Rise Of Kingdoms Watchtower

Rise Of Kingdoms Watchtower

“The primary function of a watchtower is to provide a high, safe location from which a sentinel can observe the surrounding area.” It is sometimes used as part of a communication system. Fortifications such as Hadrian’s Wall in Britain and ancient China’s beacon towers are well-known examples”

The Watchtower in Rise Of Kingdoms is an excellent defense structure that will allow you to deal more damage to the enemy.

ROK Watchtower haves Health. The health of watchtower is not great so if your city gets attacked by max rally your watchtower will be destroyed very fast.

To upgrade watchtower you will need a lot of Arrows of Resistance. 

Arrows of Resistance you can get by farming barbarians, Lohar event and by spending gems.

I would not recommend you to spend gems on arrows of resistance. 

How to spend gems in Rise Of Kingdoms you can see in our guide about spending gems

Upgrading Watchtower to level 25 is needed to unlock Tier 5 Units.

Upgrading Requirements

Watchtower LevelRequirementsAttack HealthCostTimePower
1None1,0001,000None None 5
2Wall Lv.21,5001,500Food 800
Wood 800
Arrow of Resistance
3Wall Lv.32,000 2,000Food 1.5K
Wood 1.5K
Arrow of Resistance x5
1m 40s 21
4Wall Lv.43,0003,000Food 2.8K
Wood 2.8K
Arrow of Resistance x8
5m 44
5Wall Lv.54,0004,000Food 5.0K
Wood 5.0K
Arrow of Resistance x15
6Wall Lv.65,0005,000Food 8.5K
Wood 8.5K
Stone 1.3K
Arrow of Resistance x24
7Wall Lv.76,0006,000Food 12.8K
Wood 12.8K
Stone 2.0K
Arrow of Resistance x30
1h 10m 446
8Wall Lv.816,0008,000Food 19.3K
Wood 19.3K
Stone 3.2K
Arrow of Resistance x40
2h 20m 868
9Wall Lv.9 20,00010,000Food 29.0K
Wood 29.0K
Stone 5.2K
Arrow of Resistance x50
4h 40m 1,671
10Wall Lv.1024,00012,000Food 43.5K
Wood 43.5K
Stone 8.2K
Arrow of Resistance x60
9h 20m 3,213
11Wall Lv.11 28,00014,000Food 67.5K
Wood 67.5K
Stone 12.5K
Arrow of Resistance x80
11h 12m 5,133
12Wall Lv.1232,00016,000Food 102.5K
Wood 102.5K
Stone 20.0K
Arrow of Resistance x100
13h 26m 7,538
13Wall Lv.13 36,00018,000Food 155.0K
Wood 155.0K
Stone 30.0K
Arrow of Resistance x125
16h 8m 10,570
14Wall Lv.1440,00020,000 Food 232.5K
Wood 232.5K
Stone 45.0K
Arrow of Resistance x150
19h 21m 14,421

15Wall Lv.1566,00022,000 Food 350.0K
Wood 350.0K
Stone 67.5K
Arrow of Resistance x300
23h 13m 19,367
16Wall Lv.1672,00024,000 Food 525.0K
Wood 525.0K
Stone 102.5K
Arrow of Resistance x500
1d 4h 25,787
17Wall Lv.1778,000 26,000Food 787.5K
Wood 787.5K
Stone 155.0K
Arrow of Resistance x700
1d 9h 34,217
18Wall Lv.1884,00028,000Food 1.2M
Wood 1.2M
Stone 250.0K
Arrow of Resistance x900
1d 16h 45,545
19Wall Lv.1990,00030,000Food 1.8M
Wood 1.8M
Stone 375.0K
Arrow of Resistance x1200
2d 60,804
20Wall Lv.2096,00032,000 Food 2.7M
Wood 2.7M
Stone 575.0K
Arrow of Resistance x1500
2d 10h 81 650
21Wall Lv.21136,00034,000Food 4.1M
Wood 4.1M
Stone 875.0K
Arrow of Resistance x1800
2d 21h 110 460
22Wall Lv.22144,00036,000Food 6.1M
Wood 6.1M
Stone 1.3M
Arrow of Resistance x2000
3d 18h 151,716
23Wall Lv.23152,000 38,000Food 9.1M
Wood 9.1M
Stone 2.0M
Arrow of Resistance x2500
5d 6h 212,389

24Wall Lv.24160,00040,000Food 13.8M
Wood 13.8M
Stone 3.0M
Arrow of Resistance x3000
7d 21h 303,649
25Storehouse 25
Wall 25
500,000 50,000Food 20.8M
Wood 20.8M
Stone 4.5M
Arrow of Resistance x5000
12d 4h 495 562
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