Rise Of Kingdoms Storehouse

Rise Of Kingdoms Storage house

“In order to protect seeds and surplus food, early civilizations relied on storage pits rather than large structures.” Later storage facilities, such as the Roman horreum, were rectangular stone structures with a raised ground floor and an overhanging roof to keep the walls cool and dry.”

The Storehouse in Rise Of Kingdoms is a building that will protect your resources from attack. 

ROK Storehouse Protection is great for a smaller player but when you get to the max level you will have so many more resources that you can not protect. 

I think they should increase maximum protection. 

I have usually 500m of each resource on my main and storehouse protection is 2.5m. If someone attacks me I would lose so many resources.

If you are making a jumper account, ROK Storehouse is great to protect your resources during your jumping preparation. If you are planning to migrate, donate all your resources because you can only carry the Storehouse amount on a new server.

Upgrading Requirements

RequirementsProtection CapacityCostTimePower
1City Hall Lv.1Food 300.0K
Wood 300.0K
Stone 225.0K
Gold 150.0K
2City Hall Lv.2Food 320.0K
Wood 320.0K
Stone 225.0K
Gold 160.0K
Food 500
Wood 500
18s 10
3City Hall Lv.3Food 350.0K
Wood 350.0K
Stone 262.5K
Gold 175.0K
Food 1.0K
Wood 1.0K
1m 20s 17
4City Hall Lv.4Food 380.0K
Wood 380.0K
Stone 285.0K
Gold 190.0K
Food 2.0K
Wood 2.0K
6m 40s 41
5City Hall Lv.5Food 410.0K
Wood 410.0K
Stone 307.5K
Gold 205.0K
Food 3.8K
Wood 3.8K
6City Hall Lv.6Food 440.0K
Wood 440.0K
Stone 330.0K
Gold 220.0K
Food 6.5K
Wood 6.5K
Stone 3.8K
30m 201
7City Hall Lv.7Food 470.0K
Wood 470.0K
Stone 352.5K
Gold 235.0K
Food 9.8K
Wood 9.8K
Stone 6.0K
8City Hall Lv.8Food 500.0K
Wood 500.0K
Stone 375.0K
Gold 250.0K
Food 14.8K
Wood 14.8K
Stone 9.6K
2h 778
9City Hall Lv.9Food 525.0K
Wood 525.0K
Stone 393.8K
Gold 262.5K
Food 22.3K
Wood 22.3K
Stone 15.4K
4h 1,489
10City Hall Lv.10Food 550.0K
Wood 550.0K
Stone 412.5K
Gold 275.0K
Food 33.5K
Wood 33.5K
Stone 24.6K
11City Hall Lv.11Food 600.0K
Wood 600.0K
Stone 450.0K
Food 52.5K
Wood 52.5K
Stone 37.5K
9h 36m 4,552
12City Hall Lv.12Food 650.0K
Wood 650.0K
Stone 487.5K
Gold 325.0K
Food 80.0K
Wood 80.0K
Stone 57.5K
9h 36m 6,703
13City Hall Lv.13Food 700.0K
Wood 700.0K
Stone 525.0K
Gold 350.0K
Food 120.0K
Wood 120.0K
Stone 87.5K
11h 31m 9,436
14City Hall Lv.14Food 750.0K
Wood 750.0K
Stone 562.5K
Gold 375.0K
Food 180.0K
Wood 180.0K
Stone 132.5K
13h 49m 12,942
15City Hall Lv.15Food 800.0K
Wood 800.0K
Stone 600.0K
Gold 400.0K
Food 270.0K
Wood 270.0K
Stone 200.0K
16h 35m 17,488
16City Hall Lv.16Food 850.0K
Wood 850.0K
Stone 637.5K
Gold 425.0K
Food 405.0K
Wood 405.0K
Stone 300.0K
19h 54m 23,447
17City Hall Lv.17Food 900.0K
Wood 900.0K
Stone 675.0K
Gold 450.0K
Food 607.5K
Wood 607.5K
Stone 450.0K
23h 53m 31,354
18City Hall Lv.18Food 950.0K
Wood 950.0K
Stone 712.5K
Gold 475.0K
Food 925.0K
Wood 925.0K
Stone 675.0K
1d 5h 42,032
19City Hall Lv.19Food 1.0M
Wood 1.0M
Stone 750.0K
Gold 500.0K
Food 1.4M
Wood 1.4M
Stone 1.0M
1d 10h 56,560
20City Hall Lv.20Food 1.1M
Wood 1.1M
Stone 825.0K
Gold 550.0K
Food 2.1M
Wood 2.1M
Stone 1.6M
1d 17h 76,832
21City Hall Lv.21Food 1.2M
Wood 1.2M
Stone 900.0K
Gold 600.0K
Food 3.2M
Wood 3.2M
Stone 2.3M
2d 1h 104,966
22City Hall Lv.22Food 1.4M
Wood 1.4M
Stone 1.05M
Gold 500.0K
Food 4.7M
Wood 4.7M
Stone 3.5M
2d 11h 145,492
23City Hall Lv.23Food 1.5M
Wood 1.5M
Stone 1.13M
Gold 750.0K
Food 7.1M
Wood 7.1M
Stone 5.3M
4d 12h 205,219
24City Hall Lv.24Food 1.5M
Wood 1.5M
Stone 1.13M
Gold 750.0K
Food 10.8M
Wood 10.8M
Stone 8.0M
6d 18h 295,585
25City Hall Lv.25
Hospital Lv.25
Food 2.5M
Wood 2.5M
Stone 2.5M
Gold 2.5M
Food 16.2M
Wood 16.2M
Stone 12.0M
15d 13h478,367

Side Quests

Requirement Reward
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 2 Wood 750
Food 750
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 3 Wood 1,000
Food 1,000
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 4 Wood 1,500
Food 1,500
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 5 Wood 4,500
Food 4,500
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 6Food 6,750
Stone 6,750
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 7Wood 4,750
Food 4,750
Stone 3,000
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 8Wood 5,750
Food 5,750
Stone 3,750
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 9Wood 8,250
Food 8,250
Stone 5,250
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 19Wood 139,000
Food 139,000
Stone 103,750
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 20 Wood 208,500
Food 208,500
Stone 156,750
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 21Wood 312,750
Food 312,750
Stone 235,250
Upgrade Storehouse to Level 22Wood 469,000
Food 469,000
Stone 354,000
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