Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin Guide

Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin is a minor event in Rise Of Kingdoms that allows you to save money on building, training, research, and other rewards. This event is ideal for new players who want to accelerate their progress toward tier 5 units. The Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin event will last 5 days.

Lucky Stall

Rise of Kingdoms Lucky Stall

You can choose where to apply cost-cutting measures. It could be building, research, or training.

During the event period, these reductions can cover Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold, but only up to a certain amount per resource; that is, the reduction is capped.

The first wish is completely free. Other wishes will be charged one Lucky Coin. The Lucky Spinevent can be used to obtain Lucky Coins.

You can choose to replace your current reduction bonus with the new one after you’ve made a new reduction.

If you cancel upgrades and training during the event, you will receive a full refund of all resources. However, the canceled upgrades and training continue to count against your reduction cap.

All Lucky Coins will be removed at the end of the event, so make use of them as soon as possible.

The maximum reduction in resources is 50 million food, 50 million wood, 37.5 million stone, and 20 million gold.

_Lucky Stall Reduction Rise Of Kingdoms

Lucky Spin 

Lucky Spin is a location where you can destroy barbarians, barbarian forts, and use speedups to obtain rewards such as equipment material, speedups, and so on. Also, Lucky Spin is a location where you can obtain your Lucky Coin, which is used to reduce your resources in Lucky Stall.

Lucky Spin Rewards 1
Lucky Spin Rewards 2
Lucky Spin Rewards 3
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