Rise Of Kingdoms Siege Workshop

Rise of Kingdoms Siege Workshop

“A siege engine is a device used during siege warfare to breach or circumvent city walls and other fortifications.” The Assyrians invented the battering ram, which was followed by the catapult in ancient Greece.”

The Siege Workshop in Rise Of Kingdoms is a building where you can train siege units. 

Siege units are not so great for field fighting, but they are great for farming and rallying cities. 

With Siege units, you will be able to steal many more resources. 

Never use training speedups to train Siege units because it is not worth it. 

Siege Workshop Upgrade Cost

Siege Workshop LevelRequirements Training CapacityCostTimePower
1City Hall Lv.520Food 400
Wood 500
2Barracks Lv.2
Archery Range Lv.2
Stable Lv.2
50Food 800
Wood 1.0K
1m 30s 10
3Barracks Lv.3
Archery Range Lv.3
Stable Lv.3
100Food 1.5K
Wood 2.0K
4Barracks Lv.4
Archery Range Lv.4
Stable Lv.4
150Food 2.8K
Wood 3.8K
5Barracks Lv.5
Archery Range Lv.5
Stable Lv.5
200Food 5.0K
Wood 6.8K
16m 40s 293
6Barracks Lv.6
Archery Range Lv.6
Stable Lv.6
250 Food 8.5K
Wood 11.5K
Stone 5.7K
45m 50s 600
7Barracks Lv.7
Archery Range Lv.7
Stable Lv.7
300Food 12.8K
Wood 17.3K
Stone 9.0K
1h 32m 1,173
8Barracks Lv.8
Archery Range Lv.8
Stable Lv.8
350 Food 19.3K
Wood 26.0K
Stone 14.4K
3h 3m 2,258
9Barracks Lv.9
Archery Range Lv.9
Stable Lv.9
400Food 19.3K
Wood 26.0K
Stone 14.4K
6h 7m 4,332
10Barracks Lv.10
Archery Range Lv.10
Stable Lv.10
450 Food 43.5K
Wood 58.5K
Stone 36.9K
12h 13m 6,931
11Barracks Lv.11
Archery Range Lv.11
Stable Lv.11
500 Food 67.5K
Wood 90.0K
Stone 57.5K
14h 40m 10,202
12Barracks Lv.12
Archery Range Lv.12
Stable Lv.12
550Food 102.5K
Wood 135.0K
Stone 87.5K
17h 36m 14,355
13Barracks Lv.13
Archery Range Lv.13
Stable Lv.13
600 Food 102.5K
Wood 135.0K
Stone 87.5K
21h 7m 19,679
14Barracks Lv.14
Archery Range Lv.14
Stable Lv.14
700Food 232.5K
Wood 305.0K
Stone 200.0K
1d 1h 26,573
15Barracks Lv.15
Archery Range Lv.15
Stable Lv.15
800Food 350.0K
Wood 457.5K
Stone 300.0K
1d 6h 35,603
16Barracks Lv.16
Archery Range Lv.16
Stable Lv.16
900Food 525.0K
Wood 687.5K
Stone 450.0K
1d 12h 47,574
17Barracks Lv.17
Archery Range Lv.17
Stable Lv.17
1,000Food 787.5K
Wood 1.0M
Stone 675.0K
1d 20h 63,716
18Barracks Lv.18
Archery Range Lv.18
Stable Lv.18
1,100 Food 1.2M
Wood 1.6M
Stone 1.0M
2d 5h 85,697
19Barracks Lv.19
Archery Range Lv.19
Stable Lv.19
1,200 Food 1.8M
Wood 2.3M
Stone 1.6M
2d 15h 115,969
20Barracks Lv.20
Archery Range Lv.20
Stable Lv.20
1,300Food 2.7M
Wood 3.5M
Stone 2.3M
3d 4h 158,145
21Barracks Lv.21
Archery Range Lv.21
Stable Lv.21
1,400 Food 4.1M
Wood 5.3M
Stone 3.5M
3d 19h 218,794
22Barracks Lv.22
Archery Range Lv.22
Stable Lv.22
1,500 Food 6.1M
Wood 7.9M
Stone 5.3M
4d 22h 218,794
23Barracks Lv.23
Archery Range Lv.23
Stable Lv.23
1,600Food 9.1M
Wood 11.8M
Stone 7.9M
6d 21h 308,118
24Barracks Lv.24
Archery Range Lv.24
Stable Lv.24
1,700 Food 13.8M
Wood 17.8M
Stone 12.0M
10d 8h 442,817
25Barracks Lv.25
Archery Range Lv.25
Stable Lv.25
2,000 Food 16.2M
Wood 20.8M
Stone 15.2M
1x Master's Blueprint
34d 2h716,764
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