How to get and spend Action Points Guide

Rise Of Kingdoms Action Points Guide

Action points are the energy that you can use on various tasks and completing tasks you will be rewarded with gems, speedups, resources,etc. You can use them for destroying barbarian forts and barbarians, you can use them on an event like Karuak Ceremony, Eve of the Crusade event, etc. 

How to get more action points

Because you will use action points in Rise Of Kingdoms every day you need to know how to get them as much you can. Problem is that you can not farm it like food or wood. You can get them with buying and with action points recovery.

Buying Action Points

getting action points in rise of kingdoms with vip shop

In the early days of Rise Of Kingdoms you could buy daily special offers and you would receive with chest some action points but they removed that. 

Now the only way to buy action points is in the Vip shop. But their number is limited and you can buy 30 of 100 action points per week. The shop will be restarted every Monday. 

There is one more way and that is with gems. You will be able to buy it with gems only if you do not have any action points left. But I would not recommend that because it will cost you so much and you can invest that gems in legendary commanders or on speedups to get your Tier 5 units faster. 

Action Points Recovery

Rise of kingdoms action points recovery

Now, this is a very important part if you want to increase action points recovery. You can do it with many things and we will cover it all. 

  1. VIP Level– Vip is a great way to get your action points recovery up. Not only you will get more recovery but other buffs will help you a lot. So work on your VIP. 
  2. Holy Sites- Usually most powerful alliances have that holy sites so try to join them. Shrine of Radiance can you give you 20% more action points recovery.
  3. Runes – Every day when you enter the game try to find rune that will give you up to 15% of action points recovery. 

Best way to get more action points

action points Rise Of Kingdoms

The best way to get action points in Rise Of Kingdoms is by joining a very active alliance with 100 members who are doing forts every day. Spending free rok action points that you produce on forts will fill up your alliance with chest from forts. In that chests, you have a chance to get 50 action points. So you can save them and when one of the big events comes you can use them.

Some events will give you action points as part of the reward.

Spending Action points for event rewards

Now spend your daily action points that you produce but save your action points for events. Karuak Ceremony is an event where you will spend some extra rok action points but where you need to go all-in is during Eve of the Crusade event. This event is before KVK event. 

With Eve of the Crusade event, you will receive an insane amount of rewards that will boost your process of getting tier 5 and you will earn a good amount of individual credits. Go all-in on this event if you are not planning to compete in KVK honor for the top 20 spots. 

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