Update 1.0.34: Golden Kingdom

Rise Of Kingdoms Update 1.0.34_ _Golden Kingdom_

Update 1.0.34: “Golden Kingdom” will be available at [UTC 2020/06/01/06:00]. During the update, the servers will be unavailable for an estimated 3-5 hours.

The “Golden Kingdom” Event

Rise Of Kingdoms Golden Kingdom

The “Golden Kingdom” Event is about to begin! Invaders are wreaking havoc across Karaku. The legendary Golden Kingdom calls to you, a prophesied savior from the outside world. You are the Golden Kingdom’s last hope! The brand new single-player dungeon Golden Kingdom, an epic adventure that will take you on an unpredictable journey filled with random special events, is coming soon! Prepare your troops and fortify your hearts, because every decision you make will determine the fate of the Golden Kingdom.

Rise of kingdoms Golden Kingdom Floor 1

New “Alliance Event Calendar”

Rise Of Kingdoms alliance Event Calendar

We’ve added a new “Alliance Event Calendar” function that allows you to schedule and arrange Alliance events more easily and flexibly. Come give it a shot!

Ceroli Crisis Improvements

Rise OF Kingdoms Ceroli Crisis Improvments

Improved teamwork abilities. To gain an advantage, use them wisely.
Governors can now switch targets while fighting thanks to the addition of the Select Target feature. The Enmity mechanism has been improved. Chieftains will now choose their targets based on logic, so keep an eye out! Some Chieftains’ abilities have also been improved.

Ian’s Ballads Improvements

  • Improved teamwork abilities. To gain an advantage, use them wisely.
  • Notifications for when you have fallen troops to revive and when the dungeon ends have been added, as has an Exit button to exit the battlefield.

Arms Training” Improvements

  • Armsmaster Lohar now has over ten new skills. He’ll become a much more difficult opponent!
  • The UI screens have been tweaked to make them more user-friendly.

Lost Kingdom & Past Glory Improvements

Based on your feedback about the “Lost Kingdom” and other events, we
have made the following optimizations:

  1.  Æthelflæd sculptures will no longer be reclaimed at stage 3 of the “Past
    Glory” event.
  2. Immigration during the “Lost Kingdom” event may cause certain
    unlocked commanders to become unavailable again. Governors who have

Enhancements to Lost Kingdom and Past Glory
We have made the following changes based on your feedback about the “Lost Kingdom” and other events:

  • At stage 3 of the “Past Glory” event, Æthelflæd sculptures will no longer be reclaimed.
  • Certain unlocked commanders may become unavailable again due to immigration during the “Lost Kingdom” event. Governors who appointed such a commander as garrison commander prior to immigrating will need to appoint a new one after they arrive.
  • Reduced the likelihood of encountering the Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness events while increasing the Honor Points gained from them.
  • In the kingdom history progression, the stalker kill count requirements of Ancient Ruins or Altars of Darkness have been reduced.

Barbarian Keep Improvements

  • When a Chieftain appears or is defeated, notifications will now be displayed.
  • The “Rewards Preview” screen has been improved to make it more user-friendly.
  • Barbarian Keeps have a higher initial level in Provinces closer to the Kingdom Map’s center.

Equipment Attribute Optimizations

  • Pendant of Eternal Night: “Skill damage +5%, normal attack damage -25%” was changed to “Skill damage +5%”.
  • “Incoming normal attack damage +3, incoming counterattack damage -10 percent” was changed to “Counterattack damage taken -5 percent” in Delane’s Amulet.

Other Changes

  1. Optimized the special effects of casting skills to help Governors distinguish allies and enemies.
  2. Added customization settings like Troop Strength Bar Display and Commander Boost Notice.
  3. The special effects of casting skills have been improved to assist Governors in distinguishing between allies and enemies.
  4. Customization options such as Troop Strength Bar Display and Commander Boost Notice have been added.
  5. The mail system now has a Save Draft feature. Governors can now save a message draft before leaving the editor.
  6. The description texts on the “DISMANTLE” screen have been optimized so that Governors can see what quality materials they will receive when dismantling a piece of equipment.
  7. A Hold & Drag Marching tutorial animation has been added to help Governors quickly learn marching techniques.
  8. Rally notifications have been improved to ensure that Governors are aware of them in a timely manner.
  9. Eulji Mundeok was remodeled to be more in line with the historical figure.
  10. Alliance leaders can now check Alliance members’ coordinates.
  11. In the “Ark of Osiris” event, a bug allowed some participants to actively enter the enemy’s safe zone.
  12. Peace Shields with a 12-hour duration are now available in the Shop.
  13. The Immigration Power Cap for immigrants entering Imperium Kingdoms has been raised from 25 million to 35 million.
  14. By tapping any achievement icon in your profile, you can now access the “ACHIEVEMENT WALL” screen and configure which achievements to display.
  15. The quality of the “Mayan Mystery” city hall decoration has been upgraded from Epic to Legendary, with increased bonuses.
  16. All concoctions and elixirs were given a longer shelf life. Concoctions now last an hour, and elixirs last 30 minutes.
  17. Some Commanders’ sound effects have been improved to better suit their personality and/or current environment.
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