Rise of Kingdoms Wall

Rise Of Kingdoms Wall

“Throughout history, walls have been an important component of human settlements. Building these massive structures could be a massive undertaking in an era when technology was limited. As a result, these imposing walls are entirely deserving of the moniker “man-made miracles.”

The Wall in ROK is the main defense building. 

Wall durability will be decreased if an attack is successful. Your city will be on Fire. 

To stop fire you will have to manually repair. If wall durability drops to zero your city will be teleported on a random location. 

When you click on your wall in Rise Of Kingdoms you can put commanders that will defend the city. 

I would not recommend you to take a rally or attack because your hospital will be full very fast and you will start to lose troops. 

Wall and watchtower are great for defending against smaller rallies but if you get rallied by max legendary commanders and Tier 5 units your city will be dead so fast. 

Upgrading Requirements

Wall LevelUnlocksRequirementsMax Wall DurabilityCostTimePower
1NoneNone15,000None None 5
2Watchtower Lv.2None15,500Food 2.3K
Wood 2.8K
2s 15
3City Hall Lv.4
Watchtower Lv.3
City Hall Lv.316,000Food 4.3K
Wood 5.0K
1m 30s 37
4City Hall Lv.5
Watchtower Lv.4
City Hall Lv.4 16,500Food 7.8K
Wood 9.0K
5City Hall Lv.6
Watchtower Lv.5
Tavern Lv.517,000Food 14.0K
Wood 16.3K
6City Hall Lv.7
Watchtower Lv.6
Tavern Lv.617,500Food 18.0K
Wood 21.0K
Stone 25.0K
58m 20s 519
7City Hall Lv.8
Watchtower Lv.7
Tavern Lv.718,250Food 27.0K
Wood 32.0K
Stone 40.0K
1h 57m 1,037
8City Hall Lv.9
Watchtower Lv.8
Tavern Lv.819,000Food 41.0K
Wood 47.0K
Stone 64.0K
3h 53m 1,965
9City Hall Lv.10
Watchtower Lv.9
Tavern Lv.9 19,750Food 61.0K
Wood 71.0K
Stone 102.4K
7h 47m 3,656
10City Hall Lv.11
Watchtower Lv.10
Tavern Lv.1020,500Food 92.0K
Wood 106.0K
Stone 164.0K
15h 33m 6,784
11City Hall Lv.12
Watchtower Lv.11
Tavern Lv.11 21,250Food 137.0K
Wood 160.0K
Stone 250.0K
18h 40m 10,816
12City Hall Lv.13
Watchtower Lv.12
Tavern Lv.1222,000Food 207.0K
Wood 240.0K
Stone 375.0K
22h 24m 16,060
13City Hall Lv.14
Watchtower Lv.13
Tavern Lv.13 22,750Food 310.0K
Wood 360.0K
Stone 565.0K
1d 3h 22,965
14City Hall Lv.15
Watchtower Lv.14
Tavern Lv.1423,500Food 465.0K
Wood 540.0K
Stone 850.0K
1d 8h 32,169

15City Hall Lv.16
Watchtower Lv.15
Tavern Lv.1524,250Food 698.0K
Wood 810.0K
Stone 1.3M
1d 15h 44,583
16City Hall Lv.17
Watchtower Lv.16
Tavern Lv.1625,000Food 1.0M
Wood 1.2M
Stone 1.9M
1d 22h 61,540
17City Hall Lv.18
Watchtower Lv.17
Tavern Lv.1726,000Food 1.6M
Wood 1.8M
Stone 2.9M
2d 8h 84,977
18City Hall Lv.19
Watchtower Lv.18
Tavern Lv.1827,000Food 2.4M
Wood 2.7M
Stone 4.4M
2d 19h 117,860
19City Hall Lv.20
Watchtower Lv.19
Tavern Lv.1928,000Food 3.5M
Wood 4.1M
Stone 6.6M
3d 8h 164,369
20City Hall Lv.21
Watchtower Lv.20
Tavern Lv.2029,000Food 5.3M
Wood 6.2M
Stone 9.9M
4d 230,776
21City Hall Lv.22
Watchtower Lv.21
Tavern Lv.2130,000Food 8.0M
Wood 9.3M
Stone 14.8M
4d 20h 326,321
22City Hall Lv.23
Watchtower Lv.22
Tavern Lv.2231,000Food 12.0M
Wood 13.9M
Stone 22.2M
6d 6h 466,309
23City Hall Lv.24
Watchtower Lv.23
Tavern Lv.2332,000Food 18.0M
Wood 20.9M
Stone 33.3M
8d 18h 674,163
24City Hall Lv.25
Watchtower Lv.24
Tavern Lv.2433,000Food 27.0M
Wood 31.3M
Stone 50.0M
13d 3h 986,224
25Watchtower Lv.25Tavern Lv.2540,000Food 40.5M
Wood 47.1M
Stone 75.0M
1x Master's Blueprint
41d 4h 1,545,374

Side Quests

Requirement Reward
Upgrade Wall to Level 2 Wood 2,500
Food 1,750
Upgrade Wall to Level 3 Wood 3,250
Food 6,000
Upgrade Wall to Level 4 Wood 5,250
Food 7,750
Upgrade Wall to Level 5 Wood 25,250
Food 26,750

Upgrade Wall to Level 6 Food 17,500
Wood 21,000
Stone 9,500
Upgrade Wall to Level 7 Wood 21,250
Food 24,750
Stone 12,250
Upgrade Wall to Level 8 Food 26,750
Wood 31,500
Stone 16,500
Upgrade Wall to Level 9 Wood 29,250
Food 30,000
Stone 17,000
Upgrade Wall to Level 19 Wood 469,000
Food 548,750
Stone 331,250
Upgrade Wall to Level 20 Wood 704,750
Food 824,250
Stone 498,000
Upgrade Wall to Level 22 Wood 1,585,750
Food 1,856,500
Stone 1,122,250
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