Fireworks event Guide in ROK

The Fireworks event is similar to last year in Rise of Kingdoms where you will collect Fireworks and ignite them to receive rewards.

The fireworks event contains 2 parts and they are Firework Display and Light Up the Night. 

 Rewards are decent but your goal is to get first ranking on Leaderboard for most ignited fireworks. I will share with you a tip on how You can get a first place if you are active and have saved action points. 

It is a similar event to Sumer Chapter Festival.

Rewards From Igniting Fireworks
Rewards From Igniting 15 Fireworks

Firework Display

Now this is the place where you will use your collected Fireworks. After you ignite them you will receive rewards but you aim to get first place on Leaderboard.  

First place is 20 legendary commander sculptures. 

Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night is a place where you can see how much Fireworks you can collect from training, courier station and alliance help. They are limited to 10 per day but destroying barbarians forts is where you can collect most of them. 

Courier station- if you are active the whole day you will get at least 3 spawns of courier stations. When you purchase the item from the courier station you will get firework. You can spend some gems but buy only cheap items that cost 20- 30 gems if you did not collect all 10. 

Alliance help- this will not be a problem if you are in an active alliance where you can spam alliance help. But in 24h I think all should be able to collect 10 fireworks from the alliance no matter what. 

Training troops– well this also is simple. You can use speedups to rush your training so you can get fireworks. If you are not sure how much fireworks you have collected from training troops you can always check in the Light up the night section.

Now we are getting the best method to receive Fireworks and that is with barbarians forts. 

  • You can collect an infinite number of Fireworks. The method is the same as collecting books of the covenant. 
  • First, you must have a farm account that can receive 200-300k of your troops. 
  • Collect rune and buffs for more damage. 
  • You must go away from your alliance because they will slow you down. 
  • Now, start the rally on fort level 3 or 4 from your main account then go to the farm account send reinforcement. Then create a rally on fort level 1 or 2 from the farm and go back to main to join the rally with full troops. You should not have problems with destroying it. 

More accounts you have you will be faster but you will have a hard time swapping accounts. You can use Bluestack to play Rise Of Kingdoms on PC and on phone at the same time. It will save you so much time. 

Most of the time the rally will be full if you are in an active alliance and forts will be farm ways because all players are in the middle and you will have 2-5 alliances farming forts at the same location. 

You will lose time and now when you join a rally there will be people who are also far away and they will need some time to join the rally. 

On top of that if you are in a low activity alliance you can wait for 30 min without anyone joining. So it is waste of time and energy also if you are a player who does not have a castle on the max level with this method you will get a lot of books of covenant. 

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