Update 1.0.31: “Spring Has Sprung”

Rise Of KIngdoms 1.0.31_ “Spring Has Sprung

“Spring Has Sprung!” at 06:00 UTC on March 9, 2020. During the update, the servers will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours.

“Spring Has Sprung!”

Rise of Kingdoms Farewell, Winter Event

Willows and Flowers: Collect resources in your city, gather resources on the map, and defeat barbarians to obtain Branches. They are usable in the “Branching Out” event.

Rise Of Kingdoms Branching Out

Branching Out: Use Branches to help your sapling grow and reap abundant rewards.

Rise of Kingdoms Arms Training
Ascend to the Top: Become a kingdom powerhouse to earn a brand new city theme, Amber Fortress! – Arms Training: Are you prepared for Armsmaster Lohar’s spring training? Lohar grows stronger with each training session; how much can you take?

Personal Achievements

Rise Of Kingdoms Personal Achievements

I’ve added a slew of personal accomplishments. A new achievement category has also been added. Governors can now choose to highlight specific accomplishments in their personal information.

Rise Of Kingdoms Personal Achievements wall

Chieftains of Barbarian Camps and Barbarian Keeps

Defeating the chieftains of Barbarian Camps and Barbarian Keeps increases the likelihood of receiving equipment blueprints.

New rally kills

For kills that happen during Kills that occur during rally battles will now be more accurately attributed to Governors who participated in these battles.

Album Optimization

 Album display has been improved. Governors who have uploaded a photo will now have a more prominent indicator in their personal information panel.

Imperium Kingdoms Migration

Imperium Kingdoms’ Special Immigration chances will now accumulate at the beginning of each month if not used up, up to a maximum of three chances.

Past Glory Event

Governors can now donate Elite Commander Sculptures and Epic Commander Sculptures during the Past Glory event.

Individual Rankings Changes

 The top 1000 Governors will now be displayed in all individual rankings. A new ranking of personal accomplishments has been added.

Army Select

Double-tap your army’s avatar on the right to quickly select all troops in that army.

We can now use multi-selection as normal when attacking troops during a rally. Governors can do so by double-tapping their own troops on the map or by double-tapping the army’s avatar to the right.

Ceroli Crisis Changes

Based on Governors’ feedback, we have modified the reward rules for the Ceroli Crisis (4 Players) based on Governor feedback, and we’ve added two new generals for Governors to challenge. Governors can now earn exclusive currency to exchange for special rewards by participating in the Ceroli Crisis (4 Players) event, which occurs every two weeks.

AOE Small Change

 Minor changes were made to the area attack skills. These skills will now select targets from all enemy Governor troops currently attacking you and within the skill’s area effect.

Ark of Osiris Optimizations

Practice Matches have been added to the Ark of Osiris. From Mondays to Fridays, alliance leaders or titled officers can spend Gems to unlock a Practice Match session for alliance members to use.

The battle results mail for the Ark of Osiris has been improved. Individual healing statistics, among other things, are now displayed in the mail.

During the Ark of Osiris, alliance skills and commander equipment will function normally.

During the Osiris League, cheer on your favorite alliance in a brand-new betting event!

After the Osiris League enters the Playoffs, the skills system will be added. Show off your mind-blowing abilities!

During the Ark of Osiris, locked commanders can now be dispatched as normal.

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