Responses from ROK developers 10/7/2021


Hey everyone! We’ve collected a lot of useful feedback from Governors on
the new equipment system since it went live, which has helped point us towards some major improvements as we’ve paired these recommendations with data insights and some further testing and discussion.

Here we would like to share with everyone a bit about future directions
and some specific details for the equipment system in this “Face to Face
With the Developers”.

Special Talents Forging

First of all, a lot of Governors are focusing particularly on issues around
special talents forging for equipment. The forging probabilities for special talents can be viewed in-game, and many Governors have noticed the mechanism where the one item of
equipment must produce a special talent in 5 forgings.

But we feel this system isn’t clear enough for many Governors and so we would like to introduce a new “Refinement” system (final term yet to be determined) in the next optimization. This system allows Governors to “refine” special talents into equipment without repeated forgings.

Of course, the original forging mechanism can still produce special talents, but the probability will no longer increase with repeated attempts. We are also planning to “inherit” previous Forge attempts into the new “Refinement system” to allow Governors to keep forging with peace of mind

It should be noted that the costs, probabilities, etc of “Refinement” remain exactly the same as under the existing forging system! We are hoping that these changes will provide Governors with a more direct sense of the progress of special talent acquisition.

This includes major updates to equipment chests and a complete overhaul of their content. Current prize pool content is still under review, but we can reveal that we are considering removing blueprint fragments from equipment chests and adding epic and legendary blueprints.

We will also be adding resource items, speedups, and blueprints for epic sets. Of course, this update will not change the number of gems needed to purchase equipment chest keys.

Improvements to the VIP Shop, Courier Station, Lucerne Scrolls, events, bundles

In addition to equipment chests, we are also making some improvements to the VIP Shop, Courier Station, Lucerne Scrolls, events, bundles and other equipment-related content. The overall direction will be toward giving Governors easier and faster access to the blueprints and materials they desire.

In addition to the above, we are also planning to significantly reduce material production times. Finally, we have also decided to limit the use of Season of Conquest equipment outside the Season to try to make the equipment system as a whole fairer.

All of the changes that we have mentioned so far are still under consideration, and if all goes well, will be rolled out over the next few months in different updates. We will make sure to notify everyone of the specifics by public announcement once officially confirmed. We also would like to continue to invite everyone to make their opinions or suggestions known.

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