Update 1.0.38: Anniversary Festival


Around [UTC 2020/8/31], version 1.0.38: “Anniversary Festival.” Before the update, you can earn nice rewards by downloading data in advance via events.

“Anniversary Festival” Events

((It will go live within two weeks of the update.) The Anniversary Festival is about to begin. Let’s eat cake and enjoy a joyful moment of celebration! A number of exciting events are on the horizon: ROK Yearbook: We are extremely grateful to all governors for your assistance, and we will be distributing a very special gift! We’re going to write a fantastic history book together in the coming days!

7 days of questing for great rewards during the Anniversary Festival!

Collect Candy Commanders to decorate the delicious cake, earning a limited edition decoration and city theme!

Finding Celebration Boxes to add the finishing touches to the Celebration Cake is a tasty task!

Zenith of Power: Ascend to great heights and earn a regal city theme!

Arms Training: Test your mettle against an Armsmaster Lohar who grows stronger with each battle! How long can you hold out?

Commander System Optimizations

The commander system has always been popular among governors since its inception. However, some governors have expressed concern that some of the skill descriptions were not clear enough. To address this, we are implementing the following changes:

1) We revised skill descriptions to make them clearer, more consistent, and easier to understand.
2) We expanded key term definitions in skill descriptions. While viewing a skill description, tap on a term to get a more in-depth explanation.

Other Optimizations

  1. For unoccupied areas, we added a quick-action function. Governors can now tap and hold an unoccupied area in order to carry out a variety of troop-related actions.
  2. We simplified and simplified the screen for the “Strange Incidents” event to make it easier to understand.
  3. When you’ve used up all of your Action Points, you can now spend gems to replenish action points right away (gems required will scale up with the number of times this function is used).
  4. For equipment and blueprints, we improved the attribute display. Governors can now tap an equipment blueprint or fragment to see the attributes that will be associated with the corresponding equipment.
  5. The tavern will gain a new commander, “Matilda of Flanders.” Once added, the probability of Golden Chest Rewards will be adjusted slightly. Then, in your tavern, go to the Golden Chest Rewards Details page for more information.
  6. Daily Special Offers will now include Richard I and Yi Seong-Gye Sculptures.
  7. To assist governors in making troop and commander selections, we added a Recommended Lineup function to the “Ceroli Crisis” event.
  8. Defeating a Barbarian Fort in the “Light Versus Darkness” event now awards the camp a fixed number of points that is not affected by the number of troops who joined the rally.
  9. Each governor can now only send one troop to the “Silk Road” event at a time.
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