The Pioneer/Road to Revival Event Guide

The Pioneer_Road to Revival Event Guide

The Pioneer is an event in Rise Of Kingdoms that shows up around 20-23 days into a kingdom’s life span. It is the first event of this format of which there are many (Germany, Britain, Vikings etc.)

The Pioneer Event lasts four days and the Road to Revival section where you are able to redeem tokens for items lasts five days.

This event is simple. Perform the following tasks each day, the tasks refresh at reset:

  • Purchase 10 items in the courier station
  • Purchase 20 items in the courier station
  • Gather 1,500,000 Food on the map
  • Gather 1,500,000 Wood on the map
  • Gather 1,000,000 Stone on the map
  • Gather 4,000,000 resources on the map
  • Consume 500 Action Points
  • Consume 1,500 Action Points

All of these tasks are straightforward but I will give you a few tips and tricks

-For the courier station, only buy items that cost resources. Spending gems in the courier station is a waste unless you are buying talent resets and teleports. Even these can be purchased in the alliance shop but most likely not at the rate that you will consume them.

-For the action points, only use your daily action points, try not to spend extra bottles. All AP bottles should be saved for Pre KvK marauders. You can actually just pull 4-5 marches out of your city, select all marches, drag them to a barbarian, then drag them to another barbarian, and switch between the two barbarians over and over without spending any AP and it will count towards the 1,500 AP.

-The gathering portion is straightforward although I would say in the early game please focus on leveling your gathering commanders to level 37 and filling out the gathering tree before worrying about any combat commanders. Work on the agriculture tree primarily. You need resources for everything in this game so getting a solid boost on your ability to gather is incredibly important.

What to purchase in the Road to Revival? The four gold keys are a must. After that, I would purchase the epic heads assuming you picked a good starting civilization with a worthwhile commander.

Have fun!

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