Update 1.0.33: Osiris Invitational

Rise of Kingdoms Update 1.0.33_ Osiris Invitational

We intend to release version 1.0.33: “Osiris Invitational” around [UTC 2020/4/27]. Before the update, you can earn nice rewards by downloading data in advance via events. With every new update usually, there is a new ROK code that you can claim.

Osiris Invitational

The Osiris League is almost over, and the top alliances for both the Realm of Horus and the Realm of Anubis have been determined. You might be wondering which of these two realms is the most powerful. This is where the “Osiris Invitational” comes into play! Will it be the Realm of Horus or the Realm of Anubis who honors Osiris through battlefield dominance? Time will tell.

  1. The top four alliances from each realm at the conclusion of the Osiris League will be invited to the “Osiris Invitational.”
  2. In order to provide a level playing field, all participating governors will use the same set of commanders, troops, individual and alliance technologies provided by the system.
  3. Participating alliances will be provided with exclusive practice matches to help them become acquainted with the new competition format.

New event: “Family Day”

(Within two weeks of the update, all kingdoms will be gradually opened up.) Because Family Day is quickly approaching, we’ve planned a slew of exciting holiday activities for you! Details are provided below:
– Family Week: Seven days of questing for fantastic rewards!
– ROK Family Portrait: Collaborate with your alliance members to spruce up your ROK Family Portrait for incredible rewards!
– Fireside Story: Gather Timber to use in enhancing your ROK Family Portrait.
– Race Against Time: Who can kill the most barbarians in the shortest amount of time? Display your fortitude!
– Safeguard The Supplies: Deliver the supplies to the village in a safe manner. Protect your citizens’ property!

“Ceroli Crisis” Event Optimizations

(Within two weeks of the update, all kingdoms will be gradually opened up.)
1) Governors can now use a new Taunt skill to force a Chieftain to attack them.

2) Governors can now exchange special concoction items for buffing their troops during the “Ceroli Assault,” “Ceroli Crisis,” and “Ian’s Ballads” events in the event store.

3) The new chieftains are Ak and Hoc. These twin brothers, born in light and shadow, fight as one. If you want to defeat these fearsome opponents, you’ll need to perfect your strategies!

“Lost Kingdom” Event Optimizations

We have made the following changes in response to your feedback on the “Lost Kingdom” event:

1) Changed the “Bloodthirst” mechanic to “Hot Blooded” to prevent governors from abusing it to prevent passes from being captured.

2) Added new events that reward Honor Points to replace the “Almighty Overlord” event in Lost Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 (This change will not affect Lost Kingdoms events that have already started).

3) Changed the immigration rules in Lost Kingdom: Light and Darkness to prevent immigration for kingdoms in the matchmaking phrase.

Other Changes

1) the addition of a city theme manager.

2) Improved sound effects for commander skills.

3) The fourth volume of The Lucerne Scrolls is about to begin.

4) Revised the “Ceroli Assault” rewards system: Chieftains now drop items that governors can exchange for a variety of prizes.

5) Increased drop rates in Barbarian Camps and Keeps. And Chieftains’ refreshing periods in Barbarian Camps become more irregular.

6) One-click Talent Upgrade: Governors can now select any talent and tap Upgrade to instantly activate the selected talent as well as all prerequisite talents.

7) Updated the chat system to address the issue with players losing messages or being unable to send messages. Following this update, however, chat records older than 7 days will be deleted. Public channel chat records, such as the Alliance and Kingdom channels, may also be lost. As a result, please make a backup before the update.

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