Rise Of Kingdoms Barracks

Rise Of kingdoms Barracks

“Early barracks, such as those used by the Roman Praetorian Guard, were constructed to house elite forces.” According to historical sources, the fundamentals of life in a military camp have remained relatively constant for thousands of years.”

The Barracks in Rise Of Kingdoms is a building that allows you to train infantry units.

Infantry units are great for field fighting and defending. 

Good commander pairing is important for infantry units. You will be so strong that you will be able to fight 4vs1. 

Building Requirements

Barracks LevelUnlocks Building Requirements Training CapacityTroop Attack BonusCostTimePower
1NoneNone 200%None
None 5
2Siege Workshop Lv.2
City Hall Lv.2500%Food 500
Wood 800
3Siege Workshop Lv.3
City Hall Lv.3 1000%Food 1.0K
Wood 1.5K
4Siege Workshop Lv.4
City Hall Lv.41500%Food 2.0K
Wood 2.8K
3m 20s 37
5Siege Workshop Lv.5Farm Lv.52000%Food 3.8K
Wood 5.0K
16m 40s 94
6Siege Workshop Lv.6Farm Lv.6250 0%Food 6.5K
Wood 8.5K
Stone 3.4K
45m 50s 244
7Siege Workshop Lv.7Farm Lv.73000%Food 9.8K
Wood 12.8K
Stone 5.4K
1h 32m 525
8Siege Workshop Lv.8Farm Lv.8350 0%Food 14.8K
Wood 19.3K
Stone 8.7K
3h 3m 1,059
9Siege Workshop Lv.9Farm Lv.94000%Food 22.3K
Wood 29.0K
Stone 13.9K
6h 7m 2,083
10Siege Workshop Lv.10Farm Lv.10450 0.5% Food 33.5K
Wood 43.5K
Stone 22.2K
12h 13m 4,063
11Siege Workshop Lv.11Farm Lv.11 500 0.5% Food 52.5K
Wood 67.5K
Stone 35.0K
14h 40m 6,520
12Siege Workshop Lv.12Farm Lv.125500.5% Food 80.0K
Wood 102.5K
Stone 52.5K
17h 36m 9,576
13Siege Workshop Lv.13Farm Lv.13600 0.5% Food 120.0K
Wood 155.0K
Stone 80.0K
21h 7m 13,407
14Siege Workshop Lv.14Farm Lv.14 7000.5% Food 180.0K
Wood 232.5K
Stone 120.0K
1d 1h 18,241
15Siege Workshop Lv.15Farm Lv.158000.5% Food 270.0K
Wood 350.0K
Stone 180.0K
1d 6h 24,400
16Siege Workshop Lv.16Farm Lv.169001% Food 405.0K
Wood 525.0K
Stone 270.0K
1d 12h 32,325
17Siege Workshop Lv.17Farm Lv.17 1,0001% Food 607.5K
Wood 787.5K
Stone 405.0K
1d 20h 42,636
18Siege Workshop Lv.18Farm Lv.18 1,100 1% Food 925.0K
Wood 1.2M
Stone 625.0K
2d 5h 56,328
19Siege Workshop Lv.19Farm Lv191,200 1% Food 1.4M
Wood 1.8M
Stone 950.0K
2d 15h 74,659
20Siege Workshop Lv.20Farm Lv.201,3001% Food 2.1M
Wood 2.7M
Stone 1.4M
3d 4h 99,431
21Siege Workshop Lv.21Farm Lv.211,400 1.5% Food 3.2M
Wood 4.1M
Stone 2.2M
3d 19h 133,357
22Siege Workshop Lv.22Farm Lv.221,500 1.5% Food 4.7M
Wood 6.1M
Stone 3.2M
4d 22h 181,631
23Siege Workshop Lv.23Farm Lv.231,6001.5% Food 7.1M
Wood 9.1M
Stone 4.9M
6d 21h 252,430
24Siege Workshop Lv.24Farm Lv.241,700 1.5% Food 10.8M
Wood 13.8M
Stone 7.5M
10d 8h 359,629
25Siege Workshop Lv.25

Farm Lv.252,000 2% Food 16.2M
Wood 20.8M
Stone 11.2M
1x Master's Blueprint
34d 2h592,326
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