Responses from ROK developers 07/14/2020

Responses from ROK developers

This is a response from Rise Of Kingdoms developers on suggestions made by players. Some of the suggestions are being considered and some will be added with the next update.

Therefore, If you have any idea what could be implemented to improve the experience you can post your suggestion on official ROK discord.

Extra items

There are a lot of redundant items, like Arrows, covenant books, stars etc., which can never be used, give any quest to utilize them or to exchange them?

Thank you for the suggestion, we are currently considering implementing a way to exchange redundant items. This could be through a special item shop, where governors can exchange/recycle certain items (this might include Aethelflaed sculptures). Stay tuned for future updates!

Free legendary commanders

More items and free legendary commanders like Aethelfaed in a mission.

Great news, we are planning on releasing more free legendary commanders and also an epic commander in the near future! Make sure you don’t miss out on those!

KVK Changes

Rework LvD kvk! This is the most boring event in the game and it is supposed to be the best. We had roughly 5h of fighting in our kvk because the enemy ignored us on ruins and kingsland was over very fast.

The feedback about the latest KvK has been well-heard. We will make changes to KvK soon in order to make sure that the excitement of KvK stays there.

Passports for Migration

Make much cheaper passport credits , either add another way of getting them that doesn’t take a year to get or just do something like after every KvK you have the option to migrate for free.

After receiving suggestions from the community, we have already reduced the cost of a migration passport in the Update 10.28 and therefore do not plan on further reducing the cost anytime soon. However we will continue to observe whether we should implement other means of obtaining passports or further reducing this cost.

Sliver Key Rewards

Buff silver keys please,they are seriously underwhelming,maybe add a NORMAL quality random material in the silver keys.

We don’t plan adding changes to the silver keys drop rate anytime soon, however we are considering adding a special chest similar to the silver chest with certain equipment drop to the tavern in the future.

Silk Road Optimization

Please optimize the Silk Road event. When there are many alliance members participating in the event we experience the lag,and also please improve the rewards quality. It’d be great if it drops equipment material and blueprints of equipment. Do not drop it as a dumb box, send it straight to a governors mail. No one likes to play a 10-30m event and only 1-2 people get the good stuff due to being lucky.

We have been observing the Silk Road Event for quite a while now and we agree that this event needs further optimizing in terms of rewards and ensuring a stable lag-free playing experience.

Leadership transfer

When you transfer leadership to someone else, you should become R4 not R1.

This might indeed seem illogical and we will further observe the need for this function

Automatic capture of passages

Allow alliances from the same kingdom that are connected to a pass to be able to go through it and automatically capture if it is empty.

As this feature might be technically challenging it might take some time to implement it. It is however definitely on our radar for things we might add.

More Civilizations

Add more civilizations

Adding more civilizations is another frequent request made by the players. Rest assured that new civilizations are definitely planned to be added to the game in the future!

Updating Hannibal and Charlemagne

Revamp old commanders and make them to be more viable picks.

Revamping commanders is something that needs careful discussion as it will affect the balance of the game. As of now, we are actually considering looking into Hannibal and Charlemagne for potential changes.

Obtaining old city skins

Allow us to get past city skins

There will be events in the future where old skins will be reintroduced, allowing governors who do not possess them yet, the chance to obtain them.

Rewards for long-time governors

Give us a monthly/yearly login-in reward system where you get progressively better rewards such a migration pass

Being a long-time governor is definitely a milestone we all want to celebrate. We will look into making a reward system and the rewards details to reward our loyal players.

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