong player in your alliance to start it.

If you have a castle on the max level and technology you rally can have 2.5M of troops. Now compare 2,5M troops against your solo troops. With a big rally, you will be able to do an insane amount of damage in a short period of time. 

Best troops for attacking cities are siege. Siege units are great against watchtower. But the biggest reason why you will use siege units is that you do not want your archers, cavalry and infantry troops dead and you will never use siege troops for field battles.

If you are a new player avoid attacking cities as much you can, it is not worth it of your troops. Only Attack players who have an insane amount of resources in the city. If you decide to attack cities of other players you should definitely use the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms and that is Arabia.

Attacking alliance flags and fortresses

You will be able to attack alliance flags and fortresses only if your alliance is connected with the territory with an enemy alliance. Alliance forts and flags also can have main defending commanders. 

If they leave buildings new defending commanders will be chosen automatically. You must be careful with this especially while your alliance flags and forts are under attack. Alliance leader and R4 officer with title can change defending commanders. 

If you succeed in rally or solo attack, flag or fortress will start burning. 

R4 officers can extinguish fires with alliance coins or with gems. Keep on mind that flags and forts will automatically stop burning after some time so you will need to attack it again. 

Alliance fortress has much more durability when you compare it to flags so alliance flags can be destroyed much faster. 

You must also keep on mind that when you are attacking alliance fortresses all your troops will die and for attacking flags only a portion of your troops will die. 

Do not attack solo flags and forts if they are full of troops. That is how you will lose troops very fast. If you see AOE commanders like Yi Seong Gyee defending move your solo troops away. His AOE damage will kill your troops if they are close to building or attacking rally. That is how most players lose so many troops without noticing.

 My advice to you is to keep a distance away. You never know when the enemy can change normal commanders to AOE commanders. 

 If you are not sure what commanders are strong for defending and attacking flags, cities and fortress you can check our commander tier list.

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