All Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders List 2023

All Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders

Are you a new player of Rise of Kingdoms and can just not figure out all the different types and specializations of commanders and how to use them? It’s okay because it takes some time and practice to get the hang of it finally. However, don’t worry if you could use a reference point to understand all the different commanders in the rise of kingdoms. We have got you covered.

In this guide, we will cover the A to Z of commanders in the rise of kingdoms. Not just their roles, how to unlock them and pair them with other commanders, but also we will touch upon the different types of games in the rise of kingdoms like player vs. player and elaborate on the best commanders to use depending on this. We will also talk about skill formations.

So you would want to keep this guide open while you are playing because it will cover important aspects of the game that many find hard to grasp. 

This guide will cover everything you need to know about the commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms. So without further ado, let’s begin!

There are four different kinds of commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. They are the Legendary, Epic, Elite, and Advanced commanders. This list is in order of most powerful to least. So the legendary commanders are the most powerful in the game and hence the most difficult to obtain. On the other hand, the advanced commanders are basically useless and completely powerless. 

New Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

There is a lot of commanders that are being released each year in Rise of Kingdoms. The newest commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms are Bertrand du Guesclin and Alexander Nevsky which are both legendary cavalry commanders. Before them, Suleiman and Honda were released and they are leadership commanders.

Legendary Commanders

CommandersSpecialties 1Specialties 2Specialties 3
Alexander the GreatInfantry VersatilityAttack
Cao CaoCavalryPeacekeeping Mobility
CharlemagneLeadership Conquering Skill
CleopatraIntegration Gathering Support
Edward of WoodstockArcher Versatility Skill
El CidArcher Versatility Skill
ArtemisiaArcher Garrison Defense
Frederick ILeader Conquering Skill
Richard IInfantry Garrison Defense
AethelflaedLeadershipPeacekeeping Support
MulanIntegration Peacekeeping Support
Leonidas IInfantry Versatility Defense
Charles MartelInfantryGarrison Defense
Guan YuInfantry Conquering Skill
Chandragupta MauryaCavalryConquering Skill
Hannibal BarcaLeadership Conquering Defense
Constantine IInfantry Garrison Support
William ICavalry Versatility Attack
Takeda ShingenCavalry Versatility Mobility
Harald SigurdssonInfantryConquering Skill
Lu BuLeadership Conquering Skill
TheodoraLeadership Garrison Defense
Genghis KhanCavalry VersatilitySkill
Ishida MitsunariIntegration Gathering Support
Minamoto no YoshitsuneCavalry Peacekeeping Skill
Julius CaesarLeadership Siege Attack
Mehmed IILeadership Conquering Skill
Ramesses IIArcher Versatile Attack
SaladinCavalry Conquering Support
SeondeokIntegration Gathering Attack
TomyrisArcher Conquering Attack
Wu ZetianLeadership Garrison Support
Yi Seong-GyeArcher Garrison Garrison
Yi Sun-sinLeadership Garrison Defense
ZenobiaInfantry Garrison Support

We will begin by talking about legendary commanders. They are the hardest to obtain because they are the most powerful and sought after. You can obtain them in a few ways. Firstly, through the golden keys, secondly by various specific events, and lastly, you can use the payment to obtain them as well.

Some examples of legendary commanders are Attila and Aethaelfled. The most experienced players use legendary commanders because of their extreme strength and power. They bring the most value to the game, so you would want to obtain them above all else. You will have a powerhouse of a commander if you have a legendary commander as a primary commander.

Epic Commanders

CommandersSpecialties 1Specialties 2Specialties 3
BaibarsCavalry Conquering Skill
BelisariusCavalry Peacekeeping Mobility
BoudicaIntegration Peacekeeping Skill
Eulji MundeokInfantry Garrison Attack
DiaochanIntegration Peacekeeping Support
HermannArcher Garrison Skill
Joan of ArcIntegration Gathering Support
KeiraArcher PeacekeepingSkill
Kusunoki MasashigeArcher Garrison Skill
LoharIntegration Peacekeeping Support
Matilda of FlandersIntegration Gathering Defense
Osman Leadership Conquering Skill
PelagiusCavalry Garrison Skill
Scipio AfricanusLeadership Conquering Attack
Sun TzuInfantry Garrison Skill

Epic commanders are just at a tier less powerful than legendary commanders. They can be unlocked through silver and golden key events. Some examples of epic commanders are Lohar and Kiera. They are also pretty powerful, and you would want to unlock them. They just don’t compare to the legendary commanders. 

Elite and Advanced Commanders

CommandersSpecialties 1Specialties 2Specialties 3
ŠárkaIntegration Gathering Skill
Tomoe GozenArcher VersatilityAttack
Gaius MariusLeadershipGathering Skill
ConstanceIntegration GatheringSkill
MarkswomanArcher Peacekeeping Skill
Dragon LancerCavalry Peacekeeping Skill
City Keeper Infantry VersatilityAttack
CenturionIntegration Gathering Attack

Elite Commanders- Next, we have the elite commanders. You can obtain them pretty easily through various events. They are not ideal commanders and are better off doing other tasks like farming. They are fairly useless in battle. 

Advanced Commanders- These are the commanders that are not recommended for any big task in the game. They are quite weak, and you will not achieve a lot of success with them. As a result, they are also easy to obtain through events. Therefore, they are not to be used in any battles, and you should keep them on the sidelines if you have powerful commanders too.

What are commander in Rise Of Kingdoms, how do you get them?

The role of the commander in Rise of Kingdoms is fairly simple. They are the ones to lead your army and do the tasks that you assign them. Each commander has their own skills, equipment, and specialization. There are even different kinds of commanders, which we will just talk about next. 

Since the game revolves around attack, your commanders are basically who you are playing the game with, and they are your character. Hence, you can gauge their importance in the game.

What do you do with commander specializations?

Each commander in the game has three unique specializations. These specializations lead to them being able to have some unique skills. In this part of the article, we will talk about what these specializations can be used for. This guide will provide you with some information on them, and you can decide yourself which commanders are best for you based on their specializations and what you want them to do. 

Archer Commanders

Archer commanders use their archer skill builds to defend or attack enemies. Archery is hence, their main strength. 

Cavalry Commanders

These commanders lead cavalry troops, and hence their strength and specialization are in the talents that they have through the cavalry tree. 

Infantry Commanders

This specialization is for the commanders that lead infantry troops and hence will provide them with the stats that will help them become a formidable army.

Leadership Commanders

This specialization is for the commanders who want to exert complete control of their army and increase the stats of the troops no matter what kind of troop type is within the army.

Integration Commanders

The integration specialized commanders are mainly for experienced players who are able to use gathering and peacekeeping talent trees. This is not recommended for new players of the game. 

Attack Commanders

This specialization entails many benefits in many ways but most importantly, they increase the attack of the troops and make it difficult for the enemies to defeat them. Therefore, this is most recommended for player vs. player games. 

Defense Commanders

Defense commanders are perfect for ensuring that your city is heavily guarded to avoid intruders. It is difficult to, but using these commanders in battle is also possible and powerful. It is common for tank commanders to have this particular specialization. 

Mobility Commanders

Cavalry commanders mostly have this specialization, and it will give them the ability to increase march speed amongst other improvements to their troops. 

Support Commanders

This specialization benefits from giving a lot of support to the troop units under this commander in terms of skills, healing factor, rage generation, and damage reduction. 

Skill Commanders

The skill specialization is the most popular one in the game because it enables commanders to have talents that will grant lots of benefits like rage generation, damage amongst many others. 

Garrison Commanders

This is a pretty rare specialization given only to the commanders who will defend if their lives depend on it. It will resist any kind of enemy attack and protect the garrison with every last troop. 

Gathering Commanders

A commander with this specialization will be able to collect resources that are on the map. Additionally, this commander will also be able to take advantage of the other talents offered in this specialization. 

Peacekeeping Commanders

Peacekeeping commanders have this specialization to defeat units with considerable ease and will even improve skill effectiveness. It can be used in both PvP battles against other players’ commanders as well as PVE battles against barbarians. 

Conquering Commanders

The conquering specialization is for PVP battles and is meant to be used against garrison commanders. It aims to destroy enemies and increases the effectiveness of each attack against the enemy. 

Versatility Commanders

This is the least valued specialization in Rise of Kingdoms. It provides some improvements that are not unique to the other specializations, so it is not highly recommended to use this specialization. 

Commander skills

Each commander in rise of kingdoms has a unique set of skills that can be maximized based on how far you are in the game. The number and nature of skills vary depending on the kind of commander that you are using. In this guide, we will elaborate on how to use the skills of commanders and go about this aspect of the game

Legendary and epic commanders

Legendary and epic commanders have 5 skills. This entails one active, three passive, and one expertise skill. The expertise skill can only be unlocked after completely maximizing the other skills. 

Elite and advanced commanders

Elite and advanced commanders have 4 skills in total, one is active, and three are passive. 

Commander Pairings 

Once you have more experience in the rise of kingdoms and have reached the third-star upgrade, you will be able to pair your commanders with other commanders. This is very useful as if you pair it correctly, you will get a lot of added value to your commander. You should always pick a commander pair carefully because the two commanders have to complement each other. If this is done, you will see your game being more intense, and you will enjoy it more. There are two different positions within this pairing. One commander will be primary, and one will be secondary. 

In this aspect of the article, I will talk about the roles of commanders so that you have an idea of how to pair your commanders and how to choose a pair that will complement each other’s skills. 

Primary commander

First, let’s talk about how to choose the primary commander and its role in the game. The primary commander has to be the commander that you have that has the best skills, stars, and experience level. Additionally, it would be best if you were pretty comfortable with using this commander in the game and should be aware of how to use them efficiently. Finally, this commander has to be able to have some value that will strengthen the troops. A stronger primary commander is best for you and will bring considerable value to your game. 

Furthermore, it is important to note that the equipment that you use will work only on the primary commander. Furthermore, troop dispatch capacity is wholly dependent on the level at which your primary commander is at. 

Although you should try to go for a stronger primary commander, any commander that you have in the game can work in the position of primary commander. But choose wisely, because this is a game-changer. 

Secondary commander

The secondary commander does not have to be as experienced as the primary, but should just be having good strong complementary skills to increase the impact of the skills of the primary. This is because the talents and skills of the secondary commanders are not going to be in use. Only the primary commander’s skills will be in use. This is why it’s best to have two commanders with the same specializations. Not only does that, but the equipment does not apply to the secondary commander either. They do not have any say in the determination of maximum troop capacity either. Their active skills are fired as soon as the primary commander’s skills are fired. 

The synergy between Commander Pairings

It would be best if you tried to have two commanders who have the same talent trees. This is mainly because the secondary commanders will not be able to use their talents and will be dependent more on the primary commander’s skills. The commander’s specialization should hence be the same so that there is synergy between them. 

You should also try to pair commanders with the same kind of skills. For example, if both of your commanders are archers who have a high rage generation, your game will have a high rage engine which will bring a lot of value to your game. 

You should also try to pair legendary commanders with other legendary commanders, but for the other type of commanders, you should use a primary that is the strongest, i.e legendary. For instance, you should keep your strongest commander as primary, even if your secondary commander is not of the same category. In short, it is okay for you to use a legendary primary and elite secondary, but not vice versa. 

Although this is just a suggestion, and you should play according to your experience, this is how you will get the most value from your game. 

Types of Attacks

Player vs. Player Offense (PvP Offense)

The first type of attack we will be talking about is the player vs player offense attack. As a free-to-play player, you will not be leading any of your own attacks but will only be joining into other players’ attacks. So some of the main things you will focus on are march speed, debuffs and dealing damage to your enemies. In this case you should consider having a cavalry commander and use their talents.  It would be best if you also focused on using a commander with a “conquering” talent so that you can make the most of your time playing the game. Hence, a commander like Scipio Africanus would be a useful choice if you are playing as a PvP attack player. 

Having a commander with multi-target skills would be best in this case so that you can get synergized with the battle that you are joining and getting special equipment also helps in this case. 

Player vs Player Defense (PvP Defense)

The next type of game we will talk about will be the player vs. player defense strategy. To lead your city’s garrison, you’ll need a primary and secondary commander assigned to your Wall. If you’re in charge of defending an alliance-building or holy site, you should keep your best gear on while you’re offline. All garrison/defense commanders are specialized, and you can pick anybody you want to protect your city. Most garrison commanders’ relevant talents do not apply to strongholds, which are alliance structures like flags and fortresses. Thus you should read the skill descriptions carefully. You can choose from your highest-ranking commander, but any commander with the garrison talent who is well-upgraded is preferable.

Fast attack 

In this aspect, we will cover a few commander combinations that will be best for a fast attack game, where you will rapidly join rallies and gather runes. 

Lancelot and Dragon Lancer are two cavalry commanders. While these units aren’t the greatest for you to use in the long run, they are the simplest and most straightforward way to upgrade and feature passive talents that directly boost march speed.

Cao Cao and Minamoto no Yoshitsune are also excellent fast cavalry commanders, but upgrading them is considerably more difficult. But it would help if you tried to do so as it will bring a lot of value to your game. 

Tomoe Gozen and Hermann Gozen are both archer commanders. In comparison to the previously mentioned pairing, these are more difficult to improve and level up. El Cid has the fastest Archer March Speed, but he’s difficult to level up.

Both Alexander the Great and Harald Sigurdsson have this boost when on the map. They are both infantry commanders.  However, because they are legendary commanders who are unlocked much later in the game with more experience, it is recommended to use other commanders at this stage of the game. 

Skill Distributions and formations

There are five main formations of skills that your commanders can take. In this part of the article we will elaborate on which commander should take which kind of formation. The formation options are 5/1/1/1, 5/5/1/1, 5/5/5/1, 5/5/5/5, 1/5/0/0. This basically refers to the level at which your commander’s skills should be maximized. 5 means five stars and 1 means one star.

5/1/1/1/1 skill distribution

The commanders that should use this distribution are Lu Bu, Charlemagne, El Cid, Cao Cao, Frederick I, Guan Yu, and Tomyris. 

5/5/1/1 skill distribution 

The commanders that should use this particular skill distribution are as follows. Nebuchadnezzar II, Æthelflæd​​​​​​​​, Artemisia I​​​​​​​​, Charles Martel, Yi Seong-Gye​​​​​​​​Constantine I, Leonidas I, Cyrus the Great, Richard I​​​​​​​​ , Mehmed II, Julius Caesar, Minamoto no Yoshitsune​​​​​​​​, Moctezuma I, Xiang-Yu Mulan​​​​​​​​, and finally Trajan.

5/5/5/1 skill distribution 

The commanders that would benefit the most from this distribution are Alexander the Great​​​​​​​​, Saladin, Ramesses II, Takeda Shingen and William I.

5/5/5/5 skill distribution

The commanders that you should use with this particular skill distribution are Attila, Harald Sigurdsson, Wu Zetian, Chandragupta Maurya, Genghis Khan, Edward of Woodstock, Hannibal Barca, Jadwiga,  Yi Sun-sin as well as Zenobia Theodora.

1/5/0/0 skill distribution

And finally, here are the commanders that would benefit the most from this skill distribution. They are Cleopatra, Seondeok, and Mitsunari. 


To summarize, this guide began by introducing you to the use of commanders and their various types and specializations. We also talked about what these types and specializations mean to players in the game. Then we talked about commander skills and pairings and what exactly you would be looking for and doing when you are pairing commanders. It also covered how to pair them and how to maximize the synergy between the two commanders to get maximum value from the game. 

Next, we talked about the different types of games and what is expected from your commander in each one of them, so you can decide which commander to use most efficiently depending on the type of game that you are playing. We also elaborated on what skill distributions are and which commander would be best suited to which skill distribution in the game. 

If you were initially confused about all these aspects around choosing a commander and how to go about it, or if you are a new player and just want an overview on how to deal with commanders and how to use them, we hope this guide helped you out. 

Now you’ll be able to make wise and informed decisions while you are playing the game because you know everything you need to know about commanders in the rise of kingdoms. 

We hope this guide has helped you; happy gaming!