Responses from ROK developers 11/6/2021


The ROK Team has always been committed to hearing valuable suggestions from Governors all over the world, and to providing the best gaming experience possible.

In this “Face to Face With the Developers” , we wish to discuss some issues that have been hot topics in the communities recently, what we plan to do about them, and some of our other plans for future adjustments.

Beginner’ s Immigration

Q: Beginner’ s Immigration can only be used once now. Why make that

A: We found that new Governors have been having a harder and harder time in the face of increasing numbers of veterans with a habit of “moving to greener pastures” , that is, keeping their city halls under 8 and immigrate to newer kingdoms just before Beginner’s Immigrations expire.

So we have limited the Beginner’ s Immigration to try and improve this
situation, and will continue to look at new ways of fine-tuning it in the

Insufficient Troops Osiris League

Q: You can end up in a situation where you find insufficient troops to use in Osiris League if your Kingdom is also currently involved in a KvK. Is it possible to stagger the League and KvK at different times?

A: It would be quite difficult to stagger the Osiris League and KvK at different kingdoms. We are looking to resolve this problem from another angle, but require more time to finalize a solution.

Equipment Loadout

Q: Equipment Loadout is a great feature, but if the gear is currently equipped to another commander, then you have to remove everything before you can re-equip, which is annoying.
A: This issue has come to our attention, and we will be optimizing this feature in the latest update.

Skill reset items

Q: Could you add more ways for us to obtain skill reset items?
A: We have organized some new ways to get skill reset items.

Holiday events

Q: Are we going to see holiday events with all-new gameplay and content?
A: We are currently looking at some new and improved holiday events with a more ‘festive spirit’ , which we should be able to present in the next few months.

Tier 5 unit healing

Q: Tier 5 unit healing is too expensive.

A: We added Crystal Technologies in Season of Conquest which can decrease the healing cost for tier 5 units. We are also looking at this issue in other ways, but we are very careful when it comes to changing resource costs and all such changes will need to go through a period of testing and analysis.

Couple of things the team has been focusing on a lot recently:

  1. We’ve been getting a lot of suggestions from players in regards to the equipment system, which we are using to make some improvements that are still currently under review. We hope the modified equipment system will be able to enhance the ROK experience, and look forward to informing governors of these changes as soon as they are confirmed.
  2. The way we design KvK is one of our most important tasks and we are constantly looking at it. We will be releasing some new content in this spirit in the next few months which will play differently to the current Season of Conquest. For instance, we are exploring some all-new terrain and mechanisms to add to the newest Season of Conquest. Stay tuned!
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