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Hello, everyone. Bringing exciting new changes and content for all governors has always been the Rise of Kingdoms team’ s core goal. At the same time, we continue to listen to the valuable advice of governors in all the communities to ensure that the changes lead to a better experience. In this “Face to Face With the Developers” , we wish to discuss some issues that have been hot topics in the communities recently, and what we plan to do about them:

Recycle Shop for Books of Covenant and Arrows of Resistance

Q: Could you put out a new event that lets us exchange Arrows of Resistance and Books of Covenant for speedups, gems, or maybe city themes?
A: We recognize that for governors who already have max level watchtowers and castles, Arrows of Resistance and Books of Covenant no longer hold any value. We are currently designing more ways to use them, starting with something like a “Recycle Shop” where governors could exchange their excess items for items they would find more useful. Stay tuned for more information in the future!

The Mightiest Governor Change

Q: It would be great if the points in stages 2 and 3 of “The Mightiest Governor” could be increased. They are quite time-consuming but don’t generate high points! Also, stage 5 (Eliminating Enemies) gets abused by high-power players who attack low-power players over and over to farm points. This really feels toxic and unfair!
A: The Mightiest Governor has 5 stages in total: Training Troops, Defeating Barbarians, Gathering Resources, Upgrading Power, and Eliminating Enemies. The first 4 stages will last for 1 day each, and stage
5 will last for 2 days. (In each kingdom’s inaugural event, Stage 5 will last for 1 day only.) Some governors have complained that the “Defeating Barbarians” and “Gathering Resources” stages are too time-consuming, especially since they aren’t a big part of the overall point totals. For these two stages, we suggest you invest time just to finish the tasks and invest more in other stages. And in stage 5, high-power players do tend to repeatedly attack low-power governors to farm points, which is bad for game balance. We did not intend for any of these outcomes to occur when designing the event. We are taking all player feedback seriously, and working hard on ways to improve this event. We hope that later updates of “The Mightiest Governor” will provide a better experience for all governors.

Dispatch functions

Q: Could you add more basic troop dispatch functions? For example, pressing and holding on a location to send troops there?
A: “Hold & Drag Marching” is one of Rise of Kingdom’s core features. Many governors have suggested many ideas for more independent controls and gameplay, including the idea of tapping and holding on a location to teleport your city or dispatch troops. Based on the feedback, we will be adding a quick-action function for unoccupied areas in update 1038, allowing governors to tap and hold a location to send troops there. We hope this will offer a greater feeling of freedom and independence.

Protect The Supplies Change

Q: The caravan’s path in the “Protect The Supplies” event is too long. The raiders tend to refresh near the caravan, and there is no time to kill them before they damage the caravan!
A: The most recent instance of the “Protect The Supplies” event inspired many governors to comment that the path was too long, and that the spawn points for the raiders were too close to the caravan, making it difficult or impossible to kill them in time. These design choices may have created unfair situations, and we are already working on improving this event, to make sure such problems won’t occur in the next “Protect The Supplies” event.

Resources Displays

Q: Could you improve the resource displays? Maybe display two decimal digits rather than one when I have more than 100 million of a resource?
A: We are always looking for ways to improve our Ul to ensure a clear and intuitive display for our governors. Having taken a look at the Ul displays on a wide variety of devices, we have decided to keep the decimal place and the two digits which follow it in order to ensure a comprehensible display of total resources available. We will make tweaks to help improve the clarity of resource totals in the near future. Please stay tuned!

The above is what this “Face to Face With the Developers” contains. If you have any suggestions, concerns or other feedback that can help us make the coming ROK update even better, please feel free to contact us in any of our official communities. We will respond as soon as possible. And we will discuss the most frequently asked questions with you in the next “Face to Face With the Developers”.

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