Rise Of Kingdoms Academy

Rise Of Kingdoms Academy

The Academy is the most important building in Rise Of Kingdoms, as well as the most difficult to upgrade to the maximum level. It is a location where you will conduct all of your technological research.

Your Research Speed will increase as you progress through the academy. It is critical to upgrade the academy as quickly as possible. Your research speed will accelerate your progress toward Tier 5 Units. Upgrading your academy to level 25 will grant you a 25% increase in research speed.

You can easily upgrade your Academy to level 24, but upgrading to LVL 25 will be difficult.

How to upgrade Academy faster

You’ll have to put in a lot of effort to get to 25. To upgrade the Academy in Rise Of Kingdoms to level 25, you must upgrade all buildings on that level. The hardest buildings to upgrade are the CastleCity Hall, and watchtower, so start working on them right away.

It may appear that obtaining Castle on level 25 is impossible, but you can do it. Check out our guide to farming books of covenant to speed up the process of upgrading your castle.

City Hall is not difficult to build, but it is costly and time-consuming.

You can upgrade your Watchtower over time by killing a large number of barbarians during the Lohar event. There will also be other events where you can receive arrows for your watchtower.

Academy tips

If you are not a spender, Rise of Kingdoms is a game of patience and dedication.

I would advise you not to use your speedups on research until you have reached level 25 of your academy. With 25, you will receive a nice 25% research bonus. Then you can go all in with all of your speedups. Wait for the event to win some upgrades rewards.

Many people encountered a problem in which they had reached their research limit for academy 24 and were unable to conduct additional research due to the lack of an academy on LVL 25.

Rok Academy is not a problem It’s a castle, and reaching castle level 25 is required to upgrade your academy. Because there is no event or shop where you can buy books of covenant to upgrade your castle, you must focus on it every day.

Check our guide on how to farm books of covenant

Building Requirements

RequirementsResearch Speed BoostCostTimePower
1City Hall Lv.4
0.5%Food 500
Wood 800
2City Hall Lv.4
1.0% Food 1.0K
Wood 1.5K
3City Hall Lv.4
1.5% Food 2.0K
Wood 2.8K
2m 40s 27
4City Hall Lv.4
2.0% Food 3.8K
Wood 5.0K
Stone 800
5City Hall Lv.52.5% Food 6.8K
Wood 9.0K
Stone 1.5K
20m 145
6City Hall Lv.63.0% Food 11.5K
Wood 15.5K
Stone 3.2K
53m 20s 336
7City Hall Lv.73.5% Food 17.3K
Wood 23.3K
Stone 5.0K
1h 47m 688
8City Hall Lv.84.0% Food 26.0K
Wood 35.0K
Stone 8.0K
3h 33m 1,346
9City Hall Lv.94.5% Food 39.0K
Wood 52.5K
Stone 12.8K
7h 7m 2,591
10City Hall Lv.105.0% Food 58.5K
Wood 78.8K
Stone 20.5K
14h 13m 4,975
11City Hall Lv.115.5% Food 90.0K
Wood 120.0K
Stone 32.5K
17h 4m 7,970
12City Hall Lv.126.0% Food 135.0K
Wood 180.0K
Stone 50.0K
20h 29m 11,679
13City Hall Lv.136.5% Food 202.5K
Wood 270.0K
Stone 75.0K
1d 1h 16,387
14City Hall Lv.147.0% Food 305.0K
Wood 405.0K
Stone 112.5K
1d 5h 22,391
15City Hall Lv.157.5% Food 457.5K
Wood 607.5K
Stone 170.0K
1d 11h 30,127
16City Hall Lv.168.0% Food 687.5K
Wood 912.5K
Stone 255.0K
1d 18h 40,207
17City Hall Lv.178.5% Food 1.0M
Wood 1.4M
Stone 382.5K
2d 3h 53,497
18City Hall Lv.189.0% Food 1.6M
Wood 2.1M
Stone 575.0K
2d 13h 71,227
19City Hall Lv.199.5% Food 2.3M
Wood 3.1M
Stone 875.0K
3d 1h 95,369
20City Hall Lv.2010.0% Food 3.5M
Wood 4.7M
Stone 1.3M
3d 16h 128,424
21City Hall Lv.2112.0% Food 5.2M
Wood 7.1M
Stone 2.0 M
6d 5h 174,240
22City Hall Lv.2214.0% Food 7.9M
Wood 10.6M
Stone 3.0M
5d 17h 239,921
23City Hall Lv.2316.0% Food 11.8M
Wood 15.9M
Stone 4.5M
24City Hall Lv.2418.0% Food 17.8M
Wood 24.0M
Stone 6.8M
25Watchtower Lv.25
City Hall Lv.25
Trading Post Lv.25
25.0% Food 26.8M
Wood 36.0M
Stone 10.2M
1x Masters Blueprint
25d 9h 783,449

Technology Unlocks

1Quarrying Level 1
Irrigation Level 1
Handsaw Level 1
Military Discipline Level 1
Iron Working Level 1
Improved Fletching Level 1
Horsemanship Level 1
Flaming Projectile Level 1
2Irrigation Level 2
Handsaw Level 2
3Irrigation Level 3
Handsaw Level 3

Handsaw Level 3 Iron Working Level 2
Improved Fletching Level 2
Horsemanship Level 2
Flaming Projectile Level 2
4Irrigation Level 4
Handsaw Level 4
5 Irrigation Level 5
Handsaw Level 5
Sickle Level 1
Masonry Level 1
Handaxe Level 1
Iron Working Level 3
Improved Fletching Level 3
Horsemanship Level 3
Flaming Projectile Level 3
6Sickle Level 2
Masonry Level 2
Handaxe Level 2
7Sickle Level 3
Masonry Level 3
Handaxe Level 3
Iron Working Level 4
Improved Fletching Level 4
Horsemanship Level 4
Flaming Projectile Level 4
8Sickle Level 4
Masonry Level 4
Handaxe Level 4
Light Cavalry
Tracking Level 1
Pathfinding Level 1
9Sickle Level 5
Masonry Level 5
Handaxe Level 5
Iron Working Level 5
Improved Fletching Level 5
Horsemanship Level 5
Flaming Projectile Level 5
Tracking Level 2
Pathfinding Level 2
10 Metallurgy Level 1
Chisel Level 1-2
Writing Level 1-2
Metalworking Level 1-2
Tracking Level 3
Pathfinding Level 3
11 Chisel Level 3
Writing Level 3
Metalworking Level 3
Tracking Level 4
Pathfinding Level 4
Buckler Level 1
Leather Armor Level 1
Scale Armor Level 1
Enhanced Axle Level 1
12 Chisel Level 4
Writing Level 4
Metalworking Level 4
Multilayer Structure Level 1-2
Handcart Level 1-2
Placer Mining Level 1-2
Tracking Level 5
Pathfinding Level 5
Buckler Level 2
Leather Armor Level 2
Scale Armor Level 2
Enhanced Axle Level 2
13Chisel Level 5
Writing Level 5
Metalworking Level 5
Multilayer Structure Level 3
Handcart Level 3
Placer Mining Level 3
Wheel Level 1-2
Buckler Level 3
Leather Armor Level 3
Scale Armor Level 3
Enhanced Axle Level 3
14 Multilayer Structure Level 4
Handcart Level 4
Placer Mining Level 4
Wheel Level 3-4
Buckler Level 4
Leather Armor Level 4
Scale Armor Level 4
Enhanced Axle Level 4
15Multilayer Structure Level 5
Handcart Level 5
Placer Mining Level 5
Wheel Level 5
Buckler Level 5
Leather Armor Level 5
Scale Armor Level 5
Enhanced Axle Level 5
16 Jewelry Level 1
Plow Level 1-3
Sawmill Level 1-3
Composite Bowman
Heavy Cavalry
Camouflage Level 1-2
Combat Tactics Level 1-4
Defensive Formation Level 1-4
Herbal Medicine Level 1-4
Cartography Level 1
17Plow Level 4-6
Sawmill Level 4-6
Scythe Level 1-4
Whipsaw Level 1-4
Engineering Level 1-4
Camouflage Level 3
Cartography Level 2
18 Plow Level 7-9
Sawmill Level 7-9
Scythe Level 5-9
Whipsaw Level 5-9
Engineering Level 5-9
Mathematics Level 1-4
Camouflage Level 4
Combat Tactics Level 5-9
Defensive Formation Level 5-9
Herbal Medicine Level 5-9
Cartography Level 3
19 Plow Level 10
Sawmill Level 10
Mathematics Level 5-9
Open-pit Quarry Level 1-4
Coinage Level 1-4
Camouflage Level 5
Cartography Level 4
20 Scythe Level 10
Whipsaw Level 10
Engineering Level 10
Stone Saw Level 1-4
Shaft Mining Level 1-4
Machinery Level 1-4
Carriage Level 1-4
Cutting & Polishing Level 1-2
Combat Tactics Level 10
Defensive Formation Level 10
Herbal Medicine Level 10
Cartography Level 5
21Mathematics Level 10
Open-pit Quarry Level 5-9
Coinage Level 5-9
Cutting & Polishing Level 3-4
Long Swordsman
22Stone Saw Level 5-10
Shaft Mining Level 5-10
Machinery Level 5-10
Carriage Level 5-10
Cutting & Polishing Level 5-6
23Cutting & Polishing Level 7-8Wootz Steel Level 1-4
Bodkin Arrows Level 1-4
Stirrups Level 1-4
Ballistics Level 1-4
Scutum Level 1-4
Pavise Level 1-4
Plate Armor Level 1-4
Heavy Frame Level 1-4
Medical Corps Level 1-4
Combined Arms Level 1-4
Encampment Level 1-4
24 Open-pit Quarry Level 10
Coinage Level 10
Cutting & Polishing Level 9
Wootz Steel Level 5-9
Bodkin Arrows Level 5-9
Stirrups Level 5-9
Ballistics Level 5-9
Scutum Level 5-9
Plate Armor Level 5-9
Medical Corps Level 5-9
Encampment Level 5-9
25 Cutting & Polishing Level 10Royal Guard
Royal Crossbowman
Royal Knight

Side Quests

Requirement Reward
Upgrade Academy to Level 3 Wood 1,750
Food 3,250
Upgrade Academy to Level 4 Wood 2,500
Food 4,500
Stone 750
Upgrade Academy to Level 6 Wood 8,500
Food 11,750
Stone 2,500
Upgrade Academy to Level 7 Wood 10,250
Food 14,000
Stone 3,250
Upgrade Academy to Level 8 Food 13,000
Wood 17,750
Stone 4,250
Upgrade Academy to Level 9 Wood 14,250
Food 17,000
Stone 4,250
Upgrade Academy to Level 19 Wood 231,000
Food 313,250
Stone 88,500
Upgrade Academy to Level 20 Wood 347,500
Food 471,000
Stone 134,000
Upgrade Academy to Level 23 Wood 1,173,750
Food 1,591,000
Stone 455,000
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