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Hungry Turkey is an event in Rise Of Kingdoms where you will have Thanksgiving Boxes that contain Corn so you can get 35 legendary sculptures, city skin, gems, emojis and much more. It contains 25 levels that you can complete by collecting Thanksgiving Boxes.

Hungry Turkey is great where you can spend 7k gems to unlock other great rewards. But you must know how to collect Corn fast so you can finish level 25 to get all sculptures and other rewards. 

Is it worth it to spend 7k gems? Yes, it is. You will get 25 more legendary sculptures and other rewards. Insane value for a small number of gems. But in the end, you will get your gems back in rewards. 

Now the most important thing is to know how to finish the level 25 level in time.

If you need some fast gems for Hungry Turkey you can get them in Peerless Scholar, do not forget to use our Peerless Scholar Answers List.

How to get Thanksgiving Boxes?​

Rise Of Kingdoms Hungry Turkey Farm

There are few places where you can collect so are good some are bad. 

From barbarians- For defeating barbarians you have a chance to get Corn  but this is not worth it. Only if you are in KVK where you can get better rewards for defeating barbarians or you have other events that require you to defeat barbarians. 

City Collection- For city production, you can also get boxes that contain Corn . To get the maximum amount of boxes you want to collect your city resources every 2 hours. Do not let your city production reach maximum capacity.

Bundle- usually on this type of event you will have a bundle that you can purchase to get Corn  but it is not worth it. Just buy it at the end if you are far away from level 25. 

Journey of Gratitude here you will receive a solid amount of Corn for completing certain tasks but it will be far from enough to finish level 25.

Thanksgiving events – Hungry Turkey ROK Guide

The best method to finish Hungry Turkey event.

The best method to finish Hungry Tukey Event is to farm resources because it is free and with all other methods you will be far from level 25 or you will spend an insane amount of action points for nothing. 

So there are 2 methods on how to farm for this event. 

First method- is to teleport at the end of zone 1 and to farm LVL 1 wood or food. There is a high chance when your gatherers come back to the city with 2 or 3 boxes that contain Corn. Repeat the process and you will finish Hungry Turkey fast. 

Second method- this method does not require you to teleport to zone 1. Just send gathering troops with a load of 130k and after they come back to the city repeat the process. 

For me, it is better to do the first method because there will not be a lot of people and you will be able to gather in peace.

Hungry Turkey Rewards

Thanksgiving events – Hungry Turkey ROK Guide

Hungry Turkey Event Rules And Lilith Tips

Event Rules
Feed Corn to the turkey to increase its level. Once your turkey reaches certain levels, you will receive corresponding rewards.
Unlock the Deluxe Turkey to get extra rewards.
Each corn fed to the turkey has a chance to multiply the experience received.
Once your turkey reaches the maximum level (Level 25), all remaining corn will be exchanged for an equivalent number of Lvl.
 Resource Packs.
Level rewards can only be claimed once by each governor.
Progress will not be reset during the event.

1. Participate in the event to receive plentiful rewards. Once your turkey reaches Level 15, you will receive a limited-edition Thanksgiving decoration: Turkey Sculpture! Unlock your Deluxe Turkey and upgrade it to Level 17 to receive a limited-edition Thanksgiving city theme: Harvest Cottage (Permanent)!
2. Once a governor has claimed the Turkey Sculpture, the structure will be permanently unlocked for their city, and can be built or demolished at any time. (Governors who have not received this item will be unable to view the corresponding structure in their building list.)
3. The first time a Turkey Sculpture is constructed, the corresponding “Turkey Sculpture” item will be consumed. No items will be returned if the sculpture is demolished. However, the sculpture can be rebuilt for 1,000 wood.

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast

Your alliance r4 officers will put a feast on the map and you will be able to collect it. To level up feast you will have to do different tasks and with doing tasks you will receive ingredients. With that ingredients you will be able to cook food that will be added to feast. 

Thanksgiving Feast ​Rules

The alliance is preparing a huge feast to celebrate the harvest season! Collecting ingredients and making dishes is no easy task, all alliance members will need to pitch in! If you are really good at this, you can help your fellow alliance members!
Event Rules
1. Each day during the event, Governors can deliver various dishes in return for Individual Credits, and the maximum number of deliverable dishes is determined at random. Individual Credits and rewards are reset every day.
2. Leftover ingredients and undelivered dishes will be reclaimed at 00:00 UTC on the following day in order to guarantee the very best freshness and food hygiene (DEFINITELY not because someone wanted a midnight snack).

3. The alliance earns Alliance Credits (also known as Feast Points) as its members deliver their dishes. The higher the Alliance Credits (Feast Points), the higher the feast level of the “A Cordial Invitation” event, the better the rewards.
4. An Alliance Leader or Officer can place 1 feast on alliance territory per day during the “A Cordial Invitation” event. The feast is open to all members, so make sure you don’ t miss it!
5. Help out your alliance members! Governors can request dishes from other members during the feast, and also gift dishes to others for a small reward. Please note that dishes received as a gift are delivered automatically.
6. You must accept dishes gifted by alliance members first in order to earn Credits and to request more dishes. If you no longer need or want anyone to gift you dishes, then you can cancel your request at any time without using up your request chances. There is a limit to the number of dishes you can receive per day.

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