Celebration Cake and Anniversary Festival Guide


Celebration Cake is an event in Rise Of Kingdoms where you have a chance to obtain 35 legendary commander sculptures and other great rewards like city skin, gems, gold keys and much more. To reach level 25 you will have to donate Candy Commander. 

Celebration Cake is one of the best events where everyone can get rare legendary commander sculptures. But you will have to invest 7k gems to unblock the right side of the event but do not be scared to invest your gems. You will get them back with rewards. It is 100% worth it when you look at the value of what you will get. If you need some fast gems for Celebration Cake you can take your chance in Peerless Scholar, do not forget to use our ROK Peerless Scholar Answers List.

Moment of Celebration

How to get Candy Commander?

  • From barbarians-When you defeat barbarians you have a chance to receive bamboo leaves. This is great only in kvk. If you are not in kvk do not waste your action point. You have other better methods.
  • City collection- When you collect resources that your city has produced you have a chance to receive candy commanders. Just do not let your city production reach the max. Collect resources from the city every 2h so you can get more candy commanders.
  • Bundle- Well this is for big spenders and players who are not so active.
  • Anniversary Festival- Here you can get some commander candy but it will not be much.
  • Race against time- in this event where you will kill barbarians you can also receive a great amount of candy commanders.

The best method to finish all 25 levels of Celebration Cake.

The first method is to farm LVL 1 wood and food. There is a huge chance that you will receive candy commanders when your gathering commanders come back to the city. A lot of kingdoms are now in KVK and there is no level 1 wood and food.

So the second method is that you will send gathering commanders with a troop capacity of 130K. This is the same as you sent them to gather LVL 1 resources.

Gathering resources to finish Celebration Cake is the best method because it is free. The only cost is your free time.

Rise of Kingdoms In game Tips 

1. Participate in the event to receive plentiful rewards. Once your cake reaches level 15, you will receive a special Festival Campground city decoration! Unlock the Deluxe Cake and upgrade it to Level 17 to receive a limited-edition city theme, Moment of Celebration (Permanent)!
2. Once a governor has claimed the Festival Campground decoration, it will be permanently unlocked for their city, and can be built or demolished at any time. (Governors who have not received this item will be unable to view it in their building list.)
3. The first time a Festival Campground decoration is constructed, the corresponding “Festival Campground” item will be consumed. No items will be returned if the decoration is demolished. However, it can be rebuilt at any time for 1,000 wood.

Rise of Kingdoms Event Rules 

1. The event will last for a total of 8 days, with 3 side events unlocked every day for the first 5 days. Governors can obtain Candy Commanders by completing side event quests during the first 7 days.
2. On Day 8, all related holiday events will be locked, but governors will be able to claim additional chest rewards earned therein. Rewards will vary with the number of quests completed.
3. “Candy Commanders” can be used in the “Celebration Cake” event.
4. Chest rewards will include Epic Commander Sculptures, but not special festival items.

Sign in spoils

Sign In Spoils Rok Event

Place where you can get 80 Matilda of Flanders sculptures.  This is great only for new players but for old it is not because most of us have more than 2k extra epic sculptures and on top of that you can get Matilda sculptures in expedition and with Keys. 

To finish this event you have to log in 8 days in a row.

Anniversary Festival

Anniversary Festival

Well, this is a basic event. You have to finish quests to receive rewards and at the end of the event, you will be able to open a Special chest that will contain 5min speedups and epic sculptures.

Also, you can get some candy so you can finish the Celebration Cake.

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