Anniversary events Guide

Anniversary events

Anniversary events in Rise Of Kingdoms are a celebration of the 3 years Anniversary of ROK. There are a lot of small events on this new Anniversary that we have to cover so let’s get started. 

Ways to get galley models 

Ways to get galley models 

The journey begins with a set sail bundle- If you are small or big, you will be interested in this bundle especially when the recharge rewards event is live at the same time. 

This bundle is great. It offers universal speedups that you can use on everything, Resources choose chest. The most important thing that you will get from this bundle is the galley and anchor model that you can exchange for great items. 

Map collection- basically gather resources on the map. If you do not know how to boost your gathering you can always check our farming guide. 

Destroy barbarian- great way to obtain galley models but only if there is another event that requires you to destroy barbarians. If there isn’t, just save your action points and spend your free action points. 

City collection- Basically collect resources from your city. Do collection every few hours to get max galley models. 

Sharp eyes and quick hands -this is a great place to get galley models and anchors. You will complete puzzles every day and get the highest possible score so you can obtain the maximum amount of them. To get puzzles you will have to help your alliance, destroy barbarians’ forts and purchase items from the courier station. 

Anniversary festival small event- there are a lot of small events that you have to do like daily login, training troops. All of them will give you rewards and you will receive a few galley and anchor models. 

Anniversary shop

Anniversary shop

Anniversary shop is a place where you will exchange your galley and anchor model for great rewards. 

Anniversary shop

Item Anchor Galley Model Quantity
3H speedups2225
LVL 4 Resource1130
LVL 7 Tome of Knowledge 2120
Permanent city skin 2001001
7 days city skin 5001
City cosmetic 10001
Legendary commander sculptures252030
Gold star 01030
Blueprint for accessory 80801
Epic material choice chest 41010
Gold key 20020
30 min speedup 01no limit
LVL1 resources 10no limit

City skin- You will get 5% infantry health and you will lose 5% archer health. It is a great skin for infantry players that are using skill damage commanders and commanders that will be defending objectives. 

To the star- it is simply cosmetic that you can use in your city, it does not give you any stat but there if you are collecting achievements you can get it. 

Golden head- well they are a little bit expensive but if you are trying to max your legendary commander this is what you should get 100%. 

Blueprint choice chest accessory – well sometimes it is hard to obtain gear accessory items so if you are missing it in your gear collection go for it. 

Equipment choice chest- this is a great pick but if you are free to play player you will not have any galley and anchor model to get this. But if you are left with some extra galley and anchor model you should get this 100%

Zenith of Power

Zenith of Power

The new Zenith of Power event is great and it contains great rewards that you have to try to win especially if you are an infantry player. It will be hard to get in the top 10, almost impossible without spending to obtain city kin that will give you 10% infantry health. Also, not only whales from your kingdoms will compete but there are 7 more kingdoms that will share the leaderboard. But try to get rewards that are not for 100 top players. 

Zenith of Power Rewards
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