Rise Of Kingdoms Tavern

Rise Of kingdoms Tavern

“No one is born a hero—whether a person will overcome his or her greatest obstacles is determined by a pure and noble heart.” There are all kinds of people in the tavern, including the commander who is fated to help you write history. “Get ready to meet your fate.”

Tavern in Rise Of Kingdoms you can open your Silver and Gold Chests.

There is an option to open all keys if you have 10 or more. The drop chance on Golden Commanders is not good.

Try to open free silver keys daily because you can get speedups.

Upgrading Requirements

RequirementsFree Golden Chest
Daily Free Silver ChestsCostTimePower
1City Hall Lv.13d3Food 200
Wood 200
2s 5
2City Hall Lv.22d23h3Food 300
Wood 300
15s 10
3City Hall Lv.32d22h3Food 500
Wood 500
4City Hall Lv.42d21h3Food 1.0K
Wood 1.0K
5Quarry Lv.52d20h4Food 2.0K
Wood 2.0K
6Quarry Lv.62d19h4Food 2.7K
Wood 2.7K
Stone 7.0K
36m 40s 178
7Quarry Lv.72d18h4Food 6.0K
Wood 6.0K
Stone 16.0K
1h 13m 401
8Quarry Lv.82d17h5Food 9.0K
Wood 9.0K
Stone 24.0K
2h 27m 825
9Quarry Lv.92d16h5Food 9.0K
Wood 9.0K
Stone 24.0K
4h 53m 1,637
10Quarry Lv.102d15h5Food 13.5K
Wood 13.5K
Stone 36.0K
9h 47m 3,207
11Quarry Lv.112d14h6 Food 21.0K
Wood 21.0K
Stone 55.0K
11h 44m 5,145
12Quarry Lv.122d13h 6 Food 32.0K
Wood 32.0K
Stone 85.0K
14h 5m 7,555
13Quarry Lv.132d12h 6Food 49.0K
Wood 49.0K
Stone 130.0K
16h 54m 10,574
14Quarry Lv.142d11h 7 Food 74.0K
Wood 74.0K
Stone 195.0K
20h 17m 14,374
15Quarry Lv.152d10h7 Food 111.0K
Wood 111.0K
Stone 295.0K
1d 19,206
16Quarry Lv.162d9h7 Food 167.0K
Wood 167.0K
Stone 445.0K
1d 5h 25,413
17Quarry Lv.172d8h8 Food 252.0K
Wood 252.0K
Stone 670.0K
1d 11h 33,476
18Quarry Lv.182d7h8 Food 394.0K
Wood 394.0K
Stone 1.1M
1d 18h 44,256
19Quarry Lv.192d6h8 Food 600.0K
Wood 600.0K
Stone 1.6M
2d 2h 58,720
20Quarry Lv.202d5h8 Food 900.0K
Wood 900.0K
Stone 2.4M
2d 13h 78,237
21Quarry Lv.212d4h9Food 1.4M
Wood 1.4M
Stone 3.6M
22Quarry Lv.222d3h9Food 2.0M
Wood 2.0M
Stone 5.4M
3d 22h 142,797
23Quarry Lv.232d2h 9Food 3.0M
Wood 3.0M
Stone 8.1M
5d 12h 198,288
24Quarry Lv.242d1h9Food 4.7M
Wood 4.7M
Stone 12.5M
8d 6h 283,099
25Quarry Lv25
2d10Food 7.1M
Wood 7.1M
Stone 19.0M
1x Masters Blueprint
28d 9h 468,557

Side Quests

Requirement Reward
Build Tavern Level 1 Wood 250
Food 250
Upgrade Tavern to Level 2 Wood 250
Food 250
Upgrade Tavern to Level 3 Wood 750
Food 750
Upgrade Tavern to Level 4 Wood 1,000
Food 1,000
Upgrade Tavern to Level 5 Food 3,500
Stone 3,500
Upgrade Tavern to Level 6 Wood 2,750
Food 2,750
Stone 2,750
Upgrade Tavern to Level 7 Wood 3,250
Food 3,250
Stone 3,250
Upgrade Tavern to Level 8 Wood 4,250
Food 4,250
Stone 4,250
Upgrade Tavern to Level 9 Wood 4,000
Food 4,000
Stone 4,000
Upgrade Tavern to Level 19 Wood 80,250
Food 80,250
Stone 81,000
Upgrade Tavern to Level 20 Wood 120,250
Food 120,250
Stone 121,500
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