Card King Event Guide And Schedule

Card King Event Guide And Schedule

Card King Event is a fantastic event in Rise of Kingdoms where you can spend your gems. Card King is an event where you can try to get commanders that you don’t already have or specific commander sculptures. Typically, if you’re lucky, each sculpture will cost you around 600 gems.

How Does the Card King Event Work?

Card King is a simple event in which you must flip two cards with the same value. The goal of card king is to find a specific commander sculpture or a universal legendary commander sculpture.

In the card king event, you can choose which commander you want to have, and when you do, only that commander sculptures will appear on cards.

You can restart the card king ten times, so be cautious and plan ahead of time.

The first two cards you can flip are free, and the remaining cards cost 300 gems to flip. If you flip a card and it does not match another card, you will not have to spend 300 gems to flip the same card again. It will be for free.

It costs 3000 gems to flip all of them, and with 10 chances, you can spend 30k gems easy, but it is not worth it. In Card King, your main goal is to flip cards with legendary sculptures.

The first thing you should remember is that there are better events where you can spend your gems, such as Wheel Of Fortune. You will only use the card king event to obtain commanders that you do not already have, or you have extra gems that you can spend. Do not forget to use all of your free attempts.

When you restart Card King, You get two free flips  and, if you’re lucky, some free commander sculptures.

When it comes to spending gems on this event, you should be cautious and try to flip only cards with legendary commander sculptures.

Lyceum of Wisdom is One way to get gems so you can get more free commanders from Card King so we prepared for you Rise of Kingdoms Peerless Scholar Answers that will help you to get all questions right.

Schedule for Card King in ROK

Unfortunately, there is no schedule to follow in order to know when the card king event will be available in ROK. The only option is to check the Event Calendar, where it should appear three days before it goes live.

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