Face-to-Face With the Developers – Hot Topics Q&A

Face-to-Face With the Developers - Hot Topics Q&A

Following the recent release of a large amount of new content, the developers have received lots of suggestions and inquiries. Please feel free to tell us about your thoughts on the new content via the communities. We will collect everyone’s opinion for reference and provide further explanations.

I wish to learn more about the balance adjustments on some of Thutmose III’s skills mentioned in the previous commander adjustments announcement. Will the Museum buffs be affected?

A: We are very sorry for not explaining the adjustments clearly in the announcement and the inconvenience caused. Thutmose III’s buffs in Museum will not be affected. The balance adjustments are targeted for Thutmose III’s skill, Might of Thebes. The details are as follows:

[Previously] After using an active skill, troops deal 30% more normal attack damage for 3 seconds. This skill triggers once every 8 seconds.

[Now] Archer units take 5% less damage from infantry units. After using an active skill, troops deal 30% more normal attack damage for 3 seconds. This skill triggers once every 8 seconds.

As Season of Conquest commanders are made available in Season 3, Season of Conquest governors can immigrate to Season 3 directly. This is very unfair to local governors.

This issue has also come to our attention. The difference between immigrant governors and local governors has indeed become apparent after Season of Conquest commanders are made available in Season 3. To ensure a good gaming experience for local governors and meet the cross-season immigration needs of Season of Conquest governors, we consider adjusting the cross-season immigrant limit for Season 2 and Season 3. The immigrant governor quota will be increased from 30 to 50 for kingdoms in Season 2 and will be changed from 30 to 0 for kingdoms in Season 3.

The adjustments on the usability of Season 3 commanders and the availability of Season of Conquest commanders are in line with the recent matchmaking adjustments for kingdoms that enter the Season of Conquest for the first time and the Season of Conquest immigration adjustments. This is to give kingdoms and governors sufficient time to develop before entering the Season of Conquest and help them go through the transition smoothly. We will constantly pay attention to the issue of game ecology in the future. Please feel free to share your opinion with us.

The attributes of leadership equipment are too weak and do not provide enough advantages for a single unit type.

In order to enrich our governors’ gaming experience, we’d like to see governors develop more specialized equipment for specific unit types, rather than everyone using universal equipment that affects all unit types. Leadership equipment is designed to complement the bonuses that leadership commanders provide to mixed-unit troops. It is not designed to be used with every commander or unit type as a “catch-all” equipment type.

KvK battles are unbalanced due to the significant difference in the number of active governors among kingdoms.

Thank you for your feedback, and please be rest assured that this issue has already come to our notice. As time passes, the difference in the number of active governors among kingdoms in the game has widened. Some kingdoms have populations that exceed normal values, resulting in a series of problems such as the unbalanced kingdom power in KvK battles and the difficulty in matching opponents for kingdoms with very high populations. Meanwhile, some kingdoms have a severe shortage of active players, making it difficult for the management to gather sufficient active governors for gameplays like KvK. We are actively exploring targeted solutions for this issue. In the future, we will implement a series of adjustments, such as setting a limit to the number of registrants for a single kingdom in KvK and putting scarcely populated kingdoms on the same server. We welcome your opinion regarding this issue, and we will take into account your suggestions in formulating the final adjustments.

Following the launching of Ark of Osiris: Raging Sands and the time announcement of the Osiris League new season, many of you have approached us with questions regarding the two events. We have summarized and answered your questions below:

There are too few Pioneer slots for Ark of Osiris: Raging Sands. I am unable to register for it.

Thank you for your feedback. Many of you have registered for Ark of Osiris: Raging Sands once it is launched, and we have decided to open more registration slots given the overwhelming response. However, considering this is a Pioneer event, potential issues such as technical faults and design defects might arise. To prevent these issues from causing a large-scale negative impact, we have no choice but to limit the participants. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Will the new rules and gameplays in Ark of Osiris: Raging Sands take effect in the new season of Osiris League?

For all governors to experience more diverse and tactical game modes, all battles in this season will feature the Raging Sands mode. The formation and armament buffs on the battlefield in Ark of Osiris Practice Match will be disabled temporarily to help governors be better prepared and develop strategies in advance for the battles. This is also to make sure the practice matches reflect the battlefield in Osiris League.

Will armament and formation buffs take effect in this season of Osiris League?

Armament and formation buffs will be temporarily disabled in this season of Osiris League.

When will the Osiris League start?

The new season of Osiris League will start at the end of May.

This has been another Face-to-Face With the Developers. If you have any other suggestions related to the topics we discussed today, we welcome all governors to let us know via RoK official Discord or Customer Support.

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