Formations, Armaments, and Inscriptions Guide ROK

Formations, Armaments, and Inscriptions Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the new features introduced in Rise of Kingdoms! In this article, we will discuss the State Forum, formations, and armaments, providing essential insights and tips for all players, from free-to-play to high spenders. So whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey in the game, this guide will help you navigate the latest additions and maximize your strategy.

Building and Upgrading the State Forum

Building and Upgrading the State Forum

One of the most significant additions to Rise of Kingdoms is the State Forum. Building and upgrading it should be your top priority, aiming for at least level 18. The reason behind this is the increased travel chances and daily dispatches chances bonus, which will greatly benefit your gameplay. To upgrade the State Forum, you’ll need the new in-game currency called Sage’s Testimony. Though you can acquire them through traveling, it is more common to use gems for the upgrade.

Traveling and Acquiring Sage’s Testimony

Traveling is a crucial part of obtaining Sage’s Testimony and other resources like armaments. Be sure to use up your travel chances every day, as this will add more daily activities and increase your chances of getting valuable items.


Rise of Kingdoms now features seven different formations that can be used in various situations. Some of the most valuable formations include the Wedge Formation, Hollow Square Formation, and Echelon Formation. Each formation serves a different purpose, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their unique benefits and use them strategically in your battles.

If you want a more in-depth guide about formation watch the guide by Spartan Gaming – RoK

Guide by Spartan Gaming – RoK


Armaments are another vital component in Rise of Kingdoms, as they can be added to your formations to provide substantial boosts. These boosts can be equivalent to or even exceed those from equipment. Be sure to add armaments to your primary commander and keep in mind that the same formation can be used multiple times across different marches.

Obtaining and Inscribing Armaments

Acquiring inscriptions is one way to further enhance your armaments. These inscriptions offer additional buffs and vary depending on the type of armament. You can obtain inscriptions from various sources, such as traveling, dispatching, and the Armament Shop. Be sure to use your dispatch chances wisely and aim to collect inscriptions to maximize your armament’s potential.

The Armament section in Rise of Kingdoms allows you to view the buffs provided by your armaments and recycle those that you no longer need. Recycling armaments rewards you with coins that can be used to purchase upgrade materials or formation choice chests, depending on your strategy.

Dispatching and Collecting Rewards

Dispatching and Collecting Rewards

Dispatching is another essential daily activity in Rise of Kingdoms. You can get up to six dispatch chances at level 18 State Forum, which grants you various rewards like Sage’s Testimony, armaments, and commendations. Be sure to use all your dispatch chances every day to increase your chances of getting valuable rewards.

Best Formations and Armaments

Selecting the appropriate formations and armaments for your commanders can greatly impact your gameplay. Generally, the Wedge Formation and Hollow Square Formation are recommended for most players. However, your choice should ultimately depend on your commanders and their abilities. Experiment with different combinations to find the best fit for your strategy.

There are so many combinations, so we recommend you watch the guide from Chisgule Gaming, where he explains what the best formations, inscriptions, and armaments are in Rise of Kingdoms. 

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